Rang De Basanti star Siddharth takes a jibe at Akshay Kumar’s apolitical chat with PM Narendra Modi

Akshay Kumar and his apolitical chat with PM Narendra Modi has been the talk of the town. Now, Rang De Basanti actor Siddharth took to Twitter to take a jibe at the Khiladi. Take a look.
Rang De Basanti star Siddharth takes a jibe at Akshay Kumar’s apolitical chat with PM Narendra Modi
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If there is one Bollywood actor who has become the centre of everyone’s attention, it is none other than Akshay Kumar. The star of films like Holiday, Baby, Rustom, Padman, Toilet: Ek Prem Katha and more, has been making headlines lately due to his ‘apolitical’ interview with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Post that interview, many people attacked Akshay Kumar on social media and his recent missing from the polls in Mumbai have made people question his citizenship a lot. 

Amidst all this, now, Rang De Basanti actor Siddharth also has taken a jibe at Akshay Kumar’s apolitical interview with PM Narendra Modi. In a sarcastic tweet, Siddharth took a dig at Akshay’s citizenship status as well as his interview with the Prime Minister of India. Siddharth in his tweet tagged President Of the United States of America and requested him to give him a chance to interview him about his life. 

Siddharth mentioned that he had some apolitical questions for him regarding his food and sleep habits. While ending the tweet, Siddharth took a dig at Akshay’s citizenship and wrote that he has an Indian passport. Siddharth’s tweet was an indirect jibe at Akshay Kumar’s citizenship controversy and his interview with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Siddharth wrote, “Hey @realDonaldTrump since you're getting ready to be re-elected soon, might I suggest an interview with me during your elections? I have crucial questions about how you eat fruit, your sleep and work habits and also your cute personality. I have an Indian passport. DM me please.”

Check out the tweet:

Yesterday, Akshay also released a statement clarifying that he holds Canadian citizenship but he also mentioned that he hasn’t been to Canada for seven years and also is working in India itself. He even felt devastated on seeing that his love for India was being questioned because of him missing from the polls. The whole controversy began after a reporter asked Akshay the reason about his absence from the polls and he said, “Chaliye Chaliye.”

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This is what u call a real hero. And pls dont bother defending this Khiladi Kumar. The fake deshbhakt trolls online would have made mincemeat out of SRK and Aamir had THEY not been Indian citizens.

Go Sid!! So proud of you! Keep fighting the good fight. Mr Canadian Funnybones only interested in making money through the ruling party. But where is Ms Kangana? Cat got her tongue?? How come no political opinions??

Did not know that we need to have citizenship of India to love India.
Akshay interviewed , person he respects. So what is wrong? Well , Siddharth likes Trump looks like, he can certainly try to interview him. No need to be sarcastic about other's actions , which was not bad in the first place.

amazing! and to those uneducated north indians wondering who siddharth is..aise hote hain south ke heros...true patriots who speak truth to power. not fake canadian deshbhakts

Sidhdhard who? Must be some third grade person, looking for 2 mins of fame taking name of Famous people

I don't think any NRI is offended... NRIs work and live in other countries, love India and they serve their respective country but still adore India and know their limitations. But Akshay is a hypocrite... He could have had Indian citizenship and yet owned properties anywhere in the world but he chose to disown the citizenship yet use the country as a tool to earn enormous money by selling his lies and morality... You see the difference?? Don't talk abt NRIs getting offended, they live with integrity not like akshay.

Siddharth has always been a standup guy. I remember his hard work during the Tamil Nadu floods. As for Akshay Kumar... does he really think he is doing India a service by playing "journalist" with Modi?

Siddharth is much better than Akshay Kumar. He doesn't do mindless films, does a lot of charity work and is normally the first person on the scene when there is a natural calamity. Several famous personalities were offered honorary citizenship like AR Rahman etc...this doesn't give you the passport automatically unless you apply in which case you lose Indian citizenship. AR Rahman and others were gracious enough not to take up citizenship but Akshay chose to, it's his choice but he also contributed to corruption where he was conferred the Padma award which is only meant for Indians. I live abroad and I have accepted the nationality of the country that offered me work, I am sad that I no longer hold Indian nationality, however if I didn't have to migrate in search of a job and was in Akshay's position I would consider myself very fortunate. I carry India in my heart, the day the govt allows dual nationality I will get my Indian passport. Please don't talk about Siddharth without knowing his intentions and good work

Akshay applied for Canadian Visa after 1984 riots. He got his nationality in 1995

LOL!! What lies! it never took that long to get citizenship. he did it in exchange for money and tourism returns. kuchh bhi???

To the poster below who said all the NRIs are feeling offended, well I'm an NRI and I already posted against this hypocrite in another article. I am an Indian born Canadian who moved to Canada at the age of 3. So, Canada is my home but I also love India. I live, work, pay taxes and vote in Canada because it's my home. I visit India every year because I have a connection that runs very deep. The problem with Akshay is that he lives, works and pays taxes in India but doesn't vote anywhere (he could vote in Canada but chooses not to). He will go wherever he makes money however, selling whatever. He can own property in Canada (he just has to pay the extra taxes involved) and still be an Indian citizen, there is absolutely no reason for him to have a Canadian citizenship other than for ease of travel and choice (because he cherishes his money too much to pay the extra). He is a huge hypocrite. So please he's nothing like other NRIs.

Who is this guy???

There are many instances where American officials are interviewed by non-americans. Trevor Noah etc. If siddharth is contributing something to the US it isn't such a ridiculous proposition at all. Its time to worry about Rahul gandhi nationality and the fraud he has played witb the Indians, parliament and the constitution. No one prevented RG from giving an interview of his own with the, 600 and odd artists who are rooting for him.. The issue is no one is bothered about him and clearly the nation is rooting for modi!

Siddarth is an educated, well rounded guy, he helps in lots of charities in and around Chennai..I like him, he only states the truth..there is a large disparity between religions since Mr. Modi came into power..I do support him, but he needs to really take a stance in these issues

fake deshbhakt canadian kumar

That was quiet a smart post by SId

Siddharth makes sense


Lol !

I wonder how much tax this loser Siddharth pays or charity work he does to say that...Akshay is one of highest tax payers and helps India in so many disasters. He may not be an Indian passport holder but that doesn't make his love for this country any less....

All Indian NRI's are feeling offended. This is ridiculous. Going on and on on somthing which has no legal standing. People are making their own assumptions and are really looking foolish.

Haha le li kanedian kumar ki

Super comment. Way to go Siddharth

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