Priyanka Chopra flattered by Sexiest Asian Woman title

Priyanka Chopra bags the title of 'Sexiest Asian Woman' for the fifth time in a row
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Actress Priyanka Chopra has been named 'Sexiest Asian Woman' for the fifth time in a row. She feels flattered.

The "Quantico" star has topped a list of 50 'Sexiest Asian Women', compiled by London-based weekly newspaper Eastern Eye. 

Priyanka tweeted: "I should thank my mom and dad for this! It's purely their genetics and also the immense love you guys give me every single time which has put me on top of the list 5 times over. Thank you Eastern Eye... you do know how to flatter a girl!"

In the list, TV actress Nia Sharma acquired the second spot while the "Bajirao Mastani" star Deepika Padukone was on the third position.

Credits :IANS


Whoever talked about the popularity of that female who s in second place is out of mind! How about Deepika, Katrina, Kareena, Anushka or even Sunny L for that matter!!

LOL, this woman's "PR" works harder than most!!! She is only tabloid "famous" now!!

Sorry, but as she's a self-proclaimed 'feminist', she should be mortified, not flattered by this. These lists are sad and disturbing and ridiculous. Those women who are making their marks in feminism don't need to be touted 'sexy' and the fact that this one is so 'flattered' by it all, just goes to prove that she's two-faced, wishy-washy, and hypocritical. It's about making a difference because you're a woman - not sitting around being 'flattered' because you glean the praise and promote being 'sexy'. You Miss Chopra, just pushed feminism back further still. Way to be part of the solution..

there's a sexy list for men and women. it doesn't push feminism back by being on the list or thanking those that voted to make her win.


I'm sorry, but her being a self-proclaimed 'feminist', she should be mortified, not flattered by this title. These lists are sad and ridiculous and her telling the media how 'flattered' she is sends a two-faced, wishy-washy, hypocritical signal to real women who are working hard to seriously earn that title (feminist) instead of exploiting that they think they're 'sexy' to the world and being okay with it.. Take note, Ms. Chopra. Not cool.

At least she's successful

Good job Shakuntela for making PC win! Or was it SRK sir's influence?

if vin diesel can help deepika last year, why cant srk help priyanka

Uh ...because Shah Rukh is MARRIED..?? That's why!

desperate PC fans are so lame! new record pls, it's soooooo boring meanwhile

THe list is rubbish. Just because your fans vote for it you doesn’t make you sexy. Alia bhatt was in the top 6 come on! And nia dharma beat deepika padukone....

Thanks to the Plastic Surgeon

she is so sexy

I think it's important to acknowledge your fans that vote to make you win this stuff. haters can hate but Priyanka is good to her fans and her fans are good to her! Congratulations on the win!

And the second one is so famous! Shows it!

idk about famous, but she's definitely popular. lots of fans voting for her.

Just remember blake shelton is people mag's sexiest man alive. Can't believe she tweeted about it. Act smart PC.

Why are you so crabby. Oh! Deepika isnt even in top two..

OMG! I'm so upset a magazine with 6000 twitter followers hasn't picked DP as sexist woman. What's gonna happen to DP now? Get the fuck out of here!

at least Deepika has no need to sleep with a married father of three kids to become No 1 like Priyanka must ;)

at least Deepika has not to sleep with a married father of three kids to become No 1 ;-)

her fans voted for her, of course she should thank them to win it for the 5th time.

Thats awesome

Well done Peecee

Congrats Queen pri

Now we'll never hear the end

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