Priyanka Chopra opens up on age difference with Nick Jonas: People gave us a lot of shit about it & still do

Priyanka Chopra will next be seen in Shonali Bose’s The Sky Is Pink opposite Farhan Akhtar and today, the actress was papped at the Mumbai airport.
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Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’ dreamy Rajasthan wedding still gets discussed at parties and over dinners and rightly so because PeeCee’s wedding was all things love. As we all know, the couple tied the knot in two ceremonies- Hindu and Christian traditions and from the inside videos to their trousseau, everything about NickYanka made it to the headlines. Besides all this, what always gets discussed is Priyanka and Nick Jonas’ age gap because while PeeCee is 36, Nick is 26.

In a recent interview, when PeeCee was quizzed about the age difference, she had said, “People gave us a lot of shit about that and still do,” adding, “I find it really amazing when you flip it and the guy is older, no one cares and actually people like it.” Well, what’s most important is that the two are madly in love with each other and are happily married because at the end, like they day, age is just a number. Talking about Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra Jonas’ relationship, we totally love their social media PDA   And a few weeks back, this couple made headsturn at the 72nd Cannes Film Festival.

It was only yesterday that Priyanka Chopra was snapped at the Mumbai airport as the Mary Kom actress reached Mumbai from New York and we hope that Priyanka stays in Mumbai for some time so that we get to see her more often. On the film front, Priyanka will next be seen in in Shonali Bose's The Sky Is Pink, co-starring Zaira Wasim, Rohit Saraf and Farhan Akhtar in key roles. 



U make me smile. I’m so proud of you! #number1 #husbandappreciationpost

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It’s #thejonai comin atchya!

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This Day That Year


once upon a time, she was an actress. now...she's an attention-seeking celebrity. next stop...reality TV.

like she said, you people are still giving shit in the comment section, losers !

Everyone knows why nobody cares if you flip the equation- old man, young woman! Isme poochne wali kya baat hai!?

PC is living off Nick's fame. What HIT has she had in the last 5 yrs?

It really does feel like she goes on and on about her relationship and her "amazing" man to make it seem like she has the best one... It seems like she's insecure that people haven't accepted her marriage and hence she needs to over sell it... I don't know if this is true but it comes across in the "over-share"... It's not just us... It's also the news stories worldwide accusing her of the same... There was an interview she did recently where the writer of the article (British article) actually states that "PC started talking about Nick unprompted... it's difficult to get her to stop"... It's becoming a bit much... too much of anything becomes annoying...

Maybe he has a mother complex and needs the mothering from an older woman.

Cause he was 25 is the real issue its the maturity level imbalance that concern people. Even a girl in her late 20s or early 30s would hesitate to marry a guy that age incase she has to mother him. All the other marriages mentioned the age gap is less and the women were not in their late 30s like PC.

It’s a free space to comment if people don’t like something. No need to get so defensive PC

Why negative comments always get upvoted is pinkvilla programmers stupid

I don't care about the age gap... It's literally a non-issue... but the only annoying thing is her overdoing it... like she has these two lines that she repeats in LITERALLY EVERY INTERVIEW (which I'm sure she's asked) but like at least mix it up once a while and say something new...
1. Everyone told me not to do Fashion but I did it...
2. My husband is so awesome... he was like don't cancel your meeting... I will take care our friends out to dinner and you join us later...
I don't get what the big deal is... Firstly that group comprised more of his friends... Secondly it's not like he's leaving the party to drop her to her meeting and then wait for her there... he's literally continuing the party... It's what normal people do... I don't get the what she's selling here...

This things makes it look like she's trying too hard to sell her relationship as the best in the world...

constant complainer. self pity is no good. She talks about her skin color, discrimination, age difference, job offers, movie roles for brown/black female,
yada, yada,yada-----nothing new.

The problem is not the age difference ,it's that the entire marriage itself comes across as a farce for publicity. And men are ripped apart too for marrying lovely innocents much younger than them ...her own ex Shahid for Mira and Fahaad Fasil in Malayalam cinema was the butt of all jokes for marrying actress Nazriya Nazim . Don't turn everything into a feminist thing.

if women are commenting on here. thats pretty sad. You guys put down your own.
In my eyes, if a man can marry women 10 yrs younger, not even they go as far as marrying women almost as young as their daughters and it is acceptable...than a woman should be able to do so as well, and it should be acceptable at the same level.

When is this contract marriage ending. What a torture to put up with daily publicity stunts.

Stop pretending like it's double standarts. It's not. When a man is much older than his wife, people talk about it also. A LOT. It's just that opposite situation happens not so often, that's why it always grabs attention. Also, i don't remember so much talks about Antonio Banderas and Melanir Griffith, though she was older than him. The problem is that PC looks so much older than Nick, she's like his mom. He is 25 and looks 20, and she's 35 and looks 40. That's the problem for sure.

and when the man looks so much older than their wife/girlfriend, its ok?

if there is an age difference, obviously one will look older. the people in a relationship sign up for that, and honeslty its their decision and life and no one else's to judge.

she is older than his older brothers aswell. Doesn’t she feel left out of their generation and slightly awkward? I’m sure she must

I think it’s coz most men care very much about looks and as we know and women not so much. Other than that age is just a number!

there is no criteria for a "mans" preference. not all men care about looks, not all men are the same. if they were all the same, nick would have married someone his age, someone as good looking as fawad khan would have married a model, instead of his wife.
you cant label men and women.

Many examples of similar age difference marriages in India. Sachin Tendulkar's wife is 6 yrs older than him. Anil Kumble's wife is not only older but had a child from her previous marriage. Ditto Shikhar Dhawan who is married to a much older mom of 2 kids. And last but not least, Alia is dating 11 years older Ranbir. Oh wait...I forgot that's supposed to be so cute ;)

As much as I don’t like her I think age is just a number. If they respect and understand each other then why does age matter? Nick seems very mature and she seems immature so it basically evens out. Let people be!

STOP using PV to show Nicky Baby eeryday. We dodnt care. If you are happy you dont need to flaunt it. Look at Abhi and Ash, SRK sir and Gauri mam, Saif and Kareena, they dont overdo this marriage thing. Give us abreak aunt PC

Abhi-Ash (mostly Ash) flaunted their marriage at every platform for 3-4 years.

if you are not interested do not enter the note, END
  I do not think that PC cares about your interest in it either.

Two years than this torture will be over. Even only a contract marriage.

This jobless woman has nothing going on but won't stop running her mouth.

Ehhhh in India again? Now the torture will start again. Calling the paps on every step out.

She thinks she's same age. That's why her childish behavior always. Look into the mirror darling, there you can see the truth!

She looks drop dead gorgeous, that's the truth. watch her interviews - she's an icon inspiring girls.

Ohhh time to visit lover SRK again.

sweetie--- 10years difference is bit too much, and unnatural. sorry.

She can't stop to talk about her baby boy everyday. Only chance to get attention. What a poor soul meanwhile.

she's right. if the man is older no one says anything.

And people always will until the divorce. The math just doesn't add up. Firstly, I'm in my early 20's, as an American, and can't even imagine getting married right now. But that's because I'm an Indian and also not a celebrity. Marriage just will never be as important an institution for them, even nice boys like the Jonases. Secondly, it's odd for the women to be so much older instead of the man not really because of a double standard ( the double standard is in how we treat them ), and not even because of look, but because of psychology. Women are attracted to maturity and men are attracted to immaturity, if that makes sense. Women want their guys to be smart and men want their girls to be innocent and make them feel smart. Nick is super cute and mature, but 10 years is a lot of experience to hold over someone. Thirdly, do you guys have any examples of this actually working? Saif and Amrita, Ashton and Demi... They all got married at like these ages and were "madly in love" like this.

Liam and Cheryl also and Kylie M and her toy boy all broke up. They were all wise enough not to marry so quickly. PC is milking it all for publicity as usual

Sachin Tendulkar's wife is 6 yrs older than him. Anil Kumble's wife is not only older but had a child from her previous marriage. Ditto Shikhar Dhawan who is married to a much older mom of 2 kids. And last but not least, Alia is dating 11 years older Ranbir. Oh wait...I forgot that's supposed to be so cute ;)

You are a true prize to whoever the hell married you.

Priyanka has the ugliest mouth and a very gummy smile. The way she fake laughs while speaking is so cringeworthy.

yes she over does everything

Good you have clarity so you can just stop watching her or reading about her and focus on the things that YOU LIKE.. you will be in a better mental space that way :)

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