Is Ranbir Kapoor the reason why Alia Bhatt did not shoot with ex boyfriend Sidharth Malhotra for SOTY 2?

Alia Bhatt may avoid shooting with ex-boyfriend Sidharth Malhotra for a special song for Student of the Year 2 which stars Tiger Shroff. Read on.
Is Ranbir Kapoor the reason why Alia Bhatt did not shoot with ex boyfriend Sidharth Malhotra for SOTY 2?   Is Ranbir Kapoor the reason why Alia Bhatt did not shoot with ex boyfriend Sidharth Malhotra for SOTY 2?
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That Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt and Sidharth Malhotra, the original students of Karan Johar's Student of The Year, will be a part of a special song for SOTY 2 starring Tiger Shroff, Ananya Panday and Tara Sutaria is well known. However, looks like it is getting difficult for the team to get together Alia and Sidharth together especially, since the two broke up last year. According to a Times of India report, Bhatt might avoid shooting with ex-boyfriend Sidharth Malhotra. 
“Varun doesn't have any problem in doing the shoot but Alia has problem. Varun has already given his nod to shoot. Alia is not in a comfort zone with Sidharth, anymore. After all, all exes cannot be friends,” the source revealed to the publication. Interestingly, Sid in his recent appearance on Koffee With Karan Season 6 shared that while he is not met her in a longtime but their relationship is cordial. "We haven't met after it. Our relationship is civil... I don't think it's bitter. It's been a while," he said. 


Meanwhile, Alia is currently dating Ranbir Kapoor, while Sid is rumoured to have been in a relationship with Kiara Advani. Though Sid hasn't confirmed anything about his relationship, the two will be seen sharing screen space in the Vikram Batra biopic. 

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On the other hand, Alia is currently busy with promotions of Gully Boy. She will also be seen in Kalank, Brahmastra and Takht among others. 


no one no one believed sid alia story. There is only one person in sid's life - hint: partner is a director/producer/talk show host...

I never believed it too .I always knew alia acted as a beard to kjo and sid.sid is plainly doing wat kjo has said him to say.alia Sid never were dating.rk alia are also fakeAf .wait after movie releases see how breakup news starts.people are naive to not understand it.its a publicity stunt so that people flock to theatre's

It's one thing to have age gaps in relationships, it's a whole other thing to have MATURITY gaps in relationships. If you live in US, Nick Jonas was always a very mature stoic kind of guy especially when he was the youngest of the 3 brothers, and they all considered him the most mature. It's not very surprising that he married an older woman and has a normal relationship. But Alia is very immature childish, not someone who can make a ten year gap relationship work at 25. She can only work with people in her age bracket, but because of when she premiered, she's considered so "senior" to those people like Ishaan and all.

Sidharth is well educated with university degree studies what kind of conversations can he has with someone as immature an dumb as Alia? she is not near his level, maybe with Ranbir she can talk about drugs or other nonsenses. Sara is younger than her and looks more mature & smart than Alia someone like her can match with Sid, i think Sid is more attracted to smart girls type Sara..etc

after listening to him on kwk i like him a lot more, he is very handsome, educated, also funny, well spoken and mature, the kind of man that every woman wants, it's her lost

Alia should be lucky she was with him in the first place he is so out of her league!! He probably dated her as he felt pressured by Karan Johar the relationship has not worked out probably because a big age gap! He's 34 and she's 25 people forget.

lol only 8 years of difference she will have 26 in 1 month, but Sid seens so mature guy u can see after watch his kwk and she is so childish and dumb

Alia Bhatt was nice. Nowadays she has become annoying. She should stop looking upto KJo for everything

Meanwhile when the song will be out in April, we will see Alia dancing with Sid. Stop this bullshit & Alia-Ranbir & there respective pr need to chill, since the day these two have started there so called overhyped relationship, they've made sure to drag Sid in all this mess to keep themselves & there relation relevant. Leave Sid alone from this nonsense but I guess he will never be able to get rid of this problem named Alia, she will be his nightmare, if anything that is stopping this rich bratty arrogant obsessed chick from creating troubles for Sid is that big budgeted movie Brahmastra & her publicity stunt relation with Ranbir, pretty sure she is desperate to get him, she has always looked obsessed with him since SOTY days & her obsession for him is downright nasty, will not be surprised if she throws a fit at his wedding.

Sidharth has to hear her name and run away as fast he can lmfao she is his nightmare

She is Sid's headache

I would not be surprised as we saw in kwk Alia is so inmaturee and Sid so gentleman, both Alia & Ranbir don't have an once of respect for others. Keep calm and don't worry Ranbir because Sid is not like u,he respect the girls of other men.

Sid has 0 interest in Alia right now his eyes are on Shraddha

I hardly think Ranbir would care, on the other hand, Sidharth would in fact really mind. He treated coldly and avoided her completely when meeting Modi so I doubt he would have agreed regardless.

Have u seen the Alia episode? she was so disrespectful towards Sid answering about him meanwhile he was so polite answered it, giving proper respect to her

Sid moved on he invited them to his bday party recently..

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