Ranbir Kapoor gets trolled heavily after a fan touches his feet and sits on the floor; Watch

Ranbir Kapoor is now in the news for the wrong reasons. He is getting trolled left, right and centre after a video of the actor meeting his fan went viral. Read on to know more.
News,Ranbir KapoorRanbir Kapoor gets trolled heavily after a fan touches his feet and sits on the floor; Watch
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Ranbir Kapoor along with beau and co-star Alia Bhatt are currently in Varanasi as they are shooting for their upcoming movie the Brahmastra. As per reports, the actor will be in the holy city for around 20 days to finish a schedule. But now, Kapoor is now in the news for wrong reasons. He is getting trolled left, right and centre after a video of the actor meeting his fan went viral. In the video, we can see a fan meeting and greeting Ranbir by touching his feet. Later, he presents Ranbir a box of chocolates and gift too. Further in the video, we can see the two interacting as Ranbir opens the gift.

During the same, Ranbir is sitting on a sofa while the fan can be seen sitting on the floor and the same has irked netizens. Netizens are asking him whether he is a God and many bashed him for being rude.

One of the users commented. "Is Ranbir a God or something? Why is he not telling his fan to sit on the couch #disappointingranbir". Another commented, "Fan hai BT he is not servant look at that guy is sitting down.." A user wrote, "Who is humble ? Ranbir Kapoor? My god. How arrogant he is.. kise Tarah se baat kr rha hai fan k Sath.as if daya kr rha hai.. not even asking him to sit on sofa how mean he is."



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A few days ago, Alia and Ranbir were spotted at the Kashi Viswanath temple. Ranbir was seen sporting a tilak on his forehead and rudraksha mala around his neck. On the work front, Ranbir Kapoor will next be seen in flicks such as Brahmastra and Shamshera. Both movies will release next year. What are your views on the same? Let us know in the comment section below.


This fan has no self respect exactly like deepika and alia

This what happen when you give attention to arrogant actor ... he trolled journalists also about their shoes he has no manners at all

In india they touch the feet of elders, so it's normal that he did that, Ranbir is an old uncle

It is injustice to troll Ranbir Kapoor. We have gone through many fans who have crossed limit of obsession to his or her idols. In India we have several fans of Singer Rafi, who have made temple of Rafi.....Some Hindu fans have kept his photo in their 'Puja Ghar' and placed his photo along with other deities. Rajkumar's fans in yesteryears have made news for their worshipping to this \'God of dialogue' If a fan who never ever dreamed to meet his/her idol gets a lifetime scope/chance to meet becomes emotional and many have reacted in excessive manner. Some got choked, some cried....thhis is craziness and only such fan can understand.
That is why IT IS PURELY INJUSTICE TO TROLL RANBIR FOR NO FAULT OF HIM. The fan is very young and as his respect he might have not agreed to sit beside him. What is fault of Ranbir. I condemn you people, who are always critical and frustrated.

Has it been Ranveer Singh it would be totally different video. He would be so nice to him

This fan is really weird...I mean he is obsessed with ranbir his instagram page is hilarious and sad at the same time...he almost worshiping ranbir...

Ranbir didn't have time to put on his wig

call the fan and ask how good he was , you can see it on the fan's face, he was very sweet

I am not trolling RK but I think he could've asked the fan to sit on the chair and avoid the feet touching. However, I think he was just in the moment and didn't think of it. Trollers need to chill.

Wasn’t he famous for showing his middle finger to paps and media while dating Kaif

Stop critizing rk,he doesn't have history of being rude and arrogant to his fans, unlike Ur idol Katrina Kaif.

Please don't hate Katrina so much. She is a girl from London who is living all alone in India without the presence of a family. Imagine how hard it would be if you people experience the same situation! So respect others

Totally flop star!!

haters didn't even watch the video. they just show themselves as stupid hateful creatures

Much ado about nothing. For the fan, this may have been a filmi-dream come true. Once again, only twisted-trolls believe they're God.

Stop the hatred ,he's a nice guy

He's not at all rude , he's very sweet to all his fans unlike many other star kids like alia ,etc ..

Ranbir kapoor deserves his gorgeous feet to be worshipped kissed by his fan hes so handsome ranbir kapoor

Exactly what is wrong with you?

This mean boy needs to mend his ways....countable few fans will also disappear otherwise...aunty Karan, teach him some manners ya!!

I don't think he's necessarily arrogant. My general view of him is that he's just not comfortable in his own skin and doesn't connect with the audience, fans easily. He never seems comfortable to me, at least he hasn't in a very long time.

This....he really does seem uncomfortable in his interactions with media and fans. He used to be very relaxed and enjoyed that early in his career. He had this spark when Sawaariya came out. I barely see it now. He looks and forgive me for lack of better words, depressed and anxious all the time. Ever since his scandalous ways started getting more and more attention, he sort of became distant. He hates media for focusing on it but that is show biz for you.

Sorry but the video is fine!! He is treating the fan respectfully. He tells him to sit on the couch but the fan wants to sit near to him so thats why he sits right by his legs.

Compare this to Mr Rahul Gandhi, the man we voted out, whenever food is offered to him he immediately shares the food with people around him. He asks his security if they need water to drink. Empathy shows a man’s character. Ranbir Kapoor raised badly all the manners he shows is only in front of the media.

Rahul Gandhi?!? You mean the privileged son of an Ex-PM who has never worked a day in his life, is a drug addict and whose family is responsible for swindling billions from the Indian tax payer - THAT Rahul Gandhi?

Ranbir Kapoor may be arrogant but nepotism or not that man has tried and failed, and earned his stripes.

Why Indians treat actors like god..they are just ordaniary humans..

Sorry I dont think Ranbir is acting arrogant here at all. The fan sat that way even though Ranbir asked to him sit pointing to the couch before Ranbir himself went and Sat.

Ranbir ditches his girlfriends and looks even proud about it - all horrible qualities. but when it comes to fans he behaves decent.

Arre Aap kya jano Fanndom kya cheez hai, this fan treats Ranbir as he is God and this is quite natural he is his biggest fan and Ranbir is always very courteous to all his fans

Ranbir treats his fans with dignity. The fact that he opens the gift in his presence. There are few negative people commenting who have nothing but hate to give.

I dnt lyk RK at all... He is da most arrogant among all... He should learn something frm ranveer...... Kapoor gene

ghatiya insaan hai yeh

RK always goes out of his way to treat his fans well and also people in general...the fan seems to be overwhelmed having met his idol.

All Kapoor’s are full of themselves. They have NO humility. Especially Rishi and RK. What goes around come around as time does not forgive anyone. Every dog has his day.

Please watch the full video
When the young man bent down Ranbir lifted him by his elbow which stopped the fan from touching his feet
As far as him sitting on floor, to me he appeared to be squatting at the low table so they would be at eye level. I didn't see chocolate. It appeared to me that gift may have been a scrapbook. Ranbir may be rude in many situations but I don't think this was one of them.

The moment he sees his fan he says ‘kaisa hai...chal bait.. ‘ Stop talking rubbish

How can you expect someone else to respect you if you dont have a penny of selfrespect yourself.

This man is so full of himself

Raja beta of bollywood

He’s an arrogant, classless obnoxious guy ...

These kapoors are always full of arrogance i hate them all .

Well, actually I'm not a fan of Ranbir I would rather prefer Ranveer, Varun. but here if you observe he's not being arrogant his fan is behaving as he met God. Even common people especially young people should come to sense. It's you making them look like that. He is just an actor itna over Karne ka kya zaroorat hai

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