Rajkumar hirani gets 2 Filmfare awards 2019 nominations; Netizens lose cool amidst sexual misconduct charges

Rajkumar Hirani, accused of sexual assault, has been nominated in the Best Director and Best Film category at the upcoming Filmfare Awards for Sanju.
News,Rajkumar HiraniLast Saturday and Sunday, Hirani and his wife, Manjeet were snapped at the Ambani reception in Mumbai.
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Famed director Rajkumar Hirani, who delivered a blockbuster with Sanju last year, was recently accused of sexual assault by a female crew member while working on the Ranbir Kapoor starrer. Rajkumar maintained that the allegations were false, but due to the accusations, his name was dropped from Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga ahead of its release. Many came to his support, while others called for a fair trial on the same. Amid all of this, Hirani continued to remain mum and avoided any sort of media interaction. However, the film-maker has slowly been making a comeback in the public eye.

A few weeks ago, he was in Switzerland to attend the pre-wedding celebrations of Akash Ambani and Shloka Mehta. Last Saturday and Sunday, Hirani and his wife, Manjeet attended the couple’s reception in Mumbai. 

In a latest update, Rajkumar has been nominated in the Best Director category at the upcoming Filmfare Awards for Sanju. Not just that, his film has also been nominated in the Best Film category. The nominations for the Filmfare awards were announced last evening. However, Rajkumar's nominations in two categories has not gone down well with citizens and Twitter exploded after the nomination list was released. 

Twitterati are of the view that the director who is still under the lens should not have been nominated in the first place owing to the sexual misconduct allegations. Take a look at some of the fiery reactions below:

Do you think Rajkumar Hirani's nomination for the Filmfare awards is justified? Let us know in the comments below. 


What does sonam kapoor have to say about this lol

What about Priyanka having a party and getting with another accuser ??

The nomination is well deserved. No person including a woman has a right to make allegations in public and not submit them to fair scrutiny. The Kejriwal style of scoot and run or spit and hide cannot be used to question any person's including a man's right to life liberty including his social engagements and business. It's unfortunate that such a bias view exists or is permitted to permeate based on allegations by persons who dont wish to put them to scrutiny. While the accused has no self remedy the accuser makes merry by making a public spectacle.

Good of Filmfare to nominate him. Simply mudslinging the reputation should not be encouraged. It has to be proved under law of the land for someone to be punished

This is shameful and a step backwards for our women and society. He should not be allowed anywhere near the awards till he’s name is cleared

Why are we surprised? Didn’t Kangana say as much? I wish more people would come out and call bigwigs and certain shady media portals out.

We need to stop buying these crappy magazines who dont feel any responsibility towards the society

Sanju is a horrid movie ,horribly written,overacted lies about a man who never deserved a movie made on him in the first place.

Any award show organisers are two faced and ball-less when they have to stand up anything, can’t expect anything from them shame !!

Just for an annoymous bitch,he should Not be judjed before Verdict

The thing is people try to seperate the artist from the men. That's why it took so long for Harvey Weinstein to be held accountable of what he did! And if we (the society) continue to think like that, all those perverts will continue to do what they want and roam free. Sexual abuse is a taboo around the world and if we show that people in power can do what they do and still walk free, how are we going to be able to fight a sex offender from a lower background!

Bollywood is filled with hypocrites and boot-lickers. Such a shame.

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