Priyanka Chopra reveals how she dropped hints to Nick Jonas about her dream engagement ring

Priyanka Chopra revealed at an event that she dropped hints to Nick Jonas subtly about her dream engagement ring when they were dating.
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Priyanka Chopra attended the blue book collection launch event of Tiffany & Co in New York City last night. The stunning actor dazzles in a silver gown and accessorized her look with an exquisite necklace. Priyanka kept her hair open and dewy make up accentuated her look. Priyanka attended the event sans fiancé Nick Jonas. She interacted with Kim Kardashian West and other personalities at the event. Priyanka also showed off her engagement ring and blushed while revealing that it is her favourite piece from Tiffany & Co.

Nick Jonas proposed to Priyanka on her birthday in London. Priyanka also revealed to People that she had subtly dropped hints to Nick Jonas that her dream engagement ring would be from Tiffany & Co. She said, “Well, I may have dropped that hint. I think we had a conversation about it when we were dating and I’ve always known it had to be Tiffany.” The couple will reportedly get married in Jodhpur in November. They were spotted at the Mehrangarh Fort during Nick’s recent trip to India.



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Reports have suggested that Nick Jonas closed the Tiffany’s store to purchase the perfect ring for lady love Priyanka Chopra. When asked if she was present, Priyanka said, “No, I wasn’t there, he and his brothers went and did a whole thing to buy the ring for his future wife.”

The couple announced their engagement a month after he popped the question. Their roka ceremony took place in Mumbai. Nick Jonas’ parents traveled to Mumbai for the puja and roka ceremony.


Trust me (and I am a woman and I love her), when a woman, especially one that has it all, puts so much importance on the ring and the marriage itself, it is bound to be doomed. If you are truly in love you keep these details sacred and you wouldn’t care about what ring/brand/wedding you are having.

really wow...and how can you predict that

The showmance continues..

This PR relationship is still churning on. They have a Tiffany endorsement and are making money from it. That's why they planted articles about closing Tiffanys to get a ring. Then Papa Jonas came holding a big Tiffany bag at the airport. After that Priyanka put a picture of a Tiffany mug on her instagram. Now she's attending the Tiffany event.

This relationship is as fake as Kim's second marriage, all for show and making money from shilling different brands. Our desi D-list Kardashian is learning well. She has no real career so now she's turning into a celebrity famous only for being famous and selling her personal life for money.

She's making it sound like it's some amazing thing that he remembered she wanted a Tiffany ring. They dated 2 months max. She probably told him one week before he got it! These two are such fakers.

idiots....who gets engaged after 2 months

idiots....who gets engaged after 2 months

Whatever! We are more into metoo movement! Dont want to listen to your garbage!

...and yet you clicked on her news read through it, spent time on writing a comment lol

Tiffany is always empty as it is so expensive. Just a few rich customers step in ..I guess it was no big deal they closed it for Nick.

It’s a beautiful ring

So cute

Yet another step to increase PC’s time in the spot light

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