Ranbir Kapoor & Alia Bhatt’s Brahmastra will NOT clash with Salman Khan’s Dabangg 3, will release on THIS date

Salman Khan’s Dabangg 3 will get a solo release as Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s Brahmastra has decided to release a week later on Bhai’s birthday i.e. December 27, 2019. Read on!
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The biggest clash of 2019 has been averted and we say this because while earlier there were reports that Salman Khan’s Dabangg 3 would clash at the box office with Ranbir Kapoor-Alia Bhatt’s Brahmastra, but according to the latest reports, the clash has been averted. That’s right! While earlier in the day, Salman Khan took to social media to announce that Dabangg 3 will hit the screens on December 20, 2019, and now according to a report in Bollywood Life, the makers of Brahmastra have decided to avoid box office clash with Salman Khan and therefore, they will release the film a week later i.e. on December 27, 2019 which happens to be Bhai’s birthday.

Although there will be no clash between Dabangg 3 and Brahamstra, but Dabangg 3 will have to give way to Brahmastra a week later and lose screen counts. Just like last year, when Shah Rukh Khan’s Zero released a week prior to Rohit Shetty’s Simmba and while Zero failed at the BO, Simmba came out with flying colors. It will be interesting to see how will Christmas fare for the box office and Bollywood, given two of the most anticipated films will be hitting the theatre this Christmas.

Helmed by Ayan Mukerji, Brahmastra is the first part of the trilogy of films starring Amitabh Bachchan, Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor in lead roles and a few weeks back, the makers of Brahmastra had unveiled the logo of the film in Haridwar. Talking about Dabangg 3, the first schedule of the film has been wrapped up in Maheshwar and the film stars Salman Khan and his Rajjo aka Sonakshi Sinha in lead roles. Dabangg 3 is directed by Prabhudeva and the film will also see Arbaaz Khan back in the role of Makkhi.



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N there was a time Ranbir used to claim he aims to overtake khans, with due respect of course!!

loving it

Snakejo & puppet know that their upcoming movies w'llbe a big disaster brahmastra & takht for sure.So they feel scared & avoid clash specially with salman.

RK Alia relation went public and see what happened..Rks father got diagnosed with cancer, Kalank bombed and Bram.. got clash snd pushed means already panauti time started

The comments are sooooo funny omg..bless you pinkvilla for not moderating!

Feeling sorry for RK and Ayan, there is so much hate for KJO and Alia. This movie’lo be a flop.

After Kalank's failure, they aren't taking chances. But all that means is that Kjo's Alia-Ranbir PR relationship will go into overdrive until it releases.

Omg spare us promo torture! Bad enough they started this crapnin 2018 now it will continue into 2020. Seriously talk about your movie when its ready to be talked about. until then spare the audience in your bull crap promo!

Karan please stop this trick to market ur movie. Being ur fan it is a request. Stop targeting kangana it is just working against u. It was just one simple comment "nepotism". U took that to different level. Even ur student's agree with a smile Yar. Even u should have done that. Now stop leaking kangana film making video. It is just working in her favor. Concentrate on your work. And one more thing no one will believe that RK and Alia are in love.

pak-pakka-pak-pak... chal hatt, ranbir alia kjo ayan!

Too bad. Dabang would've crushed it and taught RK a good lesson...PV, why are the like and dislike buttons rigged?? Such a fun site otherwise.

I an praying to God everyday that Bramhastra flops. Alia, RK and Kjo have tried to manipulate audience with their cheap Tactics. Ali's saying I love to u RK at Filmfare not needed. Kjo probably asked her to repeat DPs Filmfare award winning act. Kjo when will you be original. Fake Jodi, fake drama, copying SLB, copying all good movie to put together the shit Kalank. Not everything in world is fabricated, but how would u know, u don't have emotions for u its all about money. I wish I could slap u

Dumb Nepo kids movie will flop:)

There is an overkill of RK and Aalia.. Who cares if their picture runs.. From now until eternity it will be the shrieking voice of Aalia everywhere.. Can somebody tame her?

Now salman should also postpone dabang 3 to 27th saying I will release on my birthday...i will be curious to know what ranbir will do?again postpone or Prepone

Good better date will ensure it earns more than crap like Dabang audience is bored with Dabang atleast Bharat looks different I am team Brahamastra and why are Salman fans talking about nepotism when he is result of it as well

Jal gee kia Dumbir and Rat? Salman jaisa pura India mei koi nahi. He got looks, style, star aura, x factor and talent.

Brahmastra will FLOP big time

Currently only two Stars can get good opening and that is husband and wife Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone. But they bring the best to the table too. Uff Ranveer Singh, Gullyboy- damn too good and loved his vocals:)

Salman should stay away from alia. Alia has a thing for old uncles.If she can like that old and ugly ranbir then she will jump to date salman.The girl can do anything for promotions

This flop rk always does that. He plays pr games with Salman. First he stole his girlfriend actually Bhai gave a used out katrina to this flop ugly beggar rk. He thought now he is dating Katrina so he is inleagues of Salman. Tried desperately to copy him in besharam. Made basu to compare him and salman and even made him call boring.Good that flopagga flopoos was a disaster as basu needed to know the aukad of flop rk.

KJo, ZABARDASTI KA SUPERSTAR RK and Nepokid Alia are crying UWAINNNNN !!

So they have started shitting bricks now for Brahmastra.

More than the movie releasing, I am dreading their never ending promotion spree. What all antics and drama we have to see even before the movie releasing. People are already fed up of them!

Ranbir "Why do I have to talk about politics when I get water and electricity at home". A middle aged overgrown man child and a flop actor who lives off PR and gossip. Never in million years RK you will be at the level of Salman Khan. Kangana Ranaut was right in exposing these wannabes losers Alia Ranir Kjo

good that Ranbir knows his worth, a flop actor and douchebag

Kalank SOTY2 and Brahmastra, what an embarrassment for Karan, three huge flops and I cant be more hipper:)
Salman talk to SLB and kick Alia from Inshallah....karishma kapoor and Salman will make the perfect on screen couple..they can change the story and make it a family entertainer where two people meet and marry then fall in love, Karishma just needs to gain little wight then it will be a perfect match
If they really want an older man falling in love with a younger girl then I will cast Sara Ali Khan...Sara looked beautiful standing next to Salaman in the biggboss episode...their picture got many likes on Instagram...Sara is everything that Alia isn't
SLB can even cast shraddha kapoor, anyone other than that average ugly looking man Alia
SLB did you really watch Kalank??have you seen Alia performance?? she was cringe worthy, cant act or dance

Of course it won’t. Everyone knows it won’t stand a chance against Salman. Ranbir is not at the khan level and never will
Be. The khans especially Salman are legends

yes it's true that ranbir is not khan level...but that doesn't matter here .In 2008 BAH and GTGH clashed at the box office and well BAH emerged as a winner when he had just entered Bollywood so it's the content of the film that matters not your level and let's be unbaised here dabaang series doesn't have any kind of impressive storyline or whatever it's just crap and now don't attack me calling me someone's fan I am just being reasonable here we complain about kjo n alia and say why they make mediocre films like kalaank but on the other hand watch films like dabaang and don't give a chance to films with some new concepts and something apart from clique bw crap and then blame bw for making crapy films

clash or no clash....Brahmastra will flop

These jokers don’t stand a chance again Bhai. Even Rohit Shetty will not clash with SLB.

Rohit is dying to work with Salman. He doesn't want to make him angry.

We know it from the beginning ranbir can't afford to clash with salman

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