Radhika Apte backs nepotism; Says if I’m a director and my son wants to be an actor, why shouIdn’t I launch

Radhika Apte has proved herself to be one of the most critically acclaimed actresses of the industry over the years. The actress has never shied away from expressing her thoughts and recently opened up about the issue of nepotism and pay disparity in the industry.
Radhika Apte backs nepotism; Says if I’m a director and my son wants to be an actor, why shouIdn’t I launchRadhika Apte backs nepotism; Says if I’m a director and my son wants to be an actor, why shouIdn’t I launch
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Radhika Apte is one actress who is never afraid to call a spade a spade. She is one of the finest actresses in the industry but is also lauded for many for being vocal about her thoughts, opinions and views without any filters. Well, it is needless to say that nepotism and pay disparity are one issue that has always been the center of discussion in Bollywood . Radhika Apte recently spoke about these issues in detail. In an interview with Mumbai Mirror, Radhika opened up about the issue of nepotism.

She revealed, “I don’t like the word outsider. If I’m a director and my son wants to be an actor, why shouldn’t I launch him? The industry today is a blend of both worlds. On one hand there’s Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone and Kangana Ranaut who were not born into a film family but have made it big and then there are the star kids. I like that abroad you can go to drama school and then for auditions like everyone else for a role. It’s a fair playing ground there. With casting directors in Bollywood, things are changing here too."



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Radhika Apte was last seen in the film The Wedding Guest opposite Dev Patel and Jim Sarbh. The film had opened with mixed reviews. Radhika also spoke about the important issue of pay disparity. She revealed on the issue while saying,” If Salman Khan brings in Rs 200 crore and I bring in not even a crore, it’s obvious that he’ll be paid more since he is adding value to the box-office. I don’t dispute that but I have an issue with actors who don’t contribute to ticket sales. Hey, even the mother of a lead character is paid lesser than the father. That needs to change."


I'd like to know which person will NOT support their children by doing whatever they can for them?? Every parent wants the best for their children.

I agree with what she said, the only time it's bad is if it's a lie. The 3 most popular actors in India, Mr. Bachchan, Mr. SRK and Rajinikanth ARE NOT from Film families. Ultimately the AUDIENCE pays the ticket for who they want to see. Don't like someone DON'T BUY THE TICKET. Parents who launch their kids don't hurt outsiders, the AUDIENCE does.

This attitude gives rise to caste and class system and is a form of corruption.

radhika I am so disappointed in you, are you looking for brownie points from kjo

Only karan johar is agree here! Lol it will eat business eventually! Any business for that matter!!

Everyone looks after their own nothing wrong with that.

But don't only launch for your sake. If you want the movie to work then make sure your son/daughter is talented enough to lessen the torture on the audience.

Main issue is " Leading Role " agr ap director mom ho to apky bachy ko acting ka "A" i ya na role "Leading" hi mily ga thats the prob woth outsiders talent hony k bad bhi wo struggle karty hen even for a smallest role .

well the problem with that is, some people in industry are in there for generations and everyone is related to everyone else. That means no outsider will be able to come and work there also it's monopoly which is kills competition and doesn't let deserving people come into business.

Absolutely agree. My money. Ill do what I want with it. Why shld I be answerable to anyone??

so agree

so agree

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