Ranbir Kapoor responds to Salman Khan's comment about Sanjay Dutt playing himself in the last part of the film

During Race 3 promotions, Salman Khan had said that he would have liked Sanjay Dutt to play himself in the last part of the film. Ranbir Kapoor who essays the lead role in Sanju responded to it.
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Sanjay Dutt’s biopic directed by Rajkumar Hirani will hit the theatres on June 29, 2018. Ranbir Kapoor stars in the lead role in the film. The film’s teaser has piqued audience’s curiosity and fans are waiting with bated breath to see Ranbir essay Sanjay Dutt’s life on celluloid.

During Race 3 promotions, Salman Khan was asked about the Dutt biopic. He had said that he is left wondering why Sanjay Dutt isn’t playing himself in the last 7-8 years of his life in the film. He said that he felt that Sanjay Dutt himself should have don’t it as no one can do it better than him.

Ranbir Kapoor reacted to this at a recent media interaction and said, “It has never happened that a person played himself in his own biopic. This destroys the effect of a character. I knew that I will be compared to Sanjay Dutt and that is why I have tried my best to do justice to his role.”

“Whether people see me in 40-year old Sanjay Dutt's avatar or 20-year old, they should feel that they are watching an artist who is playing Sanjay Dutt. It is correct that I cannot become a second Sanjay Dutt,” he had said.

Well, let us know your thoughts on Ranbir Kapoor’s comments.

Ranbir is on a promotional spree for the film. He will be going to various cities to promote the film. Besides Ranbir Kapoor, the film stars Dia Mirza, Paresh Rawal, Manisha Koirala, Karishma Tanna, Anushka Sharma, Vicky Kaushal and Sonam Kapoor.

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Salman Is right sunjay duty should have acted the last few years no one can be dutt he is the best

Sallu bhai needs to STFU and mind his own business.

Ranbir is a great actor and played Sanjay very well
i agree if you don’t like his personality and personal life but he has talent

Ranbir is a loser, this movie Sanju will be the biggest flop ever!
Because it has Ranbir and it is for a Gunda called Sanjay Dutt.
A Gunda is is sometimes nice in a movie but in real life, Common guys?

Even salmn is GUNDA people still watches his films...salmn has killed people, animals , ruins people s career, maliaka left arbaz but he is angry with arjun one day he will pay for all his bad deeds for sure....

Sure. Arjun is an angel and has very clear loyalties. So much so that he betrayed the man who literally changed his life by firstly training him to lose weight and then helping him foray in to films. He clearly repaid him back by first dating his sister which salman actually seemed to forgive him for and then moving on to his sister-in-law. Salman has no justified reason to be mad at arjun. Honestly why does he not like selfless and grateful arjun?

My point is salmn doesnt hate malaika but arjun though malaika is mature woman who got involved with arjun with her own wish arjun did not forced her but salmn HATES ARJUN...KAT BACKSTABBED SALMN BUT HE HATES RANBIR AND NOT KAT....

You don’t know if he hates Malaika, he hasn’t openly said so nor has he avoided her in public. Even if he hated her there is a mutual respect because she is also the mother of his brother’s child. This requires more sensitivity. Arjun could easily have avoided her even if she wanted to be with him and the situation could have been different. Meeting up at her house past midnight and trying to hide his face did no good to the already complicated circumstances.

RK never speaks ill about salman even here he only spoke what is right..salman wants prove the world whoever tries to mess with him by taking his gf that person s career will be over...But reality is nobody has taken his gfs from him Ash left him and kat backstabbed him....He has finished vivek and abhishek and now he is after Ranbir...Worst part is he is still in good terms with kat but will leave no chance to pull down Ranbir....But Ranbir dont worry "Jaako Raakhe Saaiyan Maar Sakhe Na Koi "

Actually in that entire trailer ,Ranbir did the mature Sanjay Dutt part better than he played the young man . Another thing being I sincerely don't think Sanjay Dutt at his 58 years needs a movie made about him ,he's had it better than a hell of Indians with his background & affluence which would have finished off a lesser man . And Ranbir is correct when he points out that no actor has ever played himself/herself in their own biopic . Salman has made that comment either without thinking or bcos he has his own axe to grind with Ranbir.

I feel its best to not comment if u dont like a particular person...i like salman....he's free to express his comments but he shud've said that he wud've loved to c sanjay in d last part....instead of commenting that no one can do better than sanjay....as far as katrina is concerned i dont like ppl commenting she's manipulative....coz we as commoners dont really knw wat happend betwn kat n ranbir....to blame....all have their own perspectives at diffrent points of life....n its none of r business either to say bad abt n e of them...ranbir has answered gracefully to salmans sarcasm....n has justified himself well by sayin he was just acting as sanju n he can never b sanjay dutt...

Sanjay Dutt is an established actor in his own right regardless of his personal battles that every star has had in their time. His work separately has been groundbreaking. There is only respect and admiration in a comment like no one can replace Sanjay dutt because truly he has his own position in his own right.

I love that Salman trolls this pathetic excuse of a man. He's had no hits to his credit but is still near untouchable because of his last name. He treats women as dispensible, was cowardly enough to leave his partner while she was out of the country and people still carer about what he has to say? Even Sanjay Dutt made fun of this puny brat. He deserves all the flak he gets.

Best comment

100% true

Salman is my fav actor but why is he always taking a jibe at RK is not nice.
He need to stop doing this.
Whatever happened btwn Katrina and RK is none of his business and he should not dislike a person like that. It’s becoming personal for Salman.

I love you Salman but ... give RK a break.

Agree but Kat is a cunning and manipulative woman who is using Salman to destroy rk career .She said in an interview that Salman is an emotional fool and it's easy to fool him by telling a sobbing story. Salman is known to help his friends so he is doing it.

I am a big fan of Sanjay, but RK is totally correct. Why Mary Com didn't play herself? Or Milkha Singh? Because it's a biopoc, not a doc movie. Ranbir gave a reasonable yet very polite answer. And Salman should consult with his PR team before any speaking. Almost every time he says some bullshit. Remeber his 'rape woman' comment? That was stupid and disgusting.

Bcaz Mary kom and milka Singh aren’t actors....Sanjay dutt is an actor....Salman is right....Sanjay of course can’t play his younger self but last part of the movie could be given to Sanjay as a pr stunt...it wud have taken the movie to a new level...

good point, smart girl!

Kat damaged rk image to the max in media and now using Salman to destroy rk career

Oh MAM, it is DP who destroyed RK's image in case you have poor memory

Recall your memory its KAT who destroyed RK image not DP. His image and career hit low from mid 2013.

post it plz pv u arent

Salman does not like Ranbir that’s why he says these things straight .. btw he should totally do a movie with DP..

DP won't do a movie with him anymore.

RK will not do a movie with her anymore.

Whatever makes you feel happy kat

whatever makes you happy DP, she doesnt have any movies, she is ready to do any movie with khans wait and see

Wahtever makes u happy kat. DP isnt signing films coz of her wedding. Atleast she is not licking salman feet for 15 mins role and an item songs like you.

dare not to ignore n biased

This is Sanjay dutt's Parody

Ranbir kapoor never said that saif ali khan should have been in race 3 instead of u. Then why did you comment on ranbir's work? Sanjay dutt also seemed quite happy with rk. Salman always had an attitude problem.

I agree with ranbir. Salman please mind ur own business. Rk and raju hirani business is their biz none of ur business. If sanju is a good movie it will do well if not it will not. Ranbir or any other actor has not commented on how race3 was. Aap Apni race 4 ko palatable banane mein concentrate karo bhaijaan. I am still rooting that your next film will not waste my 400 rs.

Shut up Ranbir. This movie is a flop. Though I do love Sanju and Salman.

Good retort.

Well said Salman.

I dont understand why Deepika and Salman are pissed of at Katrina and Ranbir respectively but are okay with their exes who cheated on them. Salman should snub Katrina and not Ranbir. And Deepika should patch up with Katrina and expose Ranbir's PR. Just a thought.

I don't understand why katrina is pissed with deepika? She didn't harm Katrina. Deepika did extent an olive branch to Katrina but she refused.
Pv why aren't u posting nasty comments on. Post

you mean it is ok for DP to be ok with RK, how embarrassing

You mean it is ok for Kat to be ok with Salman. how embarrassing

It is hard to hate someone you loved it’s easier to blame the other man/woman

Ya ya but it is very easy for woman like dp who has damage RK s image in media to max i dont have to repeat what all she said about RK...

It also very easy for a woman like Katrina who has damaged the rk image to the max in media. I dont have to repeat what she said about rk and his parent's.
Be fair to both the sides and post it don't ignore n biased towards dp

RK image is damaged for many many reasons not just deepika, hun

Agree. Kat is one of those reasons.
Post it

Whatever other reason are that will be taken care of...dp should make a habbit to only talking about rs and not RK..

If media ask her she have to answer it. Kat should make a habit not to talk about Salman.

Ya ta but next time make sure when you talk nonsense which you do all the time dont involve RK...Next time please say you want to smell rs s boxers...

calm down kat. make sure when you talk nonsense which you do all the time dont involve salman. Next time please say RK anyone someone

He cheated. She told. She also gave him the biggest hit of his career. Call it even?

As If RK was standing in movie doing nothing STOP talking nonsense that you gave RK his biggest hit...By 2013 entire industry was going gaga over his ACTING...Even if there was some other actress film would have still worked...Dont forget tamasha was average film...Dont you say next time you gave him his biggest hit you could say that about rs but not RK...

Yeah and 2013 is when his career ended. I don’t know about you but I couldn’t get my eyes off DP she stole every scene in YJHD and has had a dream run at the box office since. Chal you sound like a genuine RK fan so I won’t trouble you anymore. Hope his bad karma streak ends and Sanju makes a little money. God bless.


Yjhd was a big hit due to ex factor. No other actress can make it a huge hit. Kjo used thus ex thing to the max. Don't forget whatever tamasha earned it's coz of dp. Even rk admit it. After yjhd he hasn't gave any hit.

Yjhd was huge hit because because of RK and film was finely made by Ayan and NOT dp by 2013 RK was in completely different league but i know dp has no brains and she keeps talking nonsense....So dp could keep telling to herself for the rest of her life that it was huge hit because of her....

YJHD was a huge hit because of RKDP both and the ex thing. But kat has no brains and she keeps talking nonsense. so kat could keep telling herself for the rest of her life that it was a huge hit due to RK not DP when KJO, RK, and Ayan has said DP played an important role to make it a hit.

now go and ask kat that stop licking salman feet and dont try to break salman lulia like she broke RKDP.
post the truth please.

Yjhd was a huge hit due to Rkdp both. You can't deny it. I know Kat has no brains and she keeps talking nonsense. So Kat could keep telling to herself for tgexrest of her life that it was a hit coz of rk not DP. Ayan kjo rk admit that dp played a huge role in success. Truth should be posted plz pv don't ignore n biased towards dp

Whatever makes you feel better...

keep living in your own bubble DP hater. Facts are there which cant be changed,

When will dp ink rs tattoo??? And erase RK tattoo...cant stop laughing

Her tattoo is not your business Kat. When will you get movies by yourself? Can't stop laughing. Pv be fair for both sides and post

Fans can keep RK tattoo kya kare Swaariya hai hi itna yummy....Aapko pata when i want to laugh to the core i talk about tattoo....Love You Ranbir

Correct, you should have done Neetu Singh's biopic instead.

Hey peeps, go pick your own fights instead of firing guns behind Sallu's shoulders. Sanjay Dutt really wanted to act in this movie. He has dropped hints here and there and must have confided in Salman in details.

Yeah sanjay dutt confided al this to you instead of his collaborator raju hirani. Major eyeroll.

He told Hirani too and Hirani has said it all during teaser lunch.

Totally agree with Ranbir. Actually when my favourite Salman made that comment, I was like what is he saying. Sometimes its better to say no comment :)

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