Ranbir Kapoor on dating rumours with Alia Bhatt: It's really new right now

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt's romance is blossoming as the days go by and in an interview, Kapoor was asked point blank if he was dating his Brahmastra co-star and what's it like to be newly in love.
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Romances in Bollywood are plenty and most of the time, the time spent shooting for a movie leads to a lot of closeness amongst the co-stars which eventually leads to dating or speculations of a romance brewing. 

Such was the case with Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt who are being paired opposite each other for the first time in Brahmastra. Brahmastra, which also stars Amitabh Bachchan and Mouni Roy is being helmed by Ayan Mukerji and produced by Karan Johar.

While Ranbir and Alia initially dodged the questions of their dating rumours, it seems as if Ranbir has finally come out in the open to speak about his blossoming romance with Alia. 

When GQ asked Ranbir point blank if he was dating Alia, the actor revealed, "It’s really new right now, and I don’t want to overspeak. It needs time to breathe and it needs space. As an actor, as a person, Alia is — what’s the right word — flowing right now. When I see her work, when I see her act, even in life, what she gives is something that I’m aspiring to for myself."

On what's the best thing about being newly in love, Ranbir added, "It always comes with a lot of excitement. It’s a new person, it comes with new beats. Old tricks become new tricks again — you know, being charming and romantic, all of that. I think I’m more balanced today. I value relationships more. I can appreciate hurt and what it does to a person much more than I could a couple years back."

Brahmastra is going to be a trilogy and is slated to release on August 15, 2018.

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I got to know somewhere ranbir goes through pinkvilla, so here is for u ranbir. Accept that you have given hell lot of chances but were not much of a superstar , your successive successful stint in career started genuinely in 2011 with rockstar barfi yjhd and ended right there in 2013.Before that phase you were media created next big thing ,a Casanova more of a pr made superstar.Now you are resorting to same cheap tactis, do reflect once in your life if at all you have it in you to make it big like the khans you would have by now or you will which i highly doubt at this stage of your career , but still there is always scope to turn out better.Refrain from ppl like kjo whom i believe geniuses like aamir repel and do not want to be brushed with, take some time work on your. Script sense and do quality work.These things have never made one a superstar and can never make.

I STILL WONT WATCH YOUR MOVIES. These actors take the public on a ride everytime. Let's boycott Kjo's stooges.

Biggest farce of the century to save Ranbir's dwindling career! They actually think people in this day and age are stupid enough to believe any piece of news that comes their way. Such a poor, pathetic attempt to generate interest in their movie. PV please post!!

Riddhima Kapoor gifted a bracelet to alia n Neetu Kapoor commented 'awwww' on alia's last pic,, seems like the family has already accepted the to-be bahu!

Riddhima Kapoor sending bracelets to Alia n Neetu Kapoor commenting "awww" on alia's last pic,, seems like family has already accepted their to-be bahu!

i find this paring very weird...having said that i feel they will make it workout..firstly RK needs a complete new image ...like the image of an committed man family man etc etc...rishi had hinted that he wants to see him settle down and marry...neetu also seems to be super happy as she is an industry nepo kid...alia will go miles to make this happen as from the beginning she was smitten by RK and was all gaga about him ...she is the real gold digger ..

Sure good for them hon now can you ask them to not shove their personal lives down out throats

It will be Varun when Kalank movie promotion begins . Respect for Anushka , Deepika , Shraddha and Priyanka for never faking a relationship for publicity.

They will marry ...

I actually thought this girl was smarter than this. What does the guy even have besides the famous last name is beyond me. The guy is almost 10 years older. The age gap makes it weirder considering they grew up in the same circles. He is just using her for his movie's publicity. He timed the release of his pictures with the Mahira and now he timed this news. I guess the last name, KJo, Hirani, half the industry isn't enough to keep him relevant. He needs a popular girl too. They choose the right guy to play Sanjay. He is just as repugnant!

Oh don't worry. Nothing is happening without her approval. I bet both their parents, publicists, producers are in on it. Shame on them. Once the movie flops both will move on. The real victim here is the audience who will flock to the movies to check out their "chemistry".

Oh don't worry. Nothing is happening without her approval. I bet both their parents, publicists, producers are in on it. Shame on them. Once the movie flops both will move on. The real victim here is the audience who will flock to the movies to check out their "chemistry".

both are peas in a pod buddy see it

From Mahira Khan to this lol

oh how the mighty have fallen lol

see alia this is what happens when you fake it so many time no one believes it even when its real. you are now officially a relationship fake and ranbir has had the casanova tag for ages

I wonder how Kitty Kat feels about this. She was a broken woman when RK dumped her sorry behind.

Say what you will about "Kitty Kat's" acting skills, but she's much more respectable and genuine then these two. Nobody deserves a boyfriend, or friend, like the two above. She should thank the heavens for dodging the bullets. And no, I'm no fan of her. Just someone with a conscious.

Thank you universe, this dude is out of my two idols life, deepika and mahira! what about being mysterious about your life, not wanting to talk about it , liar !

How can any self-respecting girl date a complete d-bag and cheater like him is beyond me. "Old tricks become new tricks" - like seriously?!!! Is the Kapoor name really worth all this drama and pain?

Bang on, totally agree with you!

A PR strategy to make a 9 year old boy look hot and happening. Nawww!.

There is no way this is true. In a day where no one confirms their relationship in Bollywood due to media coverage etc... there is no way two of the biggest B-town stars decided to confirm their "relationship" when this is so new! Alia has YET to confirm she EVER dated Sid... let alone be ok with RK confirming their "relationship" when its so SOON! RK has said he will never be so public about his personal relationship after DP due to that debacle ... he had also kept his relationship Kat a little more on the down low relatively when compared with DP .. NOW he comes out and publicity confirms a VERY NEW "relationship"? BS! Complete publicity stunt cooked up at Dharma Productions!

Its confirmed they are dating. Ranbir's sis sent Alia a beautiful bracelet. This couple is so disgusting. I am sure he will bring bad luck to her just the way he brought bad luck to DP and Kat's career. Once he was out of their life they were hit again.

So Alia is dating her best friend's ex and the new couple will be called RanAlia!!! LOL

ALia once a cheater always a cheater and once a liar always a liar.. date him oMarry , he USB’s is not going to change.. next movie with Vaani kapoor and she is one hot gal so be careful. If you can deal with all these then go for it otherwise watch for yourself

can you people stop with but aliakat are bff its bw ffs there are no bff's

He's such a fake person... last year on kwk this man said that he really wanted ask Alia who she was dating Varun or Sid and now when she's all Varun in every iv without him being mentioned, he's making sure the drama doesn't slow down...And the funny thing is even his family is involved this time...his insecure mom is on fire to save her son's career...He never acknowledged his relationship with Kat in public and now he's being so open about this PDA... Brahmastra must be shaping up so bad that's why these two are shoving this drama on us...

alia is so weirddd…..why is she heavily linked up to every costar. u are not pretty like Deepika we don't care srsly. she also makes that coy weird face when she is asked about her alleged relatiionships. just stop...

Dating your bff's ex? Alia se yeh umeed nahi thi and even if this link up is a promotional strategy then itna neeche girne ki kya zaroorat thi Alia ko?

varun is doin the fake pda for alia so that her movie bcomes a hit.his expressions says it all..

varun alia k bich mai khichdi pak rahi hai...boss...i can understnd everythn now:P

if this is true then why she is talking abt varun everywhere?

its fake just like varun nats...they both are faking and public ko bewakuf bnya ja raha..nd log bewakuf ban b rahe lolwa.

How come Varun-Natasha & Ranbir-Alia decide to make public appearance & statements at the same time?

varun is doin wat alia is telln him to do..as usual..

thank god koi toh sensible hai yaha par jo samj raha sab drama ko..i noticed this too..its varun alia i thnk...they r planing n doin everythn wid d advice of kjo.

exactly my thoughts u know why..coz kjo is directing alia varun and ranbir..nd m damn sure its varun alia who are doing thimgs together..

whats with the rk alia varun nats drama everyday together?

whats with the rk alia varun nats drama everyday together?

its varun alia not rk alia..

kjo varun alia ranbir sab mil kar natak kr rahe hai aur tumlog bewakuf ban rahe:p

how come alia rk varun nats sath sath..? sonam ki wedding se leke abhi tak..sab sath sath mai horaha..how is it possible?kuch toh gadbad hai

I can see what you are saying.All four of them are stepping out at the same time.Can't be a coincidence.

varun is doin this for alia so that her bramhashtra movie bcomes a hit..he jus bcame a scapegoat or mayb alia is confiding everythn to him abt its been totally fake..

varun alia are still together that is all i can see nd we know how much varun is in love wid her..he seems to do exactly what she wants..

wahi toh aisa ho hi nhi sakta ..i thnk varun alia are the real deal..varun is trying to divert people frm his n alia secret relationship.

lol if they wud hv sumthn they wud hide it..film k promotion hai yeh sab..tumlog paglao mat!

she again talked abt varun in an interview..m sayin u all..its varun alia..we wil get to hear a blind abt them soon..jus wait n watch..

tumlog ko samj nhi aaraha kya abhi varun natasha ka pda nhi dekha kya..sab kuch ek k bad ek kaise hoskta hai...sab mile hue hai..dono fake hai!

did u all just see the varun nats pda just aftr the rk alia pda..guys these are all planned.all are hiding the real thing..u all are naive..how can both the fakke pda happen simultaneously everytime..its impossible

i know it they are hiding the varun alia relationship..

I kind a feel sorry for him, neetu and rishi, with their dysfunctional marriage, and full freedom to him to do what ever he wants has made RK, like this! They should have let him get serious with 3 Loreal girls, any one of them , made a hot, and power couple with him! so, sad for him!

They are going to be the most hated couple. I know that already!

Nepo bete ke liye nepo bahu mil gayi nepo khandaan ko.

Par yeh nepo kids are the best right now in the industry.

Repeat a lie often enough and people will believe it lol

Bachchi bachchi bol ke yeh ladki badi chalu nikli.

Bachi school ke time se chalu hai. Bandra mein sab ko pata hai.

School ke tine se hi ?? I first thought she is innocent

This link up brings more negativity for rk, I guess publicity is publicity ! But, Alia did you like him saying new tricks! cringe worthy! So , happy Mk, kat , deepi, are looking great and have good work!

This is all FAKE for a movie, same old strategy, nothing new.. Next!

Really??? No......

Ranbir has a problem seriously, he latches to any girl who is popular in the Industry. Why does he do this? Highly doubt anything will come out of this relationship.

Kat and Alia can also be Eskimo sisters in addition to BFFs lmao


He likes shiny new things and alia is at her peak. maybe he’s tired of looking and gave in? they don’t seem compatible at all besides being nepo kids, ugh.

There is no sparks between Alia and Ranbir. With Kat they looked awkward. With Mahira it looked like a time pass. The only person he looked genuine was Deepika. So let's wait and watch how the story evolves....

can you please stop dragging dp/kat/mk into his posts let them live happily and find men worthy of them Ranbir is nothing more than a figment of their past

To be honest dp he ruined by cheating. Since then only mahira /Ranbir made sense they looked organic he seemed happy and centered. But mahira is a cool chick she deserves to be with a man who knows what an amazing cool she is. Ranbir is into Alia so good luck to him. Pv plz post

come on he just used mahira and she was jus time pass... everone knows that but i really hope mk is okey bcz she is sweet girl, but a bit naive i would say but i guess is a good thing bcz she moved on

hon rk Casanova ways were known since dp broke up with him . mk dated him knowing fully well his image btw

btw mk dated him knowing his reputation but hopefuly she will chose better in future

I thought he looked hot with mahira, so did millions of others, it broke the internet, he put out a statement for her! she does deserve, better, he made an effort to meet her, so, stop with time pass, nonsense, it may have fizzles out, because, if deepi and kat could not keep him faithful, how she going to do this , from across the border!

Look, I love Mahira - I think she's really cool and wish the best for her. But the relationship had ZERO future. Like beyond her being a divorcee and a single mum - which a decent guy with enough love would be fine with - she's a Pakastani person who isn't allowed in India. He's not leaving India anytime soon, and she can't even date/meet him in his home country. It was doomed to end from the very beginning

it broke the internet bcz it also broke her image! we were not used to see her in that way. but no she ment nothing but just PR for him his jagga had floped and everyone knew it then and we knoew it now. but just mk fans need to understand that fact bcz its getting awkward

Mahira is cool, articulate, elegant, graceful , grounded she deserves someone real not a fizzle out. I agree they looked so hot together they made sense as a couple people thought she was different enough for Ranbir to hold to for life but it's Ranbir he loves stories not relationships. Pv plz post

Neetu Kapoor is literally jizzing right now !

LOL, neetu is typical south Asian, mom, her son is the best, no matter how he is in real life! I think he will end up like sanju, marry a item girl like manita! that would be poetic justice from the universe!

Alia is so desperate for ranbir.she herself knows that he is a player..

Get the popcorn ! . enjoy the show

Once a cheater, always a cheater. He cud not be loyal to Beauties like Deepika n Kat. U think he will be loyal to her? He will stray sooner or later. Mark my words.

agree! if Janhvi takes Alia place in few year then Rk will go after her! or sarah

Wait a sec.. Sara n him?? It will be like step-mamu and bhaanji.. Lol
Incestuous world of Bollywood! Everyone has slept with everyone else at some point of time or other.

Alia is BFF of Kat. This is gross

Sorry Mahria Khan lololol

Go look at mag cover hon she's doing great

From deepi , to kat, to mahira....really dude!

Honey dp and mk are two amazing women they deserve to be happy live life let them be with men who know how amazing they are. Ranbir good look with Alia.

These are only women we know, who knows how many were there apart from DP,Kat, mahira.

I cannot believe that I used to be his fan.Thank god I chose Varun over him (although he's just slightly better)

Now it's like he's using Alia's current success for publicity . As for Alia , the girl has successfully managed to get herself linked to almost every co star of hers - Goldilocks lost in the woods (called Bollywood) with the bears (also known as heros) .

Joe these two are peas in a pod fact!!!

You do have a point here ,it really hadn't occurred to me that they have somewhat similar personalities . The only difference is that Ranbir is more open about it whereas Alia pretends to be all naive , ditzy & sweet whereas in reality she's as sharp as a tack .

Exactly Joe my man you got it. Also our public accept and loves naieve girls much more over bad a** women like kangana

I guess an actress has got to keep up with the acting in real life too ! In fact some of them do far better acting in real life than u'd ever get out of them on screen.

Exactly fact is both use personal life for PR one directly one indirectly also both complain about unwanted attention on personal lives. Pv plz post

Exactly are you not surprised how suddenly Ranbir is open the man who guards his personal life so much that he breaks up with woman when it gets too much attention. Alia list of fake bf's Varun,Sid,Kevin,now Ranbir. Alia has been putting his silly act to appeal to masses

You are very correct . Ultimately it all depends on how good your movie is , someone should tell them that .

Oh how the mighty have fallen from girls like dp/Kat to Alia rofl

wow he actually admitted to it, and that too so early! he must really like her then...

This film is releasing on next year why do they promoting it from now itself.

“Old tricks become new tricks again” excuse me while I throw up. Ranbir hun if you are doing her keep it to yourself please you’re grossing people out.

And just when I think I can't dislike ranbir any more he pulls more cheap stunts

When Manish Malhotra has all the right to spill the bean on others but get furious when someone do it on him and Karan. I knew karan was the biggest hypocryte and coward but i never thought Manish would do the same......And at the same time, we can't really say it's not normal when we know the section 377 is still here and can do a great damage to them and most of all, to the kids. But is it not unfair in a way ?? Other couples always had the write to live and to be written about !!!

Ahah, indeead, i still can't believe Kjo reached a point where he called Pinkvilla to force them to delete the article and then tell to Manish to reply " He is only my brother ". On a scale of 1 to 10 we reach 125 in fear and anguish :)))) They are definitely scared to death to say the truth. Bah, the most important is that we all know their story and that one day they will take the big decision anyway. They can't hide forever.

When you see that Manish had to write "Happy Birthday to my dearest nephew and niece" for his own kids's 1st birthday because he coun't say otherwise, did you really expect they could let Pinkvilla publish such news ? Even if this Instagram story was a confirmation from Manish indeed ? They are not THAT stupid !

Don’t believe a word of it... he’s not an idiot to talk so openly about something we all know won’t work... please!!!

Well congratulations to Ranbir and alia!!! They look AMAZING together!!! Past is the past let them live their present without judgement from pv audiences!

Ok Kjo.

This is just BS, can’t be true! I think either they are overly promoting their movie or this is misinterpreted or taken out of context. Ranbir and Alia have nothing in common.This is not even a pair!

Then why does she keep bringing up Varun randomly everywhere instead of you?

coz this is fake..there is sumthhn goin on between alia n varun..see again the fake pda of varun nats strted jus after this ..cnt u guys get it!

Oh gosh no ! So is this why Deepika was angry with him awhile back ?

Bhai behen ki jodi salamat rahe

Firstly, this is from an old interview. Secondly, he meant it in context of how is it to work with her, which is why he said it is still new. PV pls post. And stop yellow journalism

Alia doesnt care about the diseases she will catch


And he's done with Mahira? And he says he's only had ten GFS... He's real life Sanju... Bedding 300+ girls... SICK

I can't believe this BS... Wow... Player... Hasn't even left the new generation untainted... Didn't Katrina warn her? Say what you will about Katrina's acting but she was at least more loyal than Ranbir ever was... But then again she had an affair with him when he was dating Deepika... Sigh what an inest pool Bollywood is... No hope

Exactly ... i want to say i feel bad for Kat because Alia is her friend but at the same time she shamelessly slept with RK while he is was still with DP so ... Karma ???

Lol Katrina is a fool , if she don’t drop this so called friendship with Alia . This is embarrassing, to have your ex boyfriend publicly parade and say his feeling for your best friend . Ouch! Her friendship with Alia is probably not that serious , but it’s not a good look either for the both of them . It makes Alia look like a backstabber who broke girl code big time and Katrina looks weak in the public eye. Lol either way I don’t really care but this is a MESS. Pv pls post

Oh my freaking god... another Milind Soman in the making

Alia: He is gross! I mean... just how many women has he bedded? Gross...

Why is he so open about this, he is talking like a player! I thought he does not talk about his relationship!

He really needs a hit and stay in the public news. If he flops he's done for. There's a limited number of chances even for star kids. She's the flavor of the season. Not saying he's not banging her but he's definitely not making her his girlfriend.

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