Priyanka Chopra Nick Jonas’ wedding pictures sold for a whopping 2.5 million dollars?

Priyanka chopra and Nick Jonas will be tying the knot on December 2, 2018. Their wedding pictures, according to our sources, will be featring in an international magazine and have been sold for 2.5 million dollars.
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Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas definitely make for the IT couple and while the two will soon be tying the knot, the fans are excited for the day to arrive. According to the reports, their wedding will take place in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, on December 2, 2018. Earlier in the day, reports about their pictures being released in an international publication have been doing the rounds. While there isn’t any confirmation as to which magazine has finally had the final say, according to our sources, they have been sold for a whopping 2.5 million dollars.

Yes, if the sources are to be believed, the bid has been made and the pictures will now feature in a magazine, the price for the same being 2.5 million dollars. Only recently, pictures of Sonam Ahuja and Anand Ahuja’s wedding featured in the July edition of Vogue India. And just like that turned out to be a treat for all the fans, pictures from Priyanka and Nock’s wedding will be nothing less and well, why wouldn’t they be? The fans can rest assured that inside pictures will be a visual treat, and also, available with the magazine.



Bae @nickjonas

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Meanwhile, Priyanka’s pre-wedding celebrations have already started and the diva has already had two bachelorette parties. One of bachelorette happened at Tiffany & Co. while the other was in Amsterdam.

Their wedding will be a three-day affair, with family and close friends in attendance. Reports have been doing the round that Priyanka will be wearing a Sabyasachi designed outfit for the wedding.


Such a fake couple. Their marriage is a sham. It is a contract marriage of convinience.

Nick is Bi

Classy people don't sell private stuff, money hungry people DO!

Nick Jonas is not a big celebrity in the USA. Right now Priyanka and Nick both are trying their best to cash on each other fame whatever is left.

Showmance couple

Wow so happy for them . Most famous couple. I don’t think they even offer 500k to DP and RV.

Lollllll 2.5 million is cheap. Our famous export should be worth more.. At least thats how she projects herself. I thought lil Nicky was famous? Shows that Nick on his own is only as famous as the women hes been with.

U guys r so pathetic with ur comments

All the haters coming from people with miserable life’s

Please end this charade now..

This girl is such a drama queen everything looks so fake. i am not a Deepika fan but i admire how she carries her relationship with so much maturity

I'm laughing at Priyanka's fans who said she is too good for Bollywood and Bollywood stars do not have the stardom to match up to Priyanka after Quantico started airing. But look at her now. Hahahah Karma is real. She has nothing left for her both in Hollywood and Bollywood.

This is so embarrassing. Just check Nick's instagram posts. Even his bachelor party is sponsored

Priyanka actions are so cheap and her life is full of drama.
Priyanka mother has few complains already she doesn't pay to people after they do the work for her in flims.

Does Nick know that Priyanka has spend the weekend with SRK in Kolkata? Fake relationship!

Who's paying $2.5 million dollars for their wedding pictures?

Many celebrities take the money and instead they donate it to charity, AKA, Angelina Jolie but PC is so corrupt, and she gets that from her mother, the way, her mother speaks and talks you can tell, these people are ultra shady!!! That's why PC gets the hate because of character, low integrity, and her lies and manipulation and worse the UNICEF scam, why did she take huge amount of fee from UNICEF to promote them, and she took the $$ from poor kids who are starving!! If I were a celebrity, I wouldn't take a dime from UNICEF!! And, UNICEF's own CEO makes $5000,000 a year, who the hell makes that kind of money and that too a charity CEO!! I live in the West and I can tell you, money doesn't grow here on trees, you have to work your asses off, and there are tons of homeless people here and you live on rent!!! And, unless, you are bank executive/entrepreneur/celebrity, etc no one gets paid $500,000, and that's immoral to pay that kind of money to this CEO and then they ask people earning $10 per hour for donations and they always do that, rich always asking for money from the poor and middle class, including Oprah who is a billionaire, PC is corrupt to the core, do not be fooled by these corrupt people!! Stop following these celebrities blindly!!

Where is the proof

What a dumb question, Google it, oh actually the CEO makes $569,378 to be exact!!! go to UNICEF's website dumbo! Watch YouTube video of Oprah asking for money when she can easily write a check, she is on her60s, is she taking her billions with her to the grave??

so true. well said.

Marriage expenses cleared. With 2.5 million, she can hold 5 more weddings .
Way to go PC. cash and carry wedding.

Cheepika & her PR(trolls) r burning. Luv the way PC sets theur ass on fire!!

It’s Duckushka’s PR actually

Deepika and Ranveer are truely in love and they will have a real wedding instead of a desperate promo show like *Prick*. Seems this fact set your ass in fire....hehe

His brother had endorsements also when he got married and numerous ones when his wife was pregnant and when they had the babies... I think nick’s fans like to forget that fact! Then again, with nick they also want him to DO what they want and hate when he doesn’t just like they do to his relationship..

Most famous couple . Good for them . Both international superstars .

Her career is already over now. Let her have her 2 mins of fame

She will milk this wedding until the last drop. She tried her hardest to make a successful career in Hollywood but after Quantico got canceled and nothing being offered to her except cameos she thought why not involved with a celebrity to ensure daily media coverage and fool Indians into believing that she has made it in Hollywood now. She will publicize every function and the ceremony too.

i knew it, pays for the wedding costs and lots of pr

When you've no career left that's how you make money

Greed and addicted for attention. Tell us something new.

Keep burning cheepika & her paid PR ! I luv the way PC set their ass on fire ! :D:D

pv post

Can't stand this girl, everything about her is F - A - K - E

A lot of celebrities do this. If magazine want to pay for their pics then good for them!

Why share your picture for free if you can do this? Anyone would say yes

Secure the bag

A lot of stars do this! If they can make so much money then why not. It’s smart!

Yes, this sounds very "private"! As I always say, ridiculous freak show to stay in the lime light. Jobless and desperate Chopra.

Jobless and desperate Chopra’s wedding pictures are so far worth 2.5 million dollars. No one even could even spent 2.5 dollars to buy your Royal Begum Kareena’s wedding pictures

Grow up loser n focus on Pr queen deepika wedding lol n we r proudof Peecee so much n not peedika

They never claimed to be private! Also everyone shares wedding pictures, good for them to be getting paid in the process.

If so, this is a smart PR strategic marriage contract. Nothing to see here folks!

Yes...because they are the first celebrity couple to be paid to share their wedding pictures. Priyanka and Nick will be married for a decade, with kids, and you will still have people saying they are a PR couple.

Decade? Her Kardashianesque charade won't even last 2 years

*married for a decade *? Lol, in two years SRK will stand to his mistress PC and Nick will have his coming out finally. Then this horror will have an end!

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