Ranbir Kapoor fan reveals REAL reason behind sitting on the floor when he met Brahmastra actor; Watch Video

After Ranbir Kapoor was trolled for a viral video featuring a fan touching his feet, the fan has come out to take a stand against the trolls.
Ranbir Kapoor fan reveals REAL reason behind sitting on the floor when he met Brahmastra actor; Watch VideoRanbir Kapoor fan reveals REAL reason behind sitting on the floor when he met Brahmastra actor; Watch Video
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Ranbir Kapoor's meet with a fan did not go as per plan. The actor, who is in Varanasi with his lady love Alia Bhatt, came under the spotlight for the wrong reasons. The actor, who is in the city to film for Ayan Mukherjee's Bhrahmastra, was trolled online after a fan touched his feet and sat on the floor while Ranbir interacted with him seated on a sofa. The viral video featured the fan presenting Ranbir with gifts and chocolates, seated on the floor while Ranbir took a seat on the couch. 

After social media users called out Ranbir for not stopping the fan from touching his feet and asking him to sit beside him, the fan has released a new video clarifying the controversial incident. In a video shared, the fan named Vikrant Singh took a stand and explained that Ranbir is not a bad celebrity. He explained that he sat down on the floor because he was engrossed showing the actor a photo album he had put together for him. 

The fan explained that Ranbir not only signed the photo album and asked Vikrant to keep it safe on his behalf, he also gave him his cap. The Brahmastra star signed on the red cap and gifted it to the fan. The fan urged to stop bullying the star. Check out the video below: 



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Soon after the original video went viral, fans took to social media to call out Ranbir. Comments like "Is Ranbir a God or something? Why is he not telling his fan to sit on the couch #disappointingranbir" and "Fan hai BT he is not servant look at that guy is sitting down.." flooded the internet. 

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Meanwhile, Ranbir and Alia are busy in Varanasi, filming for their first film together. Brahmastra was supposed to release in December 2019. However, the release date was pushed to summer 2020. 


At least he is not running over hapless people and killing protected animals and getting away with it. I believe these Indians who are supposedly trolls need to focus more on what Improvements, they need to make in their lives. BTW! Try not to worship these Actors and spend your hard earned money to feed yourselves better. LOL!!!!!

Damage cotrol... RK is arrogant and a snob just like his father.

The guy is his fan so of course he will ay good things about him only... Bt we do know which type of playboy he is. Atleast he could have asked him to sit beside.... Arrogance at its best.... The whole Kapoor clan is the same.... Starting from Raj to Ranbir.... These all sucks..

From the video its clear that the fan decided not to sit ...he was excited and enjoying the moment..so shut up idiots

Apparently this other guy has a fan base too.. Look how they all came to his aid..

I wonder how much rk paid him for this

Paid trollers called out Ranbir. He is trying last person to be rude with his fans

Ranbir is always extremely nice with fans.

Atleast once RK should have asked him to sit with him. RK is not new to industry/media that he did not know how to be NICE with your fan..baap dada se chalta araha ha beta.


Beta tune Teri mane jabardasti se nikala hai.


Guys, it's between the fan n his idle how they put up themselvesn stay comfortable. No fault RK.. No fault super fan

Never bow down to a human or take them as a God. Im just a fan and never asked for an autograph. Fan like him treat Ranbir like God, which is bad

Crisis management. It was not RK's fault though.

Whatever the fan does is one thing, the way Ranbir treated him was pathetic!!

well he learnt it from him rude obnoxious father.Both are just classeless people, in fact whole kapoor family is like that, because they are illiterate people.

It's not Ranbir fault...the fan needs to get a life...his instagram account is embarrassing...

Ranbir Kapoor feet need worshipping i would happily kiss his feet they well nice

Damage control

Lol fan supports N.A. ha ha

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