Ranbir Kapoor: I want to do a film with Ranveer Singh but it has to be the right film

Ranbir Kapoor revealed in an interview, that he would love to work with Ranveer Singh in a movie provided it's a genre that they both can connect with. Ranbir also revealed that the type of movies for them to star in would be like Karan Arjun, Andaaz Apna Apna or Deewaar.
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While we saw the fruitful collaboration of two A-list actresses Kareena Kapoor Khan and Sonam Kapoor in Veere Di Wedding, it's quite rare now to see two A-list actors making a movie together. One pair we would love to see in a movie would have to be Ranbir Kapoor and Ranveer Singh who have both enjoyed successful careers while being praised for their method-acting character-driven performances. 

Even Ranbir agrees that he would love to work with Ranveer as he sat down for an interview with Rajeev Masand for News 18. Ranbir praised Ranveer's stupendous performance in Padmaavat as Alauddin Khilji and revealed that he is a big fan of his work.

Ranbir further spoke about the kind of movies he would want to star in with Ranveer. "So, I want to do a film with him (Ranveer) but I guess it just has to be the right film. Something like Karan Arjun, Andaaz Apna Apna or Deewaar it could be anything, any genre but it has to be a genre that both of us really connect with," Ranbir said.

When probed further on any such opportunities to work together in recent times and Ranbir stated that they were infact offered many movies but it again depends on whether they both can connect with the film. 

Would you like to see Ranbir and Ranveer in a movie together? Let us know in the comments below.

Meanwhile, Ranbir is currently on a promotional spree for his upcoming release, Sanju. Directed by Rajkumar Hirani, Sanju is slated to release on June 29, 2018.

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Do these people have any idea what's actually happening in world?Let me tell you, Sanju makers have released teaser,trailer and 2 songs of the movie. And so far everything is going EXCEPTIONALLY good for the movie. Trailer of Sanju has been labelled as one of the best trailers of Bollywood. Just go through comment section of Sanju related videos on YouTube,Kind of appreciation Ranbir is getting for 2 minute clips, is never seen before case for ANY bollywood actor. Sites likes Koimoi BollyArena have already declared Sanju as Blockbuster ! You guys are comparing him with Ranveer who's been all his life riding on glory of Deepika and doesnt have solo big hit nd opening.LOL.
Sanju is all set take the biggest opening of 2018 beating the mighty Khan. Also the line-up,Ranbir has the best projects of bollywood in his kitty,Now there is absolutely no stopping for him.
PV please post this.
The Boss is back and how !


This is what you call entitlement. these two are in the same age group and run in the same circles and go to the same parties but aren't friends. ranbir hasn't had a clean hit in 5 years. ranveer has had some of his careers greatest hits and greatest performances these past 5 years. why would ranveer want to work with ranbir. he is trying to use anyone he can to make sanju and that superhero movie a hit.

is sanju the movie that bad?? it seems rk is having insecurities&wants to work with rs now , sanju can be a dud..so he is giving out feelers..just incase !!!

Ranbir could have done his dream role Malik Kafur in Padmaavat but then his secret crush on Ranveer would no longer be a secret

Ranbir Kapoor is a RANVEER'S fan...frankly who isnt? after Padmaavat,RS is in different league all together....but RK you and Kjo stay away from our Ranno!! no need of your negativity and fakeness around him! Ranveer is a real deal!!!

Ranbir should work with his delusion of false grandeur and his ego first. The man is faker than my acrylic nails.

Love you

After Sanju,Brahmastra Simmba and Gully Boy Ranveer will only be eligible to play second fiddle to Ranbir hahaha

Keep dreaming RK

My, my. How the tables have turned....

Ranbir will work with just about anyone at this point... Trying working on your arrogance first..

After you do fake love ,for attention,,now RK will take down Alia with him, thanks nepo papa, I am waiting on her flopps ,films coming! Congrat! You can start by being honest about your love,and stand up to your family,this is the only way to work toward being a good human being first ,then you can be a truly good artist!

Few People in the comment section has come to conclusion rs is next superstar....Good for rs...but i am personally proud of RK he appreciated rs s work....Atleast he is trying to end this dirty competition which is going from years.... But RK it makes no sense if the opposite person doesnt want to be in cordial terms you need to wish him Goodluck and move on....

the likes of Varun & Arjun are much more friendlier than rk.they behave nicely with everyone.

Desperate measures in desperate times.. haha.. first hook himself with a child, Alia, now try and bag a movie with the most happening Ranveer.. by having Kjo and a producer and Mahesh Bhatt as a director, he's trying to secure movie offers.

I would love to watch them together in a movie. RK won't be a cry baby like Shahid!

deepu ke do deewane !!!

Please keep your negative energy away from Ranveer he is the real deal - a self-made versatile star. After Bajirao and Khilji he’s in an altogether different league from you. You keep “cooking” with your nepobaby and nepopapa and playing the same spoilt rich boy crap you are so suited for.

how time changes...

Let people speak nonsense RK even in future only and only appreciate your colleagues and You rightly said you are not here to beat anybody but to make a NAME for yourself...Which you will surely make...Lets HOPE for the BEST...

Why are you sounding like Katrina?

Oh please kat cannot match my thoughts in this life...

Twilight hindi banalo wid deepu , all time blockbuster hogi , n rk toh waise bhi vampire lagta hai ....aur ranveer toh taylor se bhi hot hai

Haha...please! Ranveer will wash him out in EVERY scene!

RK fans abuse RS & VD day & night on Twitter.They forget that their RK is nowhere close to them in terms of popularity.He is giving back to back flops whereas RS & VD are giving hits.

Of course he would.Wants to cash on Ranveer's popularity.


I'd really like this to happen, and treat them like the talents they are, not about a stupid love triangle or something, no one wants to see Cheapika and her used love interests. We want it about the boys!

Oh yeah then how come the only BIG hits both these guys have had featured deepika??

By the right film he means something like Brokeback Mountain

Yes according to Ranbir at least it is. As we all know he has a huge secret crush on Ranveer which is secretly killing Ayan a lot but he won't say a thing as he is very loyal.

Thats Karan and Ranbir not Ranveer and Ranbir!!!!!!!!!!

That would require Ayan not Ranveer



Ranbir knows Ranveer is the best and he is a fan

You both stay away from.Cheapika tapikone

Plz it's a request stay away from Ranveer.

Andaz Apna Apna would be good with RK & RS followed by Alia & Deepika

Good, because the girls are useless in that movie anyway.

Gunday is still fresh with Ranjun camaraderie !!
Ranveer is good with any genre except Ex drama messy kapoor .

Not at all interested , Ranveer Singh is very good in any genre, we can't say that about kapoor guy. Another reason to get messy in Ranveer's life. Get lost RK. Your drama with Cheapika failed, Now you want to hurt him, go away RK go away from RS.

Pretty soon Linkup rumors of him and Ranveer will come up . Please Ranbir leave him alone.

Please why cant u talk this nicely why anusing now wt he cant say even say now shut it

Yes nice

Obviously u want a film where u play a meaty role and he plays a fiddle.

Hahaha! When Ranveer came into the industry all these nepokids were giving him a cold shoulder. He was crazy about Kareena and she rejected working with him. He worked hard and is on the top today without any mentor. Ranbir, you are too flop to work with him now. I hope you read this.
Ranveer is amazingly talented with a great personality. He’s got everything now that you used to have. Great line of films, big directors wants to work with him and Deepika whom he appreciates.
PV pls post this. :)

RK/ dp is stale story so get over it...

HI Alia !

Kareena also gave a cold shoulder to Varun Dhawan but started singing his praises as soon as ABCD2 crossed 100 cr.She changes her favourites according to BO.

RK has nothing to do with dp just like he has nothing to do with kat....so just relax...wish dprs lasting togatherness...

Add deepika and it will be an insane blockbuster. Ranbir always talks about who’s popular and that’s ranveer. They’re opposites, i’d rather they be enemies than buddies. Arjun and varun would be better buddy film candidates

Arjun & Varun have always been very fond of Ranveer.Their pics together are friendship goals.Ranveer should work with them only.

Ranbir will be working with Ajay Sir...next Aamir sir, Akshay sir, SRK sir and so on BUT RANBIR SHOULD NEVER WORK WITH RANVEER....

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