Ranbir Kapoor admits he secretly follows Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt & Ranveer on social media

Ranbir Kapoor has always been away from social media but looks like, he hasn't really been away as he himself admitted to secretly following Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt, and Ranveer Singh on Instagram.
Ranbir Kapoor admits he secretly follows Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt & Ranveer on social media
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Ranbir Kapoor has been away from social media and while we are sure he has his reasons for doing so, primarily, to keep away with so many things that so many people keep talking about on social media, but also because he just stays away from that kind of negativity. But well, looks like it isn't all that true and that he isn't completely off social media because he does follow a few people, though secretly, but he does follow a few people on Instagram.

During a recent event, when the actor was asked about celebrities that he secretly follows on Instagram, he went on to name two of his exes, Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif, his girlfriend Alia Bhatt, and Ranveer Singh. Well, looks like he doesn't really miss out on all the social media updates after all, and since this one is coming from him, now fans can know that he isn't completely away from social media so he might be getting your messages and posts!



[New Picture] Ranbir Kapoor with a fan on sets of #Brahmāstra today. #RanbirKapoor #Ranbir #Bollywood

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Meanwhile, the actor recently enjoyed a fun dinner outing with his cousins Karisma Kapoor, Aadar Jain, Armaan Jain and Alia Bhatt. Karisma also shared pictures from the dinner on her social media. On the work front, the actor has been busy with his upcoming film Brahmastra and will also be seen in Shamshera which co-stars Sanjay Dutt. The actor was spotted last night outside Dharma's office and seemed to be having a busy weekend after all.


ranbir is a sick,look at his eyes. he has childhood traumas, his mother is locked in the house like in prison, his father is drunk.

They should have s*x


u r right!

Katrina doesn’t care a damn !! She’s never going to work with Ranbir again !!

And many more like kriti shraddha parineeti sonakshi tara ananya girls that he hasn't dated yet

While promoting zero and Bharat, Katrina has used only her ex ranbir Kapoor for publicity.

When I think desperate, i think Ranbir

Wow Katrina every posts are getting 100+ comments while other actress are struggling to get even 10 comments. Katrina is literally queen of popularity.

KANGU feeling jealous seeing ALIA, bcz ALIA is RANBIR's queen.

Thing is Kat haven't said a word about rk n so rk feels he needs free ki publicity since she isn't taking his name. So zabardasti ka article. Ranbir badly wants to be the next Salman khan but beta you can't steal someone hardwork. N this is social media generation. We as audience understand what is happening. If u try to fake being superstar then audience will not only accept u as superstar but also will never respect u.

Really? Katrina is constantly talking about Rk, her breakup so she can get free publicity. Infact she took his name at a show when no one ask her about Rk. Dont lie Katrina.

The interviewer keeps asking her about her equation with Alia n Ranbir n dp. I meant she never gives an answer. Just ghomaoing it all the time. Just general stuff. She only mentioned rk when she was telling Ranbir introduce me to Instagram. That's it. That was a random mention which she does often. Recently she random mentioned Akshay Khanna.

He stalks one person. The rest is for camouflage only. Take your pick people.

feel the same, also i feel he stalks the three others too sometimes...but i agree, not as much as he stalks the only one.

Pinvilla also post my comment to the gentleman or lady who is pretending like he/she knows everything about Deepika.Please go get a life instead of being a gossip person.It’s a shame that you invest your life in these kind of things instead of something important.Pinkvilla post this or else it will be cleared that you’re being biased and supporting Deepika haters also known cowards and hypocrite as well as cry babies.

Katrina, Deepika, Anushka, Kriti sanon, Wania Hussain, Disha, these all are the women we all should support. Whatever they are today is beacuse of their hard work. They are not a product of Nepotism. Unlike that cunning short Alia who grabs all the best opportunities of all other actresses by begging papa kjo. She even begged ayan to cast her in Bahmastra. So please unite against Alia and KJo gang. Pv pls post

Yeah and he must be crawling on his bed seeing the dropdead gorgeous pics of these actress. I feel bad for alia because just an year ago at this time she was having raazi and was hailed as the new queen of bollywood and now people hate her.She will be throughout compared with his exes who are definitely way more gorgeous than her. People are now not paying attention to the fact that alia is better actress and a bigger star than both his ex. Even ranbir and his fans too will keep comparing her to them as his standards for his girlfriend has gone really high and alia will have to live under burden of not being equivalent to them in beauty and looks forever. She was good with sid malhotra and was loved so much. She commited a big mistake by agreeing to ranbir's proposal. He is always after the top actress who can validate his desirable guy image.

Katrina is not a saint either cheaprina fans.Kat used to share bed with kaizad so that he will pay her rent in Mumbai then she became popular and left him.She jumped to gulshan grover then she set her big eyes on salman khan and then grabbed him.Katrina needa to be slapped thoroughly for breaking the beautiful friendship of kaizad and gulshan .Soon she threw herself at Ranbir knowing he was in relationship with deepika .But you know what God was seeing the evil deeds of this user woman kat and sent some idea to ranbir to break up with this botoxed woman as a KARM in her life.KARMA hit katrina very hard.But she still didn't learn anything and used and dumped salman then went to ranbir and he dumped her and then again she went back to salman for work.Kat will surely get her KARM for hurting those guys feeling and using them for her own benefits and playing cheap PR games with Deepika ,salman,ranbir,priyanka,alia ,anushka.KARMA is waiting for katrina

Bang on. Every comments of yours is so true. That's why Rk father hates Katrina and doesnt want her. She truly ruin the friendship of Khan's family with Kapoor.

According to Padukone fans everywhere one in Bollywood is facing karma except their Padukone. Karma is for everyone and for your Padukone as well.Her breakup and depression were her karma.And you never how many more karma are waiting for you ahead in your life.

According to Turquote fans every one is facing karma and are worst expect their Turquote . KARMA is for everyone and for your Turquote also. Her break up, her depression, her being alcholic and now begging ex to marry her. And you never know how many karma are waiting for you ahead in life.

Pv post this please dont be biased towards Dp. If you wont means you are paid by kat

Pinvilla also post my comment to the gentleman or lady who is pretending like he/she knows everything about katrina.Please go get a life instead of being a gossip person.It’s a shame that you invest your life in these kind of things instead of something important.Pinkvilla post this or else it will be cleared that you’re being biased and supporting katrina haters also known cowards.

The Kapoors are weird people...in their head, they are the best and in reality they are just delusional fools who no one respects!

He's always said he snoops on the internet ,this is not new. Lots of stars snoop on PV before IDs were banned. No Sonam , Ranbir ?

Ranbir can't be compared with Salman.Ranbir has not murdered someone or beaten women like animals.Infact he never killed a helpless and innocent animal like Salman.Salman is an arrogant full of himself old jerk that's why nobody wants to marry him. Both ranbir and Salman are product of nepotism of Salman fans should stop picking at ranbir for that. And this criminal is always too harsh with his ladies no wonder his ladies leave him for ranbir.Aish would have never done adhm love scenes with Salman but with ranbir she was comfortable. Ranbir may be a bad boyfriend but he is a good human being.Salman will go to hell after his death because he has murdered people and didn't accept in court.

Hi ranbir ! Teri Salman k joote jitni bhi aukaad ni Hai. Dating a looser woman like Katrina don't brings you in his leagues. You deserve Katrina. Go and look yourself in mirror. Even salman's servant looks better than you.

Deepika is not a saint either peedika fans. She used to share bed with nihar pandya so that he will pay her rent in Mumbai then she became popular and left him. She jumped to dhoni but then she set her big eyes on yuvraj and then grabbed him. This spoilt the friendship between two best friends dhoni and yuvi. Deepika needs to be slapped thoroughly for breaking the beautiful friendship between these two hardworking and selfmade guys. Soon she threw herself at ranbir. But you know what God was seeing the evil deeds of this woman and sent rankat as a KARMA in her life. KARMA hit deepika very hard. But still she didn't learn anything and used and dumped Sid mallya and upen after getting dumped by ranbir in the most humiliating way. Surely she will get her KARMA for hurting those guys feelings and playing pr games with Katrina, ranbir, Priyanka, alia and anushka. KARMA is waiting for her.

Lol... it's okay!

I am glad somebody mentioned how she created a rift between dhoni and yuvraj.Girls always ruin the friendship between guys.This is the typical nature of girls.

BANG ON ! Everyone of your comment is true and I couldn't agree more.She is the reason why yuvraj Singh and his father hates msd so much. mad didn't even invite yuvraj to his wedding. It's sad that she ruined their friendship.

I love to gossip and stalk people on social media.Its fun and stress buster.I don't find anything wrong in that.

What a sad life you must have!

Katrina and her PR is here bashing Alia and Ranbir whole desperately begging her ex Salman to marry her. Jobless bimbo.

Yeh ranbir ek aurat hai foe sure tabhi ayan aur iska chakkar chal raha hai

He and kareena are the biggest gosspimongers of bollywood .They are not on social media but they have fake accounts to keep them updated.And also on pinkvilla these brother sister duo comments like mad

At least he is honest they asked he confessed I adore this guy n deepika n kat are successful bw actress everyone wants their updates why rk shd nt?

His personality is so weird ultimate Jasooos. Ranveer and Katrina do not give a fuck

He secretly follows deepveer and katrina and secretly release blinds about them and secretly leake pictures of girls he dated and secretly obsessed about Ranveer. Anything to break others and stay in news

Follows Instagram of ex girlfriends,only named the two,and why Ranveer ?


Lol shameless PR tactics. KJo has blessed him and Alia with those skills.

Is he namedropping just to get clicks on articles. Wtf man.. and why oh why would you follow tingi peele daanthon wali alia

He is SICK

Zabardasti ka Superstar must on INSTA

Why’s new in this! He has been saying that he stalks people on social media for almost a decade now! He, Kareena and Papa Jo are the famous for bitching about people!

They must suffer from inferiority complex - that’s why they slate others to make themselves feel better

Why the hell is he following katrina when her own bff went after him and they are cringeworthily dislplaying their relationship in public and every platform. He is shit head. No wonder katrina left him. Rk you can have that shorty cunning wolf alia. Leave katrina alone.

Kat is not a saint either. She went for Deepika's boyfriend too. Fyi its Rk who left kat not the other way round. Thank God he left cunning and manipulative kat. She should leave Rk Alia alone.
Post the fact

Why the hell is he following katrina when her own bff went after him and they are cringeworthily dislplaying their relationship in public and every platform. He is shit head. No wonder katrina left him. Rk you can have that shorty cunning wolf alia. Leave katrina alone.

for a short girl, alia looks so wide. her head is bigger than deepika’s and her fave is so wide, stop with the fillers

Fave is so wide ? meaning?

alia is annoying but she doesn’t need to cling to ranbir for relevance and let him drag her down, she won’t tealize until it’s too late

Lol. News?


He and Kjo have so much in common. Both are gay boys and both are stalkers and gossip queens!

Katrina get married to your boyfriend salman.

Katrina please ,Salman is not your boyfriend so stop acting desperate. Stop this begging

ranger is so coward he dun have guts to come on social media bcoz he will fear his co actors have more followers than him

he is so desperate he has to take his x names to stay in news

Katrina deserves Salman. He earns 10 times more than this druggie alcoholic

Katrina doesn't deserve Salman. She cheated on him. He deserves better than this user.

salman and katrina look so good together.. they should get married.

Stip begging kat. He is your ex.

Salman is 10 times better than thiss ugly rk. Kat deserves someone like Salman who has 10 times bigger stardom, money, fame, looks, fan following, body etc

All how Katrina aunty fandom changes tunes. Earlier Salman was old, druggie, criminal and a murderer. Kat deserves better than old uncle now they desperately want him for flop and rejected kat.
Post this please

Salman calls Katrina kaif MERI JAAN.

Liar kat, he didnt call anything like that.

katrina knew this already that's why she has up her Instagram game. Posted her photos in bikinis and semi nude ones. lol

Salman make babies with Katrina

Stop begging kat. He doesnt want babies from you

Salkat is 10 times better than deepveer or whatever randeep shit

Now all we need is Katrina and Salman to get married.


Salman doesnt love Katrina. He loves lulia and kat too doesn't love him but using him for career and money.

Can Salman Khan & Katrina Kaif just get married.

he is the biggest gossip queen. comes across very innocent.

Salman and katrina should just seriously get together and get married.Nothing wrong in it!

Salkat is the most iconic and the most loved pair of all time

Salman and Katrina’s wedding will happen soon enough

Keep dreaming despo Katrina

I wish Salman and Katrina get married.

Katrina keep wishing.

Never can understand a man in his late 30s being a gossip stalker aunty..lol. Weird!

Hmm he follows the selected few, smart! no wasting time, unlike all you haters! Seriously ..whats there to hate in this now? he follows them ,so what? why the hate ? at least he's being honest

Fame IG account? Likes he’s 10 years old.

Name dropping to stay relevant

Lmao Why did I Lough when I saw this?! Sacred RK!!!


deepika will now up her instagame. lol

Katrina has already up her instagame lol she even posted nudes and bikini photos to seduce him.
Post this please

I think she already has lol

Making fake accounts to follow his ex-girlfriends, this boy is pathetic.

He’s turning into a desperate guy trying to stay in the news like this.

RK is a gossip and a stalker now. New notch in his belt.

Deepika looked terrible at that function. Like she just rolled out of bed and arrived.

Who cares

You should have used the pic where RK and Katrina are hugging tab filmfare. That one blew up on social media.

His much publicity you want Katrina? Publicity hunger woman.

Nxt month rk is gonna break up with aloo he is not happy with her he doesn't want her as a wife mark my words

Don’t use Katrina’s name to promote these media hungry people.

Lol kat is herself a media hungry person who uses these people name to promote herself. Remember how she talked about Rk when she wasnt even asked? Or Rs?

Why this post? And why that pic? Is someone casting for an incestuous version of hum saath saath hain?

Alia and Ranbir are obsessed with Deepika and Katrina. They keep talking about them.

They really are!


I bet he uses Insta for DM’s looool, no more Tinder for RK.

The fact he stalks Katrina speaks volumes of what a weirdo he is.

Really Katrina? You are such a stupid. Stalks really? He named 5 people whom he follows. The way you stalk Salman speaks volumes. What a desperate soul you are.

Omg - Katrina this Deepika that, Salman this, Alia that - what is this kindergarten??

Ummmm why are you responding to Katrina when I’m just a regular old filmy fan?

Don’t worry RK so do we, it’s no biggie

What’s the point of this post?

Ughh gross he has the most ugly personality such a shitty person.

We all know u are a gossip girl and a loserr

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