Ranbir Kapoor: Would love to do a sports-centric film

Ranbir Kapoor says he would love to do a sports-centric film which tells the inspirational story of any Indian athlete.
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Bollywood star Ranbir Kapoor, who is set to play a football match for a cause, says he would love to do a sports-centric film which tells the inspirational story of any Indian athlete.

If he had to do a film on a sportsperson, who would it be and why?

"It's a tough question! We've a lot of athletes in the country and every story is worth listening to (and) will inspire others. I would personally love to do a sports-centric film sometime on any athlete who has made the nation proud," Ranbir told IANS in an email interaction.

The actor is one of the 18 Bollywood celebrities from the All-Star Football Club (ASFC), including Abhishek Bachchan, Arjun Kapoor, Kartik Aaryan and Dino Morea, who will play a friendly match to support Magic Bus Foundation's goal to help 2,000 underprivileged children.

Magic Bus Foundation has associated with crowd-funding platform ImpactGuru.com in an initiative backed by GS Worldwide Entertainment to create awareness and raise funds for underprivileged children in 77 districts across 22 Indian states. The campaign, #GivingGoals, aims to raise Rs 60 lakh towards these programmes

Ranbir is an ardent football fan.

"Everything about football excites us (ASFC members)! Playing induces adrenaline, explains the basics of teamwork and its importance. As a viewer too, it is the most involving game for audiences. Every minute, every second of it has something exciting for both the players and audiences," Ranbir said.

The film industry keeps playing friendly sports matches off and on for noble causes.

"Sports in India is picking up and growing exponentially as a culture. We're lucky to be a part of this process and it makes us proud whenever we can contribute to this positive trend," added the actor, who is training hard to beat his seasoned opponents, who he believes have an "athletic edge" over his team.

There's an opportunity for fans of AFSC stars to join the celebrities in raising funds. 

Jayant Rastogi, CEO, Magic Bus India Foundation, is overwhelmed by the support pouring in from some of the well-known celebrities of Indian cinema.

"We have been fighting against poverty by ensuring children and young adults have a holistic education. Through this association, we hope to continue developing the skills today's children require for a secure, stable and bright career," he said.

Celebrity support in coming together to mobilise their fans from around the world to raise funds for a cause is heartening, said ImpactGuru.com's CEO and Co-founder Piyush Jain.

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RK can hire a script writer and essay a real or fictional story about sport based character, male lead, and find a good director , I am sure RK will not have hard time finding a producers to bank roll this project, if he really wants to do this, because he will be great in it!

Love u rk u r really hot

Ranbir neh abhi role bhi nhi kiya n jelous souls lol

Maybe he can do Virat kohlis biopic sometime later that would be epic

Ranveer is doing one, suddenly you want it? Sorry you cant grab this one like you did Bombay Velvet...those times when you could wield that kinda move are over

Ranbir maybe a good actor but he does not have the range or versatility to carry roles out of his comfort zone. He can do only urban roles with variations of a man trying to find himself, achieve something, lover boy, loser or a commitment phobe. Whenever he tried to do something out of his range like a street fighter in Bombay Velvet or a ott, small town criminal in Besharam he failed miserably. This sports biopic is bound to flop if Ranbir is in it.

Him doing sport biopic would be like Shraddha doing it right now with the Saina Nehwal one. They don't know what hard work is. When was the last time he underwent any strain or physical transformation for a role? The only difference between him and Abhishek Bachchan is that Ranbir can act. The laziness level is the same.

Not everyone wants to be Ranveer actually every actor goes through a phase of success which ranbir has before Ranveer so it’s pathetic what people say seriously rk is way talented rk will show u all with Dutt wait n watch!!!!!!!

please stay away from sport

every actor wants what ranveer have

Sports Biopic and RK gives Bombay Velvet vibes .... Heeeheee heeeeeheeeeee , oye pls stop killing us with your raula thobda ... U sounds good with EX stories.

Kya baat hai article in Pinkvilla related to Ranbir Kapoor, without mentioning any actresses names or link up. Wah wah wah wah...ghadha kahi ka.

Sudden change in his PR article. Hmmm full Makeover.. Trying to do macho role. And you. You are good in Ae dil hai mushkil role. Most of the role RK did truly matches him. A very non committed playboy , Jo hawa mein har waqth udna chahtha hai...

And finish that sport there itself, if does sports biopic, it will become Bombay Velvet 2. Chodna bhaiya, tu channa meraya gatha reh.

And finish that sport there itself, Bombay Velvet 2 it will be.

Lol, him and sports?
Like few weeks back in AIB broadcast he said he is sick of all sports biopics.. I wonder how come he changed his mind..Is someone else doing it and he wants a piece, too?>

love you RK <3 <3 <3

Haaahaaaaa haaaaaahaaaa

Yuvraj singh biopic please

Yea why not my love

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