Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s parents to meet formally after they wrap up Brahmastra’s shoot? Details Inside

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt have been dating for a couple of months. The couple's parents may meet formally after they wrap up the shoot of Brahmastra.
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Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt may have been dating for a couple of months, but it seems that the couple is going strong and may take their relationship to the next level soon. While both, Ranbir and Alia have hinted that they would like to get married soon, buzz is that their parents may meet officially once the couple wraps up the shoot of Ayan Mukherji’s Brahmastra. As per a report in Spotboye, the couple’s parents will get together for dinner soon.

Ranbir Kapoor met Mahesh Bhatt before flying to Bulgaria to commence the second schedule of Brahmastra. Shutterbugs clicked Ranbir and Alia having an intense discussion with Mahesh Bhatt. When asked about the interaction with Ranbir, Mahesh Bhatt had said that he likes and loves Ranbir Kapoor but will let the media decide if he is ‘raazi’. Alia Bhatt’s mother Soni Razdan is also fond of Ranbir and had watched his film Sanju with Neetu Kapoor. She was all praises for Ranbir’s performance in the film.

Neetu Kapoor has been showing social media love to Alia Bhatt by commenting on her posts on Instagram. Alia was recently clicked at Rishi Kapoor-Neetu Kapoor’s residence in Mumbai after meeting them. When asked about Ranbir and Alia’s relationship, Rishi Kapoor had told a daily that whatever it is, the world knows.

Now, the couple’s parents will meet formally after the shoot of Brahmastra wraps up by the end of the year. Well, will Ranbir and Alia take their relationship to the next level soon?


So funny. Log hit movie deme ke liye kya kya na karte he

People calling it a charade, it could be true that they are in love. The way Alia is always blushing around Ranbir, it seems true and not a made up rumor. Many Varia fans desperately believe that Varun and Alia are in love. Varun has a girlfriend, why would he tow her around as his girlfriend if he was in love with Alia. That would Varun a terrible person. In their interviews also it doesn’t look like they are in love, they come across as buddies.

Am I the only one who thinks that these photographs of them with Mahesh Bhatt are invading their privacy? The media should not be going around sneakily taking pictures of them!

Who cares ?!!! This is nothing but a publicity stunt by Ranbir & his family by linking his name with costar of his next film. Alia also knows it. Please dont peddle these lies & engineered stories.

To top that it was Ranbir and Karan idea to do the fake link up not alia's.ranbir nd his family want hit from rk so they all are involved in the charade.people should know this.its just for an year drama which will get over on aug 2019.

Karan aunty baaz nae ayegi bilkul

Ranbir ki shaadi ki baat krni hogi aur behen alia decide karegi ki vo ranbir bhaiya ki shaadi mein kya phenegi ,shayd manish malhotra he pehengi .

Awwww.Bhai behen ke mumy papa milke kitna khush honge .Shayad ranbir ki shaadi ki baat krni hogi and alia as a sister have lot of responsibilities for her brother's marriage.Vohi discuss krna hoga

We all know Ranbir’s one true love is Ayaan.

Please spare us the baloney, tomorrow she will be set to marry her next co star, when in God's name is this movie releasing. We are so sick of these lies.

It's funny, I believe he just said his relationship is too new to take it to the next phase, blah blah..he seems very confused..

Ranbir is gentleman who is waiting for the woman he loved and lost to get married first, before him. That is the least amount of respect he can show.

Both truly deserve each other! Everyone though Katrina, Deepika, Ranveer, etc were big attention seekers and publicity hungry but alia and ranbir are taking it to the next level.

The way mahash bhatt face sour, when he was asked about alia getting married, says it all. KJO will do anything, for hit film. Alia better thinks about self respect!

Mahesh Bhatt is always so happy when he talks about Varun

This is like John Abraham, the way he acted, Ranbir is doing the same thing. This is not going to last, I see there is no chemistry between them, this all sound so FaKE, Plus she is so young, for sure a big mistake. Anyway Looser Ranbir probably deserve no one. Not sure why Aila is so desperate, she is making a big mistake.

I am not a katrina fan but I truly feel for her, she was so loyal to Ranbir, very serious about their relationship and then don't know what happened, she wasted so many years of her life and here heis with this woman who he hardly dated and now getting married, Wow.. then what was wrong with Katrina? why not get married with her? I really hope she finds a guy who can truly love her, no woman deserves this..

I do love Ranbir-Alia together, they make a very good looking couple, pple do make mistakes their not a robot end of the day to b perfect..just hope Katrina is equally happy to not that she needs a man to b happy but would b nice to know she’s happy and settled, she’s definitely handled all of this well in public just hope she truly moves on.

Break up is common these days I don't care much... But i'm getting little emotional about Katrina's break up.. I mean i'm not blaming anyone..i'm Ranbir's biggest fan if he's happy with Alia that's nice... But Katrina's situation is little different than the other break ups.. So today I'm kind of emotional about Katrina

Oh God if I was in Katrina's situation I would have been depressed..but nice to see Katrina handled and handling situation very well.. She must be having very painful days inside.. I think Katrina is some one who doesn't express her pain that openly like Deepika or Kangana.. Ufffff Katrina more power to you no girl should go through this

Have a happy life Ranbir and Alia best wishes..but I usually didn't like Katrina before.. But thinking about her situation making me cry.. Oh god how is handling her pain!?? It must have been very painful to anyone... It's not easy.. It must have been very tough for her.. But at least Salman is supporting her in this tough time that's nice.. Dear Katrina you may find your love of your life soon.. I know if you think love you may cringe but hope you will become more stronger and better person

oh they should get married asap so that Neetu finally gets a company to cry along.

So finally Alia becomes Alia Bhatt kapoor... Kareena's sister in law.. Poor Katrina

God saved Katrina ! What happens , happens for Good ! Cheater deserves another Cheater , RK-Alia !

Ok. Alia is a better more popular actress. I get the fact that she is “rolling” right now. But work is work and when it comes to personal relations how can one be with kat, date her, sleep with her, live with her and then do Alia. It’s impossible. I’m not a fan or a hater. Just wondering.

exactly!! esp someone like Ranbir

Same.its fake I just don't believe rk alia are dating.its impossible.

there are pics of kat and rk with their family together in india and London , too! there is pic of anil kapoor and his wife with rishi and neetu, when he was dating sonam. I will believe it when I see it! enough KJO!

get both married asap because the daily dose of their PR is making people sick now

alia has nothing new to offer to Ranbir, so let's see how long this new "sacred" relationship goes

They look like siblings and have no chemistry. No way Ranbir is satisfied with her, doing it out of convenience

Alia and Neetu genuinely look happy in that first pic.. good luck Ranbir! Together with Kjo they will make sure Alia's career and Kapoor khandaan is set for life!

Still blows my mind.. how can Ranbir be happy with Alia after beauties like Deepika, Katrina. Alia is nothing in comparison,

all d best.. m just waiting fr katrina to find her soulmate soon n hv happily ever after ending who is worth it...

finally the shadi will happen a week bfr release and this pr stunt will end

even if this is real, the amount of information fed into the media is questionable. If you're really in a relationship, why do you need to convince us??

Yup same thought.so much information it's just seems fake to me.same thing happened with Sid also.and we know what happened.again with rk.i don't believe it.sorry

Is PV official sponsor of Brahmastra??

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