Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt & Katrina Kaif: All that happened between the three at the Filmfare Awards 2019

Filmfare Awards 2019 was held last night. Read to know everything that happened between Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt and Katrina Kaif last night.
Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt & Katrina Kaif: All that happened between the three at the Filmfare Awards 2019Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt & Katrina Kaif: All that happened between the three at the Filmfare Awards 2019
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The awards and wedding functions are places where almost all of the Bollywood is present under the same roof. Such events and has friends, foes, exes and what not together. And every Bollywood buff is excited to know about all the interesting events that take place during such events. Well, last night's Filmfare Awards 2019 was nothing short of 'OMG' moments.

If Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone's hug amazed everyone during the Star Screens Awards, well, Filmfare gave us some hot moments. Well, all know exes Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone are good friends. In fact, Deepika is a very good friend of Alia Bhatt and Ranbir and Ranveer Singh also share a good bond. However, until yesterday, we all thought Katrina Kaif and ex-bf Ranbir Kapoor still have a cold war going on between them.

Considering Alia and Kat are BFFs, there were rumours how things aren't fine between them with Bhatt dating Kaif's ex-boyfriend. Well, all these are mere rumours. At the Filmfare Awards, last night, Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor hugged it out in front of Alia Bhatt who was happy to see their sweet gesture.

Well, it was quite a rare moment and we are happy to know that these rumour of bitterness between Alia Bhatt and Katrina Kaif are no true. 

We can't wait to see the telecast of the award show on TV and watch these amazing moments from the night!

Do you want to see Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif again in a film together? Let us know in the comments below.

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It looks like that’s his woman. A shame miscommunication and Bollywood gets in the way of love. They clearly still are in love with each other. He obviously adores her.

what miscommunication, he dumped her because she was pushing him to marry her and he didn't want to, a man in love would want to spend the rest of his life with the woman he loves don't ya think, but then again whatever makes being dumped in the most humiliating way hurt less

why katrina fans are crying she is fucked badly . she was a idiot who move on in living relationship if she has moved on she wont cry when someone talk about marriage

Lol u , Ur mother, Ur sister, Ur gamrandmother, Ur daughter and Ur granddaughter are R......
Post it pv.

why katrina fans are crying she is fucked badly . she was a idiot who move on in living relationship if she has moved on she wont cry when someone talk about marriage

You are just an ashore, try to be human beings for a day.

LMAO people here are so childish. Nobody knows what happened between them. Funniest thing is people claiming that he left her without telling her when she was not at home.were these people servants or sweepers at their home back then. The best thing that both ranbir and Katrina did was to respect each other after breakup and didn't get into throwing dirt on each other. People go through so much more in life than a breakup or cheated up or being humiliated by partner. I really appreciate Katrina.Some girls like Deepika who have only seen good side of life as being born into a rich family with famous dad don't know the other side of life and therefore breakup seems to be the end of their life and they suffer depression. Kat was smart enough to realize that people won't have sympathy for her tears after breakup as both Deepika and Katrina dated ranbir only because he was young and very rich back. They couldn't have better guy than ranbir back then. Alia bhatt can have any young guy but if she is choosing ranbir than that's purely love.

I am a Bollywood insider. I can say Katrina is the most fake, manipulative and arrogant person in the industry.
Post pv. Paid?

Kat and her fans can keep telling themselves that she's his one true love and he dumped her without even telling her because of his family, the truth is he moved in with her when he wanted to despite their disapproval it's just that he wasn't that into her, the only reason they lasted so long is because she was willing to look the other way when he cheated on her and kept waiting for him when he hooked up with girls like anjela and nargis unlike dp who cut her losses and moved on, also the fact that he never acknowledged her speaks volumes of what she really meant to him

I am not a fan of kat, but she is so beautiful and strong, Ranbir
missed his love, life (like salman & aishwarya) and now he's going to make a marriage of convenience and interest with Alia, (the new bollywood hit girl).

Ok Katrina

Katrina has really shown strength and grace beyond comprehension. No wonder SRK said that he has learnt to forgive from her and talked about how gentle she is. I hope she finds her happiness! RK - Aliaa looo very happy together so thats that.

Katrina is beautiful, she can still find a good looking and sexy guy. Why marry a man with below avg looks when you are quite beautiful.

Ranbir in all his interviews with Katrina seemed to know more about her than she did. She was only into her looks and wanted to marry him since he is Bollywood royalty but his family made him realize his mistake now he is following them by dating Alia. In the pic above Kay is wearing white she wanted to be a bride... too bad.. next time don’t let anyone use you and love them whole heartedly.

You ppl should see pics in Instagram..Katrina is such a classy girl...I applaud her ,the level of mannerism this girl shows....she hugged RK in a civil manner and gave a proper hug to Ranveer who is really Gud to her...she just cordially spoke to alia her true friendship can be seen in her and Sonam pics....no wonder Bollywood and all khans love her....why do drama and show Tears or give big speeches about ur ex, when u can kill them with kindness...I hve no sympathy towards kat she doenst need it cause she is 100% moved on from Ranbir...and I think Ranbir doenst deserve her...if Ranbir is with Alia he should stick to her cause I don’t think he has much options when it comes to girls...And for Katrina she is fine by herself and even better after the breakup more stronger and beautiful..

Hello Katrina.

Katrina haters got to see that It’s been 2 years since she is single. If she is playing her PR stunts or gimmicks of trying to grab Ranbir back she would have, during the Jagga Jasoos promotions where you can clearly see Ranbir trying to get Katrina back. See Ranbir’s gestures towards her. Watch those videos you haters before passing judgements on Katrina if any one is mean it’s Alia! Now go back and see how close she was to Katrina and than dumped her close friend to get close to her best friends ex, now joined hands with Deepika only because she is married. Is that character? Please side the truth!

He was a fool to lose her. He will never have a woman like that again.

She’s been over him for a long time.

As an inside Bollywood tradesperson I can say that Katrina Kaif is the most genuine, kind and down to earth person in the industry.

Tell me one thing Ranbir- why do you have to go after top actresses. Marry Kriti Sanon or someone else.

How despo Katrina is!

Ilulia didn't let kat break her relationship so she is drooling over Rk again.

Katrina has no dignity and self respect. Rk dumped her.

I really feel Ranbir is himself with Katrina. The rest he is just pretending.

is that why he packed up his things when she was out of town, ran away and left her in the dust..but then again whatever makes it hurt less

Katrina deserves all the hate and bashing.

Katrina fans trolled Deepika for giving a peck to Ranbir. Karma is a bitch. See Katrina too done this. But same people has no qualms about it. Shamelessly defending Katrina.
This is not the first time. They abused Deepika for working with Ranbir and being friends with him. Did her character assassination but not ranbirs. They got it back when Katrina worked with Salman and was drooling over him by spreading ilulia Salman breakup rumours. Her fans bashed ilulia for no reason and say she came between Salman and Katrina when it's the other way around. They are after alia for dating Ranbir ,accusing her of breaking Ranbir Katrina when its not the truth. Hypocrisy at its best. Same people defend Katrina breaking Ranbir Deepika which is a fact and cheating salman. It's all coming back to them.
Truth should be posted.

Katrina and Ranveer are above all of these immature star kids. Only ones that act like they have some manners.

LOL RK always looked perked up talking with deepi , the tiny aloo always looked lost in the middle!

I agree kat would be great with hrithik roshan or vicky kaushal

This is about rkdp not ranalia, she's like if he and dp can be this close why not spread rumors that he's close to her too

There are pictures where shameless and despo Katrina is kissing and hugging Ranbir. She wants him back after Salman refused to take her back. Alia should be careful.

I feel sorry for kat, not just because she waited for rk for 7 years to marry her but he dumped her without even telling her instead but also because she's still waiting and wasting more time coz in her head she thinks she's the only one he truly loved when in reality she's the only serious relationship he never acknowledged even though he moved in with her..i think he will marry alia and if I were kat, I would cut my losses and stop deluding myself into thinking the guy who dumped me in the most humiliating way possible is gonna take me back, he would if he was gonna kat, that ship has sailed..

Alia got so insecure seeing kat n RK greeting each other that she blurted out I Love you to RK to give msg to kat that RK is her's..Beta Alia karma is a big bitch...Don't worry it won't even spare u..

Karma didn't spare Katrina.

Atleast she is not obsessed with RK. This is the only pic of them...and a cordial one. Unlike the other one that still carries his tattoo and paws him in public. Also, posts pics calling him her fave. LOL...the dude cheated on her and she still has the hots for him. Poor Ranveer. She would treat him nice if he too cheats on her.

Katrina is obsessed with Ranbir. Period. She pretended to be Alia's friend to get him back. Spread rumours of him visiting her house. She posted pics with him and always gives him credit as snoopy. She didn't stop there. She posted a message predicting Ranbir Alia breakup. During zero, her Pr used his name to promote her. She said through her PR that the acting was real as Ranbir humiliated her. In movie, her Bf was also a Kapoor. . Don't forget ranbir cheated on her but still she is crazy about him.
Don't try hard to bring Deepika down to defend Katrina desperation. Also , the world witness her desperation for sallu. She cheated on him for Ranbir and shamelessly went back to whom for career.
Post this plz

Lol Katrina is obsessed with rk and Salman both. Only pic. Wait for more pics . The tattoo has been modified, she is no longer obsessed with rk . Kat too posted Salman pic calling him her fav at many places. . Lol rk cheated on kat toi that too in the most degradeful manner still she has hits for him. Salman insulted her but still she is after him. You are a hypocrite to bash one woman and defending another woman for the same reason.

Pv be fair to all the fandom and post it. Its important. Please if u r not paid

Kat is obsessed with Rk. Fyi the one about when you are yaling about has modify her tattoo . She is not obsessed with Rk. See how kat is all over Rk. The dude who cheated on kat and dump her badly.
You are an hypocrite to bash one woman and defend other for the same reason
Be fair to all fandom pv and posts

Post the hugging pics Pinkvilla!

The one and only love of ranbir’s life is kat. Loved them togather. Irrespective of who they marry they are forever etched in our minds as the best couple ever.

In your dreams Katrina. He refused to acknowledge you in public.

WHAT IF Kat and RK are still together, but for his next film promotion he is faking with Alia.

That's make kat fake and a liar. Also a worst person as she is drooling over her Ex Salman and trying to break his relationship with ilulia.

Kat you will look back and in hindsight it would all have worked for better. Now go find a solid guy for yourself and leave these pieces of dog shit behind.

Now even award shows are about RK and his endless number of chicks all for movie promotions...will this ever stop?!! Kjo must be banned and all this will stop

There are pictures ! The pics are all over social media. And I think it’s mature of Katrina to move on and still be respectful. It appeared to be a very brief interaction so I don’t honk it was for pr or with bad intentions. It seemed to be a brief kind genuine interaction. She seems to be in a good place in life that she has moved on and can let bygones be bygones. Good for you Katrina !

Kat seems very happy lately, wonder if Vicky rumors are true. Maybe that's why all these morons are acting like one big happy family.

Kat cheated Salman and ranbir . She also backstab Deepika . Still her fans are hypocrite to call Alia and Ranbir a cheat. Couldn't stop laughing to see kat fans taking about loyalty and real friendship. No one is more fake, more disloyal and a liar then kat.
Pinkvilla please post this. Its important

Hate RK for cheating on Kat, she really loved him!

Alia is so horrible. She had to make that speech with kat in front row

Disprina kaif.


Both cheated - alia stabbed kat in the back and Ranbir is a known cheat , yet pink villa is going all gaga and gushing about these two and glorifying their every moment . Where is loyalty and real friendship in this fake world called Bollywood ? And why is media feeding youngsters this drivel as it is wrong to cheat and lie to friends

Katrina cheated too. She backstaabed Salman and she is known user. Katrina fans dont look good to talk about loyaty and real freindship.

truth should be posted pv. why so unfair to Alia? post it

They did when Kat was dating Ranbir too. It's convenient how Kat fan's forget she was involved in cheating as well and how her fans keep trying to say she should hook up with other men who are in relationships too. It's karma dear.

When Alia backstab Kat? Kat cheated Salman and backstab Dp. . Kat is well known for stealing bfs and cheating. . You are jealous simply. . Kat fans don't look good to talk about loyalty and real friendship. If its wrong to cheat and lie so why support kat lie and cheating?
Pinkvilla kindly post this. Its important.

Katrina is still heartbroken but she has to play it cool and so is ranbir but he has to fake his relationship with Alia for a blockbuster

Katrina is so dignified.... I think Kat dumped rk you can see it

Nice joke. Katrina is not at all dignified. Its Rk who dumped Katrina.

Katrina is dignified. Haha joke of the decade. Its Rk who dumped Katrina. Her PR published articles how he didn't give her a proper closure.
Truth should be posted

I don't want to see the best heroine with Ranbir Kapoor. East or west Kat is the best. I want to see Kat with Salman Khan and Hrithik Roshan.

Katrina is the worst actor and person. Both Salman and Hrithik have no interest in her.
Be fair to post pinkvilla

Seems like both Katrina and deepika are completely done with RK, that they don’t care what he does anymore or who he dates.and alia will learn it soon

It's all about the past and at least not to change bf... Again and again... And always be friendshipful to all ur bff....

It's all about the past and at least not to change bf... Again and again... And always be friendshipful to all ur bff....

This article screams Katrina PR at the top of its voice.

Omg, Kat is so obsessed with ex Ranbir.

Calm down Katrina. Stop spreading lies.

User and flop Katrina is attaching her name to best actors to get noticed.

Katrina PR team publish this article after lovely dovey photos and videos of Ranbir and Alia.

Watch out Alia, this relationship breaker Katrina wants to break your relationship. She failed to break ilulia Salman so now eyeing yours.

Since Salman is not giving flop kat any attention, so she comes up with this to stay relevant.

Katrina can do anything to be in news.period.

Gosh! Kat is still desperate for kapoor surname.

Where is the hugging pic or video Katrina?

Don't worry honey. There are pictures in india today website. And there are pictures in instagram also.

I seen them on IG so it’s true and RK has the longing love look on his has. Everyone tries to portray Katrina as the attention seeking one but if she were so bad why would ppl in Bollywood still be her friends??? There’s only so much ppl will tolerate her.


Pls go seee on Instagram. It’s all over the place.

I feel like Alia should be worried if Ranbir and Katrina are close again. The only person Ranbir has loved is Katrina. If he can leave Deepika for Katrina, who is Alia?

whatever makes you feel better kat, lol

Ranbir never loved Katrina. He left her without informing her.
Post it


Katrina PR at work.

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