R Madhavan slams Congress Party for making fun of Prime Minister Narendra Modi; Twitterati disagrees with him

R Madhavan faced difference of opinion with netizens when he expressed his opinion regarding the video posted by Congress Party on Twitter
R Madhavan slams Congress Party for making fun of Prime Minister Narendra Modi; Twitterati disagrees with himR Madhavan slams Congress Party for making fun of Prime Minister Narendra Modi; Twitterati disagrees with him
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Actor R Madhavan has always been vocal about his political opinions on social media. He also expressed his happiness when superstars Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan joined politics and said that if serving people is the reason to join politics, then it is a good thing. Madhavan is currently playing the lead role in Rocketry: The Nambi Effect and will also be directing the film. Recently, he condemned the Congress Party for a video posted on their official Twitter account of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping. 
The video is making fun of PM Narendia Modi and President Xi Jinping's relationship and the actor was quick to criticize the opposition party for the video. Madhavan felt that the video was in bad taste and is demeaning the nation in front of China. The tweet went viral and soon netizens tried to make him aware of how politics works. People went on to explain as how both the parties yield to such ways to humiliate each other. While some also pointed out there have been several instances when the country's former Prime Ministers and leaders were mocked in a similar way and this has become a part of politics now

Here is how the Twitter responded:

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R Madhavan was seen in the Amazon Prime Series Breathe and is currently working on his directorial debut Rocketry: The Nambi Effect, biopic of ISRO scientist Nambi Narayanan and his work as a scientist and how he faced false espionage charges. He recently shared pictures of himself as Nambi and took the internet by surprise for the uncanny resemblance with the scientist. 


Whatever the phrases used for Mr Modi are terrible. No one is perfect but one thing for sure is Modiji loves India to the core, considering today’s politics in India being Shri Ram is difficult but think & execute like Shri Krishna to save country is the need of the hour. Modiji is PM of this great country & the way he is disrespected is not a acceptable behaviour

We shouldn't disrespect PM but don't you think selling jingoism to win elections is a little bit of too much? Congress party is no less patriotic than BJP but it seems like BJP wants to declare all other political parties as traitors and outsiders. BJP doesn't own India. Mother India is for all of us. In fact, the current leadership has humiliated India worldwide with Pulwama and aftermaths. We were fed lies and more lies. Instead of listening to BJp run media, try reading Newyork Times, Israel Post, BBC , CNN etc.

bjp ka chamcha

well done Madhavan! and he is is absolutely right in defending our PM. Currently Modi ji is our PM not Rahul Or Sonia. shaming our PM is shaming the nation. Whatever jokes are there about Rahul Ghandhi, it is true only. No sane person would want the nation go into the hands of such an ignorant person. Even a uni student has higher IQ than Rahul Ghandi. Modiji worked very hard and he cannot undo 70 years of congress wrongdoings in 5years. Still he made good relationships with other nations, which reflects in the current day scenario. Talking about china, the sooner we realize that it is an enemy of India and act against us for it's selfish reason to gain superpower the better for us.

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