Rakesh Roshan on battling cancer & beating the disease: It didn't disturb me mentally, I took it bravely

Rakesh Roshan had managed to beat throat cancer after a long battle and the actor has now opened up on the same.
Rakesh Roshan on battling cancer & beating the disease: It didn't disturb me mentally, I took it bravely
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Rakesh Roshan took the nation by a storm when the reports of his diagnosis with cancer surfaced. The renowned filmmaker was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2018 and has managed to beat the deadly virus. It was undoubtedly a painful period for the actor turned director. On the occasion of World Cancer Day, Rakesh has opened up on his battle with cancer and how he had a gut feeling about having cancer after being terribly ill even before he got his tests done.

Talking about the same, Rakesh told Times of India that it all started with a blister under his tongue which wasn’t being cured even after medication. The filmmaker said, “It was not giving me any trouble- no pain, no burn, nothing. I don't know why but I had a gut feeling that such an obstinate blister can only be cancer. I told my gut feeling even to the doctor. It didn't disturb me mentally. I took it bravely. It was- yes, I have cancer and I have to correct my health problem.” Furthermore, senior Roshan revealed that while he was found to be physically fit, his chemo session went smoothly.

However, they did have an adverse effect as Rakesh lost his sense of taste for around 6-8 months. In fact, he even lost 12 kg in three months post his chemo and radiation session. But the filmmaker didn’t give up and got his health back on track soon. “You see, I took my cancer head-on. I never sat at home. I have gone to the office after undergoing a chemotherapy session. I never confined myself to bed. I never felt nervous. This ailment has to be fought with a very strong mind. The victory had to come with the mind triumphing over matter. Thankfully, I have a strong mind and I don't let any jerks in life get the better of me,” he added.

Interestingly, Rakesh has changed his lifestyle and has become more disciplined post his battle with cancer. In fact, he even gets his PET scan done every 6 months to ensure he is on the right track.

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Anonymous 2 months ago

Super strong man..

Anonymous 2 months ago

How could it not have disturbed you mentally? You're a human after all