Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt to get married in 2020?

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt's relationship maybe brand new but it looks like the couple is already involved in marriage talks. Reportedly, the pair will be tying the knot in 2020.
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Bollywood is not only about the movies and actors that we have come to know and love. It's also about the Bollywood couples who we idolize as relationship goals. One of the hottest couples to come out of 2018 has to be without a doubt, Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt

Romance blossomed between the two star kids in Bulgaria where they had commenced shooting for their first film together, Brahmastra, towards the start of 2018.  Alia had expressed her undeniable crush on Ranbir back when she had made her Koffee With Karan debut during her Student of the Year days. Who knew, years later, the actress would end up dating said crush.

While rumoured couples are all the rage in Bollywood, Ranbir shocked many when he revealed in an interview with GQ magazine that he was indeed dating Alia and that it was "too new" to talk about his new relationship. Previously, the handsome actor has had serious relationships with Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif.

The relationship between Ranbir and Alia maybe brand new, but according to an entertainment portal, wedding talks are on for the couple. The 'year' Ranbir and Alia are looking at to get married is reportedly 2020.

That is an interesting development in this blossoming romance, indeed!

Do you think Ranbir and Alia will get married in 2020? Let us know in the comments below.

Meanwhile, speaking of Brahmastra, Ranbir and Alia star alongside Amitabh Bachchan and Mouni. Directed by Ayan Mukerji and produced by Karan Johar's Dharma Productions, Brahmastra is a trilogy and is slated to release on August 15, 2019.  


Hey kjo,get these two married today,so by then you will have them break up, have affairs, get back together,link with others, go to couple therapy , this should makes all the PR promotion so much more interesting, and mahish can designs all the fashions! What love got to do with it! It show bizz,in kjo' world!

Right! And I am stepping foot on Mars in 2025. :p

They just started dating and now their marriage reports are showing up.. hmmmm I smell a fresh kjo publicity gimmick

RANBIR, seriously dude! The ones who pay and watch your movies in theatres are smart enough to call this total BS! We can see you are trying to resurrect your sunken career, but not like this!!! At very phase you have tried to anchor on to the most successful actress at that given point...Tamasha days, DP came to your rescue and now it's Alia... Be graceful to accept this won't work for you and find some other career option. This is sheer disgrace to whatever is left of you.

They look so odd together. 10 year age gap is so evident.

Alia seems smarter than Kat or so I thought.

Karan has too much money riding on this duo. He is desperate.

Haye o raba two more years of this non sense this much non sense on a daily. Kjo/rishi/ neetu please get them now na and have two kids by 2020 that you can launch by 2040.

There's zero chemistry between them. He looks like he's tired of life, she looks like an infatuated youngster.

alia (if anyone one her team is reading this), pleaaaaase don't hitch your wagon to ranbir kapoor, that too so publicly. it never ends well and women end up being collateral damage. all the good will you've built through your work and performances, this stupid tamasha is already chipping away at it. maybe ranbir needs the love-life buzz, but you don't. another year of this tripe, and your reputation will be where ranbir's is rn (just look at the comments here and elsewhere on twitter!).

Over 70% of cinemagoers are under the age of 25. Are they interested in Sanjay Dutt? NO! Are they interested in Alia's affairs? YES! Case close.

You should be saying this to Ranbir, Alia has the reputation of being in news always for this reasons, linkups & hookups & she proudly acknowledges that so don't defend only because she is woman, she has climbed the ladder through this.

Alia is shrewd daughter of shrewd Mahesh Bhatt. She knows what she is doing and has been handling affairs since her school days.

Omg this saga will go on till 2020

doubt that. wait for movie release then suddenly they will disappear

Bwahahahahahhahaha not missing Kapil Sharma show now!!!! Jokerssss

Two people in love try their best to protect it from the rest of the world. Or atleast they should... This world eats up lovers. They criticise and spread malice towards something they only wish they had.

ALIA RUN FAST...look at his record!!

Can i just pay them the price of their movie ticket and make them STOP? This PR torture doesnt seem worth it for people who dont even want to watch this film


The comments here are GOLD. I haven’t been this amused since ages! Good going guys, so good to see everyone is seeing through the farce.

karan auntie is keeping them relevant and interesting. But it ain't working. Sick of watching Alia. It's an open secret who is helping her get all the movies despite limited acting skills.

Showmance!! Fake couple. Just too sick of them both.

Whatever to resurrect Ranbir's sunken career. Alia is letting karan use her for fake gossip first Sid Malhotra now RK. Alia strategy to grab every other movie.

the world will end in 2020

Dont take any notice of this article, as it is a cheap PR stunt from Ranbir in order to rope people in to watch his upcoming flop movie Sanju lol. Ranbir knows that the movie is going to sink deeper than the titanic and thats why hes putting out these false stories.

mark my words... by 2020 he will get bored of her and will be looking around for the next pretty,young and happening girl to fool around.

They will never marry each other. 2020 is a long way to go. With his womanising ways

They are so desperate that they are already spreading the marriage rumours. If this was all true, they would not be pushing it down the audience's throats - they would be much more discreet about it. KJO is desperate to get some PR for his movie but it looks like all his 'hard work' is going to backfire!

Has anyone else noticed that when Ranbir talks about love, marriage etc, he does not specifically mention Alia - he just talks about it in a general sense, all the while knowing that it will get linked back to Alia and give him PR. I think he already has his exit strategy ready.

His family is supporting him because at the moment he needs anything to boost his career and is not going to harm him in any way: history has shown that he gets away with a load of stuff - flop films and he gets the best banners, bad relationships and the women get the blame. Alia's family are not supporting this farce because they know it could ruin her career overnight.

Well, if they are indeed dating, Raazi would have flopped! RK jinxes the careers of all his women!

Karan Johar is getting married to Zoya Akhtar on 06-06, 2020, no body will know who is the man between them.

trolls made for eachother

im gettin married 2023 november 10

Hahahahahahaha, what a circus! Comedy Circus.

People would still rather believe Ranbir is dating mahira than this rk/Alia PR mess

no....ranbeer is just using her

Bhai hadh he hogai.Kjo bas karo .Hume pagal smjha hai kya

Alia amd ranbir are official hookers of bollywood

i hate this Alia. She had eye on this guy since the beginning and used to say she wanted to marry him. Neetu and Rishi is happy atleast their son is not getting married to Mahira Khan. I hate this whole family

well the biggest favor his parents made is not let mk/rk marry. dp/kat/mk are happy in their lives now let them stay happy

well the biggest favor his parents made is not let mk/rk marry. dp/kat/mk are happy in their lives now let them stay happy

btw in this case the biggest favor rishi neetu did mk/dp is not let these ladies years waste years on ranbir

Even if now mk/ rk are spotted at an event people will be more interested in that than this PR pair. Mk/dp/kat deserve better no use dating a man whose family is demanding towards you .

Ranbir dates dp/,Kat/ mk and will marry Alia look how the mighty have fallen. Well his family's loss they never liked amazing girls like dp/mk , he made better couple with both his loss . These ladies deserve better . Pv plz post

Hun, thanks , but no thanks , Mahira is sooooo much better of, look at his hx and disrespect by his family od deepi and kat! Who is better off!

i sincerely thank Kjo,RK & Alia for making us laugh so much by making a complete fool of themselves.

Varun & Alia are the ones who have real chemistry.They have deep feelings for each other.It is very clear from the way they look at each other & even when they try to hide it,it just oozes out.That's why they say 'pyaar chupaye nahi chupta.' This RK-Alia drama is zero in front of Varia.

Yesterday Varun & Alia appeared on a TV show together.Varun was constantly teasing Alia & she was looking at him with so much love.

If they were truly in love,they wouldn't have been forcing if down people's throat.True love comes through naturally & can be seen by everybody.

Guys this is just like the Sidlia drama.Compare the Sidlia & Ranlia articles & you will find the similarity.

I wonder if this movie of theirs has a terrible storyline, hence they are doing whatever they can to promote it...fakest news ever! Never read the article, just came down straight to comments :p

Yawn...when 2020 comes then we'll see. I doubt ranbir will even stick wid this kido after brahamastra releases...

Only if it lasts till then.. lol



I used to be a fan of Alia, giving her the benefit of talent over other nepo kids. Then I watched her last interview with Masand - she literally admitted how Dear Zindagi was handed to her, same with Kalank etc. She is so irritating, she will never achieve the super-stardom of Deepika and Priyanka, she is not pretty, annoying, and sneaky

But she can actually act; and she was still good in the role.

I don't think any non-Indian "looking" Indian woman will ever achieve stardom outside of India. It's ironic cause India seems to really like the fairer skin ones, whereas Hollywood (West) has enough of their own white women that they seem to prefer the browner ones. I blame the British.

it's sad that the bar is so low that it's enough if she can "act" The point is- Alia will never achieve the stardom of Priyanka, Deepika, Katrina etc. not bc of her acting, but because of all the movies handed toher, her PR stunts, fake relationships, and overall acting of being "goody" when she's the biggest sneak of them all!

everyone hates alia

if you are reading this Kjo, ranbir, alia- you had 50% talent, 50% nepotism, the talent has been replaced with PR, and you are losing your original fans. This whole charade is so annoying, and alia is perhaps the most irritating, unattractive, and overrated of them all. Everyday we are seeing new articles on this, and it's obvious its fake. Alia tries to imitate Kareena, she is so average in looks and talent. Ranbir, for some reason is looking more older and wiped out nowadays. Kjo is aging in reverse, so good for him, but as an audience this fake PR is such a turn off!

How much nonsense will they throw out??

2020? Kal karlo!

RK has four more to go on the side!!!

waiting for the suggested baby names articles already come on kjo/alia/rk

PR ke side effects

Ranbir married to Alia it's a match made in bw pariwars both use linkup to survive , play under handed games to survive in bw. Kappor have found their match in Alia . Come on Alia use them for PR that's your think

Brahmastra Trilogy Six years, first part will be on 2019 & this is the scene now, Oh God this PR will go to another level.

What nonsense!!!!Knowing Ranbir ,this so called relationship is going to be over in no time.He is a Casanova,who doesn't know anything about a long term commitment.

This is seriously getting pathetic.

Yes and Jesus will return in 2020 too. Hopefully Modi ji won’t because he will be attending the Alia Ranbir reception in Paris.

It's so sad that Ranbir despite being a good actor has lost his mojo.

Hahahaha ok

Inki shaadi b 20-20 match ki Tarah hi hoga aur Uska result hoga 50-50. Ya toh Ho saktha Hain ya phir alia ka phir wahi haal Jo katrina, deepika aur sonam ke saath hua... Agar Sach main shaadi hojaye toh aur b badiya

Never. Alia has too many link-ups left in her life for that. Plus, they'll still have some of the trilogy left I assume.

Congratulations Ranbir-Alia!! MADE FOR EACH OTHER!! Im glad your not rushing into it even though 2020 is not far off but enough time to get to know each other x

Not a single like lmao.Are
you disappointed Kjo?

Ranbir you and your fake publicity hungry moves. Such a disgrace to Raj Kapoor’s legacy. He never needed publicity to be successful. His work did the talking. What a taint you are to his name. Disappointed.

I love Raj Kapoor, but he was linked with almost every actress he was playing with; chetead on his wife; had an affair with Nargis when she was underage and so on. So no, he's not better than his grandson. Except he had his own studio and he was able to make movies for himself; RK doesn't get this opportunity.

Well it’s probably in their blood then. But you atleast respect the dead. If you don’t have something good to say about someone who has passed away atleast keep your trap shut. That says a lot about the person you are never mind finding the bad in other people. Shame on you.

Just calm down karan. Ranbir hasnt even been able to commit to a relationship let alone get married. He has to cheat. It’s in his blood.

Sick of this photo. At least use another one please.Wish they would get married soon and just go away.

Alia: Ayan my soulmate, I cannot walk 2 steps without you, Alia: Ranbir is my favorite actor, I want to marry Ranbir, Alia: My father, my everything Karan Johar. Alia now: What Karma i am suffering? Look back.

Please do it now so that we do not have to endure this torture anymore.

Wow! This "relationship" seems to be moving at breakneck speed! Looks like they want to keep up the facade till after Brahmastra releases.


Why 2020? Why not now? Alia should follow Kapoor tradition and disappear from the showbizz before the engagement.

Because Brahmastra trilogy abhi baaki hai LOL imagine the torture!

Yar sone ka time hora hai aur yaha dekho kjo mazak kre m laga hua hai .Bhai behen kese shaadi kr sakte hain

Game of Thrones ;-)

I can't believe that they are really dating. It looks like a showmance made by Karan. When her new film with Varun comes out she will be flirting with him again and Karan will try to market it as a love triangle.

She has never stopped flirting with Varun.

Enough time to release the movie & to break up the fake relationship.

Calling bullshit!!!

They will get married in 2019 as part of brahmastra promo campaign

Is there any costar Alia hasn’t hooked up with???

This makes me laugh so much!!!

It’s a fake love story
A promotion for thier movie only

Bas bohat howa !!!!! Pinkvilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 2018 December sa pahlay inaka break bhi ho jae ga ,,,And we know its all publicity stunts of these nepo kids


Congragulations Mrs Alia Kapoor..........

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