Raj Kundra adult film racket case: Explosive email detailing requirements of 'bold & topless' artists surfaces

Updated on Jul 23, 2021 06:59 PM IST  |  841K
Raj Kundra adult film racket case: Explosive email detailing requirements of 'bold & topless' artists surfaces

Details emerging from Raj Kundra's pornography case seem to get murkier by the day. Now, according to a latest report in Zee News, an explosive email from the company Hotshots has come to the fore which reveals details of a project titled 'Khwaab'. The email mentions names of two creators Paras Randhawa and Jyoti Thakur who were approached for the project. 

The email dates back to 14 August, 2020, which was sent at 5:25 pm to Randhawa and Thakur by the content head of HotShots. In the email, several details of the project 'Khwaab' have been detailed which includes how the video will be shot, the camera angle, and the requirements from the artists. 

The report added that the email specifically mentioned that the lead actress starring in the bold video should be comfortable with going topless and exposing her back to the camera. Several technical requirements are also listed in the email which include various sizes of film posters that will be made, the format in which the video will be made as well as "separate bold posters" for social media. 

The email from Hotshots also stated that creators Randhawa and Thakur will be paid Rs 3,00,000 for the project if their video is approved by Raj Kundra's company. But if the video is not approved or up to the standard of Hotshots, the creators can sell the video to another party. 

Apart from these details, the email also stated that the prior to the video's release, there will also be a teaser, bold trailer and non-bold video songs will be available on the app. 

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Anonymous : The Shettys knew that this dude was into this business. But hey who cares. Keep the money coming. They were all ok with this. Who does not want live in luxury when half of nation is struggling to put food on the table !!! Shame on these clowns. People died on the streets without oxygen and this creepy dude was busy with something else. In India you can get away exploiting people by throwing money
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Anonymous : shilpa probably knew of his activities but kept quiet because she wanted kids and money and marriage
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