Ranbir Kapoor REACTS to Kangana's allegations of being silent on political issues; says I have no interest

Ranbir Kapoor gives it back to Kangana Ranaut post her allegations about Ranbir and Alia Bhatt being silent on political and social issues. Here is what the actor has to say.
Ranbir Kapoor REACTS to Kangana's allegations of being silent on political issues; says I have no interestRanbir Kapoor REACTS to Kangana's allegations of being silent on political issues; says I have no interest
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Kangana Ranaut has no filters, and for good or bad, she does believe in putting it out there, irrespective of what or who is she talking about. And most recently, looks like Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor have come under her radar, as after the entire fiasco around Alia not appreciating her and the war of words that they engaged in, she has now taken a dig at Ranbir and Alia yet again, this time stating how the two never share their political opinions.

No sooner did this come under the public eye, when Ranbir was asked about this statement of Kangana's at a recent event, he went on to say how he does in fact answer all questions and he doesn't have any kind of interest in telling anything on such questions. He also went on to say how people can say whatever they want because he knows who he is and what does he say. Fans have been lauding RK for being upfront and speaking his side of the story.



#KanganaRanaut spotted post her intense kabaddi rehearsals for #Panga which is about the life of a kabaddi player.

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On the work front, Ranbir will be next seen in Alia Bhatt co-starrer Brahmastra. The movie was earlier set for a December release, however, it has now been moved to Summer 2020. He will also be seen in Shamshera, a dacoit drama, and will be co-starring Sanjay Dutt. The film will be releasing in July 2020, which makes the upcoming year for Kapoor a much awaited one.


hahaha how convenient..they have a lot to say when Paki artists are banned from their movies..basically they don't care and Indian audience is fool to make these people rich

Ranbir in this picture is basically raising his middle finger I mean voting finger to all of you Indians who don't have water or electricity or are poor and saying fuck you all I don't care hahaha

Watched Kjo episode of Kapil's show and he said if you want to broadcast some rumour tell RK.
No wonder he leaks his gfs picture all the time. What you can expect from a person with such low moral values eewwwwww

KJ on KWK has said many times that RK and KK are the biggest gossipers. There's something shady about RK. He pretends to be all cool and calm but is gossiping and spreading rumors
Also can't stand his last movie about a weak spoiled privileged star son who was glorified and celebrated for being . a waster.

To all the people who think Kangana is right, when has she voiced an opinion about a social issue? Her sister went through acid attack. Has she helped any similar victims? What else has she done than taking names and bringing people down?

I don't know about this , but atleast she does not say ' i am rich and privileged , and i don't have these problems at home' that's the most arrogant thing i've heard but coming from ranbir, is not shocking.


Lol,katrina is grabbing popcorns after classless alia and Ranbir are being bashed right left centre. She should definetly thank Kangana.

great RK not everyone has to express their views each to their own...



Politics mai interest nahi hai, nationalism mai interest nahi hai, they don't give a damn what the nation goes through bas inke filmey chal ni chahye.Don't worry dear ranbir, we'll make brahmastra the biggest disaster in bollywood history.

Even we have no interest in your fake relatioships but still, you're torturing us.Come out with your boyfriend aryan.

Look at that photo of hers. She looks like a drag queen

Zabardasti ka SUPERSTAR

Few people say ranbir is grown up not fan of rabbit but kangana aunty is one year older than him ,she comes from rural background where kids births where registered after they would turn been 4 and above it's fact don't know what her real age is why she has to go personal if people go personal about her she would have no place to hide

She never hides any shit about herself which women will openly say I had an ascot with a married man so stop giving the BS and which small rural background are your from or is your thinking that way god some people

KRK exposed her age. She is 37 years old.

Kya maara hai Psycho pe. Well done. Everyone shud ignore her like this only.

He is only good for gossiping and bitching with his sister who is even lesser educated and has low IQ...this superficial family has lowered BW standards so much it’s disgusting

I have no interest in Brahmastra thanks to this man! I’m done with his bs personality

Is anyone surprised given the lack of education and lowest IQ in this man???????

a man in her thirties ,did not even bother to dump his girlfriend and make a joke out of her publicly as per mommy orders,what will he speak about national issues? Baby RK needs his mommy support as he has no views of his own.

A man who loves his mother is ridiculed. but when Priyanka Chopra has her daddy's little girl tattoo on her hand it is appreciated. What a double standard.

after bharmastra all those idiot hater of rk will be proud of him and flim bharmastra record my word

Well said RK <3

he better not say a word, and anyway, after brahmastra will be a a disaster, he will automatically lose interest about any issues lol.

Entitled nepo kids should go back and live in thier bunglows and privileges. People should stop listenting to these trash nepo kids and stop watching their equally trash movies. Don't even get me talking about their IQ or responsibility as a citizen!

Wait what? His answer did not make any sense

PV why you did not release that video kangana talked about? I just watched it, the level of arrogance and entitlment, i feel like slapping him.People make you a star atleast have some gratitude towards it.I wonder how people glorify these jerks.

Dont let this take away from the fact that these people are shitting bricks at the mediocre film they have created and using a fake relationship to divert attention from their stupid excuse of a film.

Modi doesn't even care about India so forget about others

RK and Alia are meant to be together. They never confront people on their face but attack from the back always. Also they are dumb and arrogant and that makes them dangerous!

wonder how any woman can put up with this no-good lying cheat

Must suck for Kangana because he said her opinion of him is worthless to him.

Ranbir is the best, most dignified answer to bullies. Ranbir and Alia are so well-brought up individuals who never speak ill of others.

They are puppets of kjo hahaha

White mouse go back to your cage

Yes Pappu that’s why you came out to vote this time unlike last time, you were shit scared of kangu, atleast she made you a responsible citizen hahaha

He voted the last time too; came with his parents. Look it up on Pinkvilla, they posted it. He wore a Margiela number.

Asking political opinions on religion and politics is considered illegal in America. No one should be forced to express their opinions on current and past political issues. This stalker needs to learn the ethics 101.

This is not America this is India the largest democracy where everything is questioned - the very basis of existence of trolls like you

Excuse me don’t talk nonsense people talk about it all the time and openly. Their actors don’t give such wtf statements. If he ever said something like this they would show him his place in no time. The womanizer needs to learn to be more smart and not make dumb statements. But what do you expect from a dumbo who couldn’t even face his girlfriend while breaking up and escaped like a mouse.

what self respecting woman will ever date this walking STD loser. Ranbir KR is way above you so go to your nepo gang and find ways to save your flop upcoming science fiction comedy with kjo...I agree I don't think you even have the IQ or knowledge or education to develop an interest, you are just a crack drug using addict

Lmao what a hate. Great comment

u shud have knowledge to develop interest

RK in his mind still thinks he's hot and relevant, feel sorry for him

So true. It’s so cringeworthy when he keeps saying ‘see you at the movies’. He is so dull!

Whenever this mama's boy opens his mouth, I feel like using some cockroach killing spray on him and his retarded girlfriend Alia as well
I don't know why the press is even asking him any questions, no intellect, no depth, someone who talks like an entitled teenager when he's actually a forty-something uncle
Rk you are the one who said the electricity water rubbish, I dont think Kangana forced you to say that you fool so at least apologize and then...disappear and yah take that rat face Alia with you and get marry and produce spoiled kids in a far away island,
India is populated enough and sure doesn’t need any people with low IQ like you, India needs responsible adults and youth who will make a difference and bring good change to our country...yah the country that you and that stupid Alia are only part off when it's convenient
Really sick of this nepo trash.....PV post

Everyone is trying to like this comment and pv again playing with likes bottom, how much RK is paying you pv?

Please don’t use words such as “retard”. There really is no need to use it as a derogatory term. Have some respect towards the disabled population!

Best comment in years. Especially the beginning where you wanted to do something with the cockroaches lmao I’m glad and happy PV allowed to post this comment because it shows that our voices are being let heard. I agree 100% with everything in the comment

"Cockroach killing sparay" "Retarded" " rat face" Rangoli, you at it again, babe?

I want to use cockroach killing spray on Ranbir Alia and Karan also if that's what will make them go away....just realized that Ranbir has this face that you want to just slap

You sound like a very responsible Indian adult with this comment.

Ameen couldn't say it better, preach , best comment on pv

Yes, you know who you are. Hope one day audience will also understand who you are.

Just watch his interview of him saying he lives luxurious life and does not seem care to say a word about those who does not.he is really a selfish, cheap person.I now applaud deepika for choosing ranveer over this person, ranveer is a better soul.No wonder he's stuck with another black evil soul alia, hahah .

says the 38 younger actor of his generation hahaha

Yes, nothing to say in public but privately ganging up with Papa Jo to sabotage KR. The only way she can win against this Bollywood mafia machine is to bring the fight to the public so the 'dignified' 'classy' 'well brought up ' Nepo kids' cruel bullying of KR can be exposed.

Ranbir,alia and karan stop commenting you idiots, after kalank and SOTP 2 flop,you guys have guts to degrade KR.Ha losers!

I hate Ranbir. But this is the way how Kangana should be treated.

Ranbir Kapoor is the most handsome young man...looks younger than 23 yr old ...

Ranbir Kapoor is not a Nepo product like Alia ..He is a self made man .. extremely talented...so humble ..most handsome..

No, he is not. Paid media always exaggerates his average acting abilities. He is an average looking man and has no charm. And his stupid eyes shows how dumb he is. He is nothing but his surname.

So I have a theory. Maybe kangana n Ranbir dated for sometime. After rankat break up n kangana opening up on hrithik, I remember in her interviews she kept saying I'm dating someone n u will know soon. Later she said that I broke up with that person cause he also think I'm a physco. During that time mahira n ranbir stories were doing rounds. N now jabse Alia supposedly dating Ranbir started she has been after Alia n Ranbir.

Any woman who ends with Ranbir is a big loser. Stop glorifying useless men.

Ranbir is dumber than he looks. Conceit for no reason.

How privileged one has to be to be able to just sit back and never do anything for your country and your people. He could use his fame and fortune to do good but instead he prefers to be a spoiled nepo kid who mistreats women, gossips and fakes relationships for PR. What a waste this guy is.

He pays taxes 10 times more than your whole clan has paid since 1947. On th top, he advertise India and it's soft power.

Good answer!! KR is a bully and you need to just NOT play by their rules- nothing pisses them off more

And suddenly responsible when you have a movie releasing! His only interest is faking relationships to stay relevant.

Kangana is a psycho, she shouldn't be taken seriously by anyone. I hate alia and ranbir but I'm glad they are ignoring her

Oh shut the hell up flop nepo kid!!

Ranbir uncle should be ashamed of himself

The entire country knows that Kangna Ranaut is a psychopath

That is why she got 3 national awards

The whole country knows RK is a womanizer and druggie and yes a privileged kid who gets water and electricity lol

Dono flop actors
Cancel them please

Very nice reply given by Rk. Kangana always talks bullshit

Best way to deal with her is not to say anything

Looks like she is envied because ranbir dint agree to her advances what a hypocrite this sick woman is she is mentally reatrd needs treatment but her sister despite been married stays on her earnings (nepotism) every one knows she was doing what with old man to get into limelight have contact (nepotism)yet again this women has lost the respect she has fed up of playing of victim card psycho get treated

Ranbir dates beautiful starlets and then leaks pics with them. Kangana is jelaous. She has plenty of leaked pics with Aditiya Pancholi and Suman's son.

She does not need a womanizer and a mamma’s boy who does not have a mind of his own. She just exposed how dumb he is hahaha what will he say

But we have never seen you as a celebrity taking a political stand? He has interest to talk about sex

I think it’s the right attitude. Kangana just looks for an argument

PV is pr site for rk and aloo.

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