Ranbir Kapoor on why he will not talk about relationship with Alia Bhatt: I just want to give it dignity

In a recent interview, Ranbir Kapoor admitted to dating Alia Bhatt and said that their relationship needs breathing space and it’s too new. He dodged the question in a recent interview.
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Ranbir Kapoor’s next film Sanju’s trailer looks promising. The actor has undergone a complete transformation to essay Sanjay Dutt in his biopic.

Ranbir was on the cover of GQ magazine’s June issue. In the interview with the publication, Ranbir talked about his personal life. He admitted to dating Alia Bhatt and said that their relationship needs breathing space and it’s too new. He also said that he does not want to over speak.

Alia Bhatt has not commented on her relationship status but was spotted on a dinner outing with Ranbir Kapoor’s family.

Ranbir Kapoor is on a promotional spree for Sanju. The film directed by Rajkumar Hirani is a much-awaited one. Ranbir is on the cover of India Today with Sanjay Dutt and Rajkumar Hirani. The trio talk about the film in the interview.

Ranbir was asked about Alia Bhatt and their relationship. He dodged the question and said, “If I keep talking about it in every interview, then that becomes the headline. I just want to give it dignity.”

He also said that he is fond of isolation. “I’m still conscious when I’m in public. I know it’s the antithesis of what I do, but it’s something I am working on. It’s important but not that much because so far I have done okay.”

Sanju is slated to release on June 29, 2018. After Sanju, Ranbir has Brahmastra, Shamshera and a film with Luv Ranjan lined up. He will be working with Ajay Devgn in Luv Ranjan’s film, whereas Brahmastra is the first of a trilogy that has been planned.


Yes , you were talking about dignity ,on kWk ,when you said the first thing you notice in woman is lips,and. Back side! Very dignified ! The current has neither!


buhahaha thats savage

I would believe a fake blind about rk meeting mk thn bs lies about giving dignity

Agree kjo/Alia/ rk have created a circus. I wish he was still with mk thn his fans would not have to see this nonsense by kjo/ Alia.

Ranbir please keep your kachada to yourself! Do even get to of think dignity !

Dignity shignity kab ka bhej kaya aap teeno ne.

Hahaha too funny! RK you are comical!! Must be high!

Do you know what dignity is... The treatment meted out to your ex gfs.. Shame on you.

If you read the comments on YouTube under his interviews, a lot of people say he is so genuine and humble and down to earth. It’s like he has people convinced he is a decent person. I feel it’s only the few of us on Pinkvilla that see through his fakeness and that in reality he is vile. I wouldn’t ever trust anything he says.

Some y tube sites deleted out truthful comments! Thank god for PV, you can vent out the truth!

Yes I have observed that too
Not even 1 negative comment on Sanju parody
I think YouTube and twitter are rigged for sure
Hope pinkvilla also doesn’t get rigged soon

People on YouTube are dumb.They call Ranbir as down to earth & Varun as arrogant when in reality it's the opposite.

I think his behaviour is bcos he iscontrolled bu
I wish rishi just takes over n puts some sense in him
His personal life is ruining all good work he is doin

We can all agree the dignity train has left your station quite few years ago.

Ha ha ha good one


the relationship will only have dignity if you yourself have dignity. ranbir has leaked pictures of deepika, katrina and mahira. and in mahira's case it actually created cause to be concerned for her safety. and then he talks about dignity.

How do you know he leaked pics of all those ladies? Is there any proof....if yes, plz provide it.

No other artists have peak leaks like he does,the girls will not do this ! Every one knows about this, this is why they know what he is capable of! Time will bring all this out!

ranbir idea of giving dignity to a relationship is leaking pics thn dumping them when things get tough and moving on to next one

I just do not get this entertainment business. Do people really fake relationships for fame and money? Is this really a new marketing gimmick?how will the film work with their affairs
I mean story and direction is important right, What is the connection here? can someone enlighten me?

It seem like RK is the most hated celebrity in Bollywood.not sure if this is couple is fake or not but why so much hate? Yes If it is fake do not click on the link and write comments here that is giving them more publicity..

Ranbir and dignity can't be in the same sentence. I hope he knows that everytime he opens his mouth to talk about love and life he is making us laugh

Biggest mistake of aliaz career ... alia if you are reading this im not going to watch your movie anymore for dating this womenizer...

I feel like slapping these 2 people so hard

Ranbir you are such a brilliant actor why are you damaging your image time and again.. If you have found love in Alia that's great but keep it private until you decide to get marry her.Because people have seen your previous relationships.So they don't believe.Why are you making yourself to look so bad.I think you are good person but going in wrong direction.. Suggestion from a well-wisher..pv please post it

Arre in your last interview you denied to comment on it.. I thought that was good.. Now you started talking again in the name of dignity.. Haha

The moment Ranbir said that Katrina is the best actress it was clear he is a liar and a fake, ever Katrina herself says she is not the best actress.


Fake Fake Fake!!!

This trio of low IQ people think that the audience is as dumb as them.

I don't know why people are getting angry.They are making us laugh with their dumbness in this stressful world.This is a great comedy show.

i sincerely thank Kjo,Ranbir & Alia for making us laugh by making a fool of themselves.

dear ranbir,you are always going to be a low life & an unsuccessful actor.you will never be able to reach the levels of varun & ranveer.you are just a woman user & manipulator.

my ears are bleeding after hearing his nonstop blah blah blah statements.

is there any dignity left?

Kat and DP do not ooze that much dignity as Aalia does so it is very natural for Ranbit Kapoor to say that. I wish Aalia and Ranbir all the best

Deepi and Kat never talk about getting married and babies, or confirmed their link uo in less then a month, like wannabe, hot looking beauties , copy cat, alia! she thinks getting link up with him give her that status, no, however, your are consider a link up queen , get link up with all co stars! For you alia, what dignity got to do with it!

Ok Ranbir

aalia ozzes nothig she is so dumb. even this fakery cannot do it properly

I guess all the time they both .....talk about their relationship..

Stop with the hate.

The interviewers must stop asking those questions and these people must stop printing that message as a headline.

He admitted and now give them some space.
Don't click on the link if you don't want to read

Hate is kinda getting annoying.

I'm not even a Ranbir fan. But stop with all the hate. If you don't like the interview, do no click on the link.

All the hate is kinda getting annoying now.

His blah blah statements are also annoying.

Good on u ranbir.. for people who are saying that’s all he talked about in his interview well wat do u expect? These hungry pple interviewing him want to know so ranbir being in a happy place said how he feels about alia. And now pple media becoming obsessed with them he’s realised he shouldn’t have said anything. Like he said, he said what he wanted to say and now he shouldn’t have to carry on talking about it which is fair. Best wishes to Ranbir-Alia love this couple!!!

you are in delusion .. all this for his film .. you think actor canot filter what questions media will ask especially one to one interview ? ... If he doesnt want to talk he will not
Ranbir is a qossip queen its his jop to be in news this makes him happy .. I havent seen a fake person like him .. using ex , leaking pictures , using fake statments about his new girl...

People in the media are obsessed with this drama because Kjo has paid them to be obsessed.

We didn’t expect nonsensical stuff that makes him sound high ...you talk about old tricks becoming new and water becoming sherbet then prepare to be ridiculed my friend!

Hi Jerry !

Oh wow he has spoken abt alia more than the movie n now talking abt dignity...god ranbir u r the biggest loser in bw jst ewww

people stress no alia/ranbir is modled after dp/rs they will go from PR to pyar and marry now stop with your BS BW ppl

lol.. this screams FAKE

Ranbir can’t even spell ‘dignity’, leave alone understand what ‘dignity’ means. What low depths Ranbir and his family have sunk to - using women and telling lies. The Kapoors never treated women well but this is a terrible low, even by their standards.

Well said Ranbir..all the best

What,after you go public , there is no U turn,back to private ! Press needs to call him on this one! It will exposed the fake link up!

He is NOT gonna marry until he is over 40. Charlie Sheen of Bollywood is gonna try his best to get as much of action as possible till he gets old.

I just suddenly came across an article about Arab goswami and now this.Boy! Am I having the worst nightmare or what!!!!

Sanju promo strategy: blah blah alia alia blah love blah marriage privilege blah blah sherbet circus dignity.

Good one mate! So true!

oh yes now that sanjay promotions are done both will stop taling about till their movie comes out and alia has to focus on talking about varun anyway

Good Ranbir, keep it up. Building up a relationship itself is hard, to do it in public eye is even harder. Please keep it private. Good luck both personal and professional front. God bless you.

Bro then shut up

Someone please tell me why is this annoying man so much in the news.Guys please stop writing about him.He gets on my nerves.

Has anyone noticed how he just never addresses her name? He just talks into thin air, about something, about someone, no one explicitly...its getting on my nerves! Stop the charade!

mission done .

you used Alia in all interviews and your plan to grap headlines for next release.

dont act innocent after you have been trolled.

Shut up we are not interested

You cannot dignify a lie, Ranbir

LOL, after using the link up to the max , how can he even say this!

ok i got it you will not talk about Alia till tomorrow lol
never thought i’ll say that but seems like he is more desperate than her

..............All this with 4 posts per day for the last 2 weeks ! Good job guys !

I bet he thinks dignity is one of the positions......

My goodness, someone punch me on my face

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