Rakul Preet: I missed out on the opportunity to work with Neeraj sir in MS Dhoni so I wanted to do Aiyaary

Rakul Preet is all set to prove her mettle with Neeraj Pandey's Aiyaary. In an interview with leading portal, she said she wanted to work with Neeraj Pandey as she missed out on the opportunity to work with him in MS Dhoni.
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Rakul Preet Singh is all set for a relaunch in Bollywood. After Yaariyan went unnoticed, she's all set to make an impact with Neeraj Pandey's upcoming film Aiyaary. In an interview with a leading portal, Rakul told, "After I shifted base to Mumbai, I got a call from a casting director asking me to audition for Neeraj Pandey’s film. This happened after he had directed A Wednesday! I faced the camera for the first time for a film audition. While that film did not happen, a few years later, I was offered MS Dhoni’s biopic, where I was to play Disha Patani’s role. Unfortunately, I missed out on the opportunity due to the unavailability of dates. Much later when I got a call from the casting director for Aiyaary I was thrilled because Neeraj sir is one of the finest directors we have. It has been a great learning experience and when you work with talented people obviously it rubs on to you."
About her role in Aiyaary, she said, "I am a software engineer and a hacker in the film. When you see the film you will understand how between these ‘Aiyaars’ (tricksters) a hacker comes into play. Besides the romantic plot (with Sidharth), my character Sonia Gupta is a core part of the film. I'm not just around for romance. I have always believed that in Neeraj sir’s films everybody has an important part to play. Each character in the film has a reason to be there."
"Since I missed out on the opportunity to work with Neeraj sir in M S Dhoni, I wanted to do this one. I was doing a lot of films in the South and decided that I'd only do a Bollywood film if it was worth it. Aiyaary was a great project to come back to because it has solid content," added Rakul. 
Is there any difference between the working styles between Hindi film industry and the South film industry? On this, she said, "There’s not much of a difference except that in the South we don’t shoot beyond 6pm, as there we have unions and they follow the call sheet. The shoot schedule is usually between 7 am and 6pm unless we have to shoot a night sequence. With this kind of timetable we can shoot everyday because you have the evening to yourself — to work on your craft, go to the gym, watch movies. We get four to five hours for ourselves. That is the only difference. Otherwise I have always believed that there are only good makers or bad makers, good teams or bad teams."
Rakul will seen romancing Sidharth Malhotra in the film. Sharing her experience, she said, "Sidharth is a very chilled out, grounded and extremely hardworking. We connected well as we both went to Delhi University and our grand parents’ house is just one lane apart. We went to the same gym; there were lot of common stories to share."
Aiyaary is slated to release on February 16, 2018. 


Sid n her pairing looks natural m not forced.

I like their pairing!

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