Rajkumar Hirani Sexual misconduct row: Sonam K Ahuja backs director: What if the allegations aren’t true?

During a media interaction, Sonam K Ahuja opened up about the sexual misconduct allegations against filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani which broke out earlier this month.
Rajkumar Hirani Sexual misconduct row: Sonam K Ahuja backs director: What if the allegations aren’t true?
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The first Me Too blow, Bollywood witnessed in 2019, was when an assistant director of Sanju accused Rajkumar Hirani of sexual misconduct. The complainant stated that Hirani abused her sexually more than once over a period of 6 months between March and September 2018. She said that the filmmaker reportedly harassed her during the post-production work of Sanju. The complainant revealed it all to Huffington Post. 

Due to these allegations, Hirani's name was dropped from the credits as the producer of Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga, which is hitting the screens this week. Today, during a media interaction, when Sonam was asked about the whole episode, she stated, "In the Me Too movement, I always believe a woman. But in this case, we need to reserve our judgment. Two things here - one the film is as important as the movement and second, I have known Hirani for many years and I respect him as a filmmaker and a man. I will talk about it at length when the movie is released. But what if it’s (allegations) aren’t true, the movement will get derailed."

Sonam further spoke by taking the example of the whole Tanushree Dutta controversy. She added, "In Tanushree’s case, there was proper research done and many people came forward and you know where this is coming from."

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After being accused, Hirani had released a statement denying all the allegations, saying, "I was completely shocked when these allegations were brought to my notice about two months back. I had suggested immediately that it is essential to take this matter to any committee or any legal body. The complainant has chosen to go to the media instead. I want to very strongly state that this is a false malicious and mischievous story being spread with the sole intention of destroying my reputation."

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One word is that they are all part of the same ecosystem. The rot is within their minds. They wouldn't care for once when the accused is not a part of their cosy club. It's good that they taste their own medicine.

STFU you moron. You weren't there, you don't know anything. So just stay out of it.

What if it’s true?

You know what when sonam changed her surname after marriage I lost interest.. Before I was like at least she's someone who's talking something.. After that I realized that sonam kapoor, swara bhaskar, mallika dua they talk what is convenient to them... They have time to let down woman centric film padmavati they don't have time to lift woman centric film manikarnika.. Is this the way they suppory women? If you look carefully sonam are you supporting other women or out of jealousy letting others down??? At least don't behave like everything you say is right don't you have conscience

I have never seen hypocrites like sonam kapoor, swara bhaskar... It's all about their convenience..they are hiding in the name feminism... She and swaraaj had time to write nasty about woman centric film padmavat.. Now don't even have time to appreciate woman made, woman centric manikarnika... Don't believe them they just talk about what they want... She could have at least said okay let's see let woman speak first like she said earlier why not miss sonam?how can be hypocrite every time with so much if confidence?

What if its true? Just because he has a clean image doesn't mean he cannot do it.

Mrs.Ahuja, different strokes for different folks. Entitled much?

So if her friends are accused then this is this the stand. If someone unknown to her is accused, then her inner feminist is awakened. And she is the woke one in Bollywood? Nothing will change in this crappy industry

and what if it's true?

Used to hate sonam early days but i think she is honest in some aspects unlike some fake people

I thought the woman who accused him has VVC and Anupama Chopra's support?

She is of course right. Big difference between Tanu's case which had clear details and was out in the public domain vs. the sketchy details that have yet to be confirmed in Hirani's case. But ppl will attack her as always

I mean ya, this me too is getting scary ,I mean a woman can just accuse anyone, what if it's not true so much humiliation for d male, think about it we have have fathers, brothers ,son

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