Priyanka Chopra: Whether it’s Hollywood or our Hindi film industry, I think we need to focus on ourselves

Priyanka Chopra said in an interview that Hollywood and Bollywood shouldn't be compared and both the film industries should focus on themselves. Read more to know what she said.
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Priyanka Chopra is currently busy with the shooting of her English TV show Quantico Season 3. After Baywatch, the actor will be seen in the Hollywood films A Kid Like Jake and Isn’t It Romantic.

As reported by Hindustan Times, when Priyanka Chopra was asked about comparisons between Bollywood and Hollywood, she said, "I don’t think we need to learn anything from each other. I think we need to conform according to what’s required for the people who’re working in the industry within that country. If you’re talking about pay parity and (sexual) harassment... (then]) for example, (the lack of) pay parity happens in both countries, but the difference is that I see in Bollywood it’s said more blatantly, but (in Hollywood) it’ll be said in a more roundabout way, because nobody wants the liability or the responsibility that they’re saying this."

PeeCee added, "We need to focus on ourselves and not somebody else. We need to look inside our own house and decide what we want to clean up. (We should) give opportunities to women, be it in entertainment or in education, or in any field they want to be. How do we give them opportunities and make them thrive? The Commonwealth Games are such amazing examples. Most of the medals are won by women. You give women opportunities and they’ll thrive. Whether it’s Hollywood or our Hindi film industry, I think we need to focus on ourselves, instead of comparing ourselves with someone else."

Priyanka Chopra said that her show's production team has been very helpful and understanding towards her schedule. "(They have been) really accommodating. They have always taken care of me and they know that if there’s anything I really want to do, they would adjust the schedule and help me, said the Mary Kom actor.

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She really now sounds like her character in ‘Aitaraz’ movie... overly ambitious.. reel life character eventually reflects in the real life or vice versa

For all who want to know. SRK and Priyanka are together in London ;)

Priyanka would never

Ms. Shy...

Good riddance! Please go back! Fake accent, fake face. How come she isn’t ranting abt the Royal wedding?

YouTube announced at its BrandCast event in New York that Priyanka will be host If I Could tell You. This is no how to fix your sink tutorial on YouTube. They are roping in A-listers for high content and presentation. PC travels and meets world game changers across industries and disciplines. This is what I have been waiting for. She is great interviewer as well as interview subject.

Only when SRK whispered everything in her ear. Alone this will bei a disaster . Whatever Hollywood is done with you lady!

No Priyanka Chopra.That's exactly what you SHOULDNT be doing, focussing and obsessing over yourslef.

Totally agree! Too much self aggrandization or focus leads to narcissism. And she's a first class narcissist!

Haters wanted Priyanka to be stuck with Quantico so she's not able to do other projects.

Ha ha, according to you fans, Quantico and Ms. Wannabe Chopra was the best thing to happen to mankind, so why would "haters" want Ms. Fake to be stuck with the best thing? Looks like you all have realized what a nonsensical show Quantico is and no amount of skin display or coming on shows for interviews could save this utter nonsensical soap opera. So happy to see sense prevails in this world.

you are doing just fine.

Wow she talks like she was ruling hollywood!

No, she talks like she know what she is talking about!

Quantico is cancelled. Now stop living off a failed flop show that's already gone!

Hardly. She is lit with announcements and opportunities. She turns any career change into good news

Quantico being cancelled is a blessing. Now she will have more time for movies, just wait and see.

She already signed 2 bollywood movies and a US show she's hosting

Back giving interviews for no reason when she has nothing to promote. She can't handle staying out of the limelight for five minutes!

Fans would not want it any other way. Bring it on, Priyanka. We love you!

Priyanka has season 3 of her show airing right now and a movie A Kid Like Jake coming out next month. She always has lots to promote. Then she has 2 Bollywood movies, a hollywood movie and a US show she's hosting.

what US show she is hosting ?

nobody cares

you know you care. that's why you stalk her topics!

YAWN, next record pls!

Esp you. Stay away from married men!

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