Rangoli ATTACKS those supporting Hrithik Roshan, says Kangana Ranaut has always fought her battles alone

Rangoli hits out at those supporting Hrithik Roshan in his fight against Kangana Ranaut.
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Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan's infamous verbal battle is now a spectacle for the audience. While many are simply irritated with this never-ending saga, the controversy doesn't seem to die down anytime soon. 

After Farhan Akhtar, Yami Gautam among others have openly extended their support to Roshan, Rangoli took to Twitter to hit out at them saying that Kangana has always fought her battle alone and doesn't need anyone's support.

In a series of tweets, Rangoli said, "These small minded people should know Kangana is not here to fight them, she has a higher purpose and bigger cause, when they laugh at her, gang up on her and humiliate her the joke is on them."

Check out the tweets here:

During an interview with a leading channel, Hrithik had earlier said,  "I first met her in 2008-2009. I found her to be extremely, extremely professional, not just in Kites, but through Krrish as well, to the extent that I was really, really proud of her. She came with her dialogues, and she was giving everything she had for my movies, and for an actor to give so much to my movies meant a lot. I was extremely proud of her, and I told her that several times.”

Hrithik and Kangana’s fight started in January 2016, when she referred to him as her ‘silly ex’, which did not go too well with him. Hrithik retaliated in a tweet, and the two have since then exchanged several legal notices, even more open letters, disclosed intimate details about their alleged affair and now it seems that the fight is not going to end anytime soon.


Why 36 yrs old Aunty using pregnant sister to abuse others?

dont worry kangana.let everyone (chamchaas of bollywood) support hrithik cauz u know what,suar jhund me aate hain sher toh akela aata hai and u r a sherni. more power 2 u

dont worry kangana.let everyone (chamchaas of bollywood) support hrithik cauz u know what,suar jhund me aate hain sher toh akela aata hai and u r a sherni. more power 2 u

These sisters English is as pathetic as them

Rangoli needs to change her name to Twitteroli!

For the God's sake and sake of peace of entire India, can someone explain Kangana "NO means NO" !!!!!

Poor HR looking haggard and uncle-like - isnt aging well

Poor KR . Angoor khate hn. Hrithik looks good and aging backwards. Kr aunty looks ugly and not aging well. Please post

Yaar i never found Hritik hot, he is such a Bhai-sahab as we say in delhi. Off putting

Then go n have an eye test. He is hot and world says this. I never find behen ji KR hot and pretty. She looks so evil.

Hritik PR thodi sharam Karo! Itne din kharab hain that u have to quote lowlife like KRK!


U better b patient n understand that Kangy is low pros why she will have shame go away

Whoa! HR PR on fire! Wish Harvey W effect in Bollywood and then we will see Hritik and co running for cover...


On the contrary, people should have shared their minds about KR's lack of honesty/integrity on this matter much earlier.

On the contrary, people should have shared their minds about KR's lack of honesty/integrity on this matter much earlier.

Hritik needs to get this woman to tie him a rakhi and call it a day! lol

We are all forgetting a simple basic point here - anybody who uses email know that we only reply to an email - and there will always be a email thread - u know what I mean - like if you scroll down you can see the other persons reply and top will be our reply and so on - if you are in a relationship and communicating daily stuffs that's the basic nature - no body sends a fresh email
This proves that kangana was delusional

Pinkvilla is paid by KR

I agree. This is the only website I see lots of biased for Kangana and the way I observe, I am thinking Kangan's paid PR folks are monitoring and responding here to save the last impression...
Well, this site represent small portion of population while whole world knows the truth....
Lets see if pinkvilla let me post this or not

All of these guys need to chill and focus on the purpose of life or something lol!!! Its getting more ridiculous by the day

PV is becoming KR Website... biased!!!

hrithik should let his sister deal with rangoli

Ranaut sisters have some bad habits. I think Kangana doesn't even know Hrithik that well as even in her e-mails, she alludes to some news articles and stories she read about him and her opinions on it. Rangoli herself mentioned the gossip article she read about Susanne and Arjun. It shows that they really had no access to those people themselves. Kangana was acting like an obsessed fangirl but took it too far. She should have kept a diary instead for all her ramblings. Maybe the affair was Kangana's delusional wishful thinking. It affected Hrithik because people actually believed it but if it was so one-sided after all, I don't see why Hrithik could feel that threatened by it. As per him, he had already told half the industry his version of events. Now the public now it too. If he has cleared his name, what more would he want? Anything else would mean getting too involved.

I think Hrithik's right. Kangana added a lot of masala to her AKA stories, she almost tried to make it entertaining and funny. I believe there was no relationship, physical or otherwise between them and I could not believe the blinds at the time of their film release about Kangana and Hrithik. It turns out that she was one sidedly creating news of their supposed relationship. Now I wonder what all the imposter/ hacker must have done for Hrithik to be paying for all this. Will there be a court date for real this time? As per Hrithik, his first legal notice was a warning only, not a legal case and it was supposed to be private and confidentional. This year, however, he has filed as real legal case against her. What will come of it?

Except that Rangoli is biting and sniping at everyone from her twitter account. So no Kangana has Rangoli fighting her battles.

Why are people making judgement already!! Verdict is NOT out yet!! Wait and watch (read) PinkVilla.

Rangoli, just shut up and go about your life and business peacefully. People care a damn about you and your sister personally. If at all she has any popularity it is because of her professional work. So stop considering yourself some out of the world celebrities and go about your work silently. Today you have it tomorrow you might not so ask your sister to mind her professional business and not to meddle with others in the industry or outside.

Talk about chor ke dari me tinka! HR first claimed he was silly-ex and now making multiple media appearances to claim he is not the ex. His fans and PR went nuts celebrating his "dignified silence", and now look at Hrithik's multiple media appearances and PR over drive to stay in the news to bury Kangana. what happened to staying silent?
Hrithik is providing excellent lessons on how to flip 180 degrees about everything you say.
Knew him to be a cheater, now he is a certified liar too.

Chor ki dari mein tinka KR is hiding after her lies are exposed. Hr didn't claimed but kangana called him. Multiple? Onlyvtwice that too to give his version of the story. Why are you complaining.? When hecwas silent you were like he is a coward and gulity bcoz he is not speaking. Every one celebrate hos dignified silence coz he acts very graceful not mudslinging and slandering anyone like these undignified and ungraceful sisters. When kangana made multiple apperances and lie you have no issue oh she is brave and when he gave 2 interviews which is his right so you have problem. Why would he remained silent? Enough is enough. You are blaming him just coz your idol lies are exposed by solid proofs. Kangana is lying and change the teuth , fools like you trust her. Knew her to be a stalker but she is a certified liar too. Post pv plz don't ignore this and biased towards hrithik.

why do people keep mentioning kangana is a strong woman as if it proves her innocence. Are you that blind and pathetic to call her strong?

Why do people keep mentioning he’s handsome as if it proves his innocence? Are you pathetic stans that much in love with looks?

Just stop it u psycho sisters

why do people keep mentioning kangana is a strong woman as if it proves her innocence. Are you that blind and pathetic to call her strong?

Watch krk interview regarding these two you will know who is right and who is wrong ! Kangana stop this negative publicity it wont take you anywhere .. theres difference btw being dignified and being nasty and straightforward

krk seriously?? the man is a joke!

KRK had the guts to reveal when a powerful producer like KJo tried to bribe him for a positive review.

He got it right this time. Destroys Kangana's accusations with her own words and logic.

Kangana is starting promotions early and trying to create a single empowered woman narrative, see right thru it

Can they all just shut up and leave us alone? Focus on your work now.

I want to watch DARR's remake. Starring Hritik Roshan (as Juhi Chawla) and Kangana Ranaut (as SRK).

I thought that's what we were watching :P

If a man was to claim that he even had a fling with a particular woman in public, it would have been called an harrasment even if it is the truth. Here kangana without even having a relationship is claiming to have been stalked harassed and that she was in a relationship without even proof. Her main agenda is to defame and hurt hrithik because he refused her advances. She is lucky to have the protection of outdated Indian laws to her advantage.

Move on to next target RunOut sisters and battle it out, repeating the lies again and again is too boring, at least make it believable.

Then why is Rangoli her mouthpiece ?

Dear kangana and Rangoon, you must remember if it was fling it was consensual. But if it is a relationship as you both are claiming please come up with better evidence than a manipulated random photo and one sided mails. Talent and success are irrelevant when it comes to conduct and character.

women who are cribbing about kangana here and putting her down - one thing you dont notice.. kangana is fighting this battle not just for herself, but for all you women. next time you are stalked or harassed by a man or blackmailed where a man shares your private pics, you will feel much more vocal and stronger to stand up for yourself. And then you will feel a sense of power and safety - you know where that comes from? that comes from women like kangana standing up for themselves even though its been in the news that long, not giving up on justice. The result of this effort now, is empowerment for women in the future.

Really? So why does she talk about the alleged harassment only when her movie is about to release? She is serving herself, I'm sorry to say. Let the scales fall from your eyes and see the truth. Kangana clearly has issues. She's attacking someone's reputation and all she got for evidence is not a goddamn thing! Rangoli should shut up and let the authorities deal with the case.

What a joke. A selfish women like kangana is fighting battle for all women. Why she didn't fight this battle when she claimed she was physically abused? She is fighting battle now to link her name to hritik. Don't spread more lies.

Except that it is clear as day, that SHE was the one doing the harassing and stalking and tried really hard to cover her tracks with lies.

Where is she fighting for justice ? In “aap ki adalat”? Is that a place where women should seek for justice? I am all for supporting brave women who fight for justice in courts and with facts and evidences. What Kangana is doing is called reality television where nothing is real ofcourse

Very well said. All these HR supporters are delusional, hater and jealous and scared of strong women like Kangy. nubaLIMBU

All these KR supporters are delusional, blind, hater and sacred of hot and handsome man like Hrithik. Amna Khan

You're so up HR's backside that's how I guess you know that he is hot right? Lol nubaLIMBU

And you are up to your eyeballs in Kangana's non existent cleavage that you think she is strong LOL We don't need Kangana to stand up for ourselves. Any woman having an extra marital affair with a man knowingly and as a habit should be open to the risks associated with it. Slandering someone without a hint of proof is criminal. Anyone can claim they had an affair with someone. Without a proof, it is of no use.

Keep on repeating the same few phrases....blah blah blaaaaaah!!! I don't really care. You still haven't managed to control my mind. nubaLIMBU

100% thank you.

Please don’t put us all in Kangana catagory. She is fighting for herself promoting herself nothing else

Please, Kangana is fighting for herself not all women. She is the one who was stalking and harassing a man for saying NO to her. Her emails prove its one-sided while her lie of getting engaged in Paris is nailed down by solid proof. She threatens him to scar for the life if he rejected her. Who sent such pics to a married man? Strange you are still supporting a woman like Kangana who is ruining women image and changing the meaning of feminism. Is this feminism? Hrithik is fighting for all men who are stalked and harassed by women like kangana but no one trusts them. How can you support this woman? Get your facts right, he didn't leak those pics but her PR did otherwise she would have created a huge roar by now. This not woman empowerment at all but a disgrace to all women . psot it plz its a fact.

Hrithik is the third most handsome man in the world, the superstar from 1st film, 2nd most handsome man in Asia. 4 times filmfare award winner, 5th highest paid actor in Bollywood. The first superhero of India, Got the best body in Bollywood. He has dignity, class, grace. One of the most loved actors. LArge no of his fans is KIDS. Most kissed celeb at Tussad. Who is Kangana?

Enough of bragging about yourself Hrithik. But these things will not give you permission to do whatever you want with others, especially flirting with females. PV please post

Stop talking to Hrithik in your dreams kangana. Are you a witness of him flirting with females? he doesn't need to do anything. These things are enough for any female to throw themselves on him. Like you try to seduce him with dirty emails and pics. PV PLEASE POST DARE NOT TO IGNORE PLEASE.

Ok I got it....you want to throw yourself on him. Wish you were in Kangana's place don't you? Pv please post

Every one is not character less like kangana to throw herself at men. Lol no one wish to be kangana post plz

Stop talking to Hrithik in your dreams kangana. Are you a witness of him flirting with females? he doesn't need to do anything. These things are enough for any female to throw themselves on him. Like you try to seduce him with dirty emails and pics. PV PLEASE POST DARE NOT TO IGNORE PLEASE.

Stop talking to Hrithik in your dreams kangana. Are you a witness of him flirting with females? he doesn't need to do anything. These things are enough for any female to throw themselves on him. Like you try to seduce him with dirty emails and pics. PV PLEASE POST DARE NOT TO IGNORE PLEASE.

Good question. Now who is Kangana?? Here are the answers.
1. Aditya pancholi's ex
2. Adyaman's ex
3. britain guy's ex
4 Ajay's ex( I dont know whether it is true or not)
5 Desperate to be Hrithik's ex. Super desp for what matter.
I salute the guy who wants to date her next. Big salute now itself.

The British guy is also imaginary.

No , even though I am not a Kangana supporter in this matter she doesn’t have an identity as anyone’s ex. She dated insignificant creepy men and what ever place she had made in Indian film industry that’s her talent and effort. Just she seems to have desperately tried to change her dating insignificant men image by getting into some mess. This is the problem she Created for herself. Her credibility as an actress is being sidelined due to this unnecessary drama.

Such a sexist way of thinking. A woman has no worth to you on her own? She's established herself as an actor much more than Hrithik has, or Ajay, r Aditya Pancholi. She can eat those guys for breakfast and out act them any time and in case you forgot the only reason you know these people is because they're in the FILM industry not because of gossip scandals. ACTING is their job, and she is better at it than any of the people you have mentioned, so why should she only be known as someone's ex? She has her own career story. As for where Kangana is today - Hrithik is truly the only one who has publicly lied by saying that he never knew Kangana socially and saying that he never had a fight in his life. We've known that he has had disagreements with people before (most recently with SRK over the Raees Kaabil clash), somehow for some reason his wife divorced him whether there was a huge blowout fight or more like the marriage wasn't worth a fight there is still some disagreement there, and he's the one that leaked emails publicly while telling people he's not doing anything but following the law. Now tell me will you rather believe the person who "could" be lying and has yet to prove their relationship, or the person who has lied already and can't disprove their relationship? Hrithik is the one that wants to prove they never knew each other, so he's the one that needs to prove that! Kangana doesn't need to prove anything, anything she has said so far has been in retaliation to Hrithik's claims about not knowing her socially and the emails,etc. Hrithik is the man on a mission here.

Hrithik has submitted his laptop and other gadgets, his passport and phone records for the past seven years to the police - in response to her baseless slandering.Maligning someone without any proof is criminal. Anyone can do it. Simply come out with an interview stating a star celeb had an affair with them, and gain sympathy through genuine issues like nepotism, gender discrimination, etc. Its easy. To give her credibility, Where are her evidence?

Sexist way of thinking...Lol.....seriously lol.....She wants to be tagged ex....she wants it badly...How can I be a sexist by merely writing stuff that she proclaims herself to be. I cannot stop laughing for kind of fights that hrithik had and comparing to the stuff that kangana had. She can move on and continue with her movies.....but no ...madam wants to desperately be tagged hrithik's ex just before her movies are released....where is the she when movie was in the making...why was she silent ....What mission is hrithik on??? crazy ppl

Long essay. Hrithik didnt lie that he never know her but said on a personal level. Kangana lied truly to say i was engaged to him in Paris and had 7 yrs of relationship. Hrihtik SRK never had a fight and there is a difference between fight and disagreement. Both of them handle it in a nice manner and supported both movies. Kindly dont drag his divorce and EX wife here. Its not about her. i can too say Kangana sister must have done something that she was attacked by an acid. Hrithik has already proved that there was NO relationship and with proofs. its kangana who accused him so she is the one who has to prove the relationship and engagment. How dumb youa re to say she doesn't need to prove anything. Why? she accused him , ahan means you too know she has nothing to prove as she is lying. When you fight a legal battle both the parties needs to prove their point and give pieces of evidence. Who will you believe a person who gives his devices and proved her claims wrong or the one who morphed a pic and claim to date hi or 7 yrs while she dated 2 other men in these 7 yrs. Yes he doenst know her socially. Meeting costars during movie promotions and making doesn't means you know them socailly. Kangana is a stalker. I m surprised how you stills supporting her. Kangana is the woman on a mission her. Dying to get his EX-tag.
dare not to ignore this truth

For what reason will kangana drag hrithik to court??? So only thing these sisters can do is type whatever they want on social media and give " just before movie release interviews" to garner attention .... Lol....She has no proof of an imaginary relationship. The only proof they have is a party photo which was cropped and made to look as if it is a real pic. The only thing she can do is talk about so called affairs she had....blaaah blaaaah blaaah....she still has queen hangover...please see the reality.
Why does she want to speak about her affair now. What does she want. So she wants something.That is clear. So it is just movie publicity.people gave her what she wanted . gave attention to her stupid interviews and stopped watching her movie.Sisters dont want to stop. want to continue this" I had an affair" I had an affair" I had an affair" continuous rant.

where is kangnaa hiding? when will she speak? OH in 2018 when her movie will come. Same boring stuff and allegations with NO proof. lol

where is kangnaa hiding? when will she speak? OH in 2018 when her movie will come. Same boring stuff and allegations with NO proof. lol

I may salute and support Kangana on Nepotism issues, Aditya Pancholi scandal, Adaya Suman scandal, making on her own in this industry.....BUT on Hritik case, I guess she was wrong. So its best not to drag on the story and move on...because you're such a talented actress.

Slandering someone, maligning someone's name by suggesting affair without proof is criminal. It impacts a persons general well being in the society and creates unnecessary tensions to his loved ones. Either she can produce any proof or evidence or she can just shut up and stop claiming she had an affair with him. Now that he has accused her of stalking him, she better produce proof to back her claims or go to jail.

We have to drag the story and send the stalker to jail or people will have no respect for law and order.

Agree with u . Move on kangna .just do ur work. Whatever be the outcome of it we would like to see u Excel in ur career . Don't waste time here. Leave this chapter behind .pls don't give statement anymore.just move on gracefully. If u do that u would love u more . Pls pls keep our request. Lots of live

Sadly doubt if she would have any career left after all that she did. If Manikarnika flops she'd be the ex actress not the ex of Hrithik Roshan

HR is the world's third most handsome man who is Kangana

A stalker :P

Don't let the Bollywood save married actors form you Kangana go get em earn the tag of Hrithik's ex

To all the haters, I like and have a lot of respect for Kangy no matter how much you lot try to fill my soul with hatred and embarrassment for supporting her. Kangy focus on yourself, keep on improving yourself every hour, keep on moving forward and upwards. You can do it. Do your best. You're one of a kind, don't let Bollywood and the world easily replace and forget about you. Fighting!!! nubaLIMBU

I agree. They are trying to influence her fandom by such nasty comments. But they don't realize her FANS ARE JUST AS INVINCIBLE AS HER! Jao kuch bhi karlo tum log. WE STAND WITH KANGANA!

Yeah, she's all that Western talk for 3rd world audience but needs to be in jail otherwise people will continue to stalk each other without any fear.

Any man who will marry this woman has a long way to go. lool

Tweeter shut down Rose Mcgowan's account!! This is how it works. This is why no one has come to KR support!! And industry will always take industry side especially they know if they don't they will never get a job.

i think we r tired..just give it a break ranaut sisters..its gone on for tooooo long..

It's not me hiding behind Rangoli's account yours truly Kangana

its you kangana, your irrelevant tweets and the language uses in your mail matches. silly stalker. yours truly sensible person

Someone please aak kangana to be bold as she acts to be abd speak by herself not hiding behind her sister account.

I remember reading Kangana and Rangoli interview. I thought such a strong women. Then came news about Hrithik ousting her and her calling him silly ex. I was thinking if he did that she is right to call him silly ex. Then Hrithik filing case. Then i knew he should have solid proof. Turns out Kangana has another side to her. Anyway even recently i saw her open letter about nepotism and was beginning to like her. Then come her aap ki adalat interview full of lies and insults and bad language. I am sure starting with silly ex comment she has lost lot of fans like me

Chill Rangoli. Don't give them attention.

But its the sisters who need attention. Do you even think anyone wants kangana or rangoli's attention ?

Well... yes, starting from Duggu's PR followed by KJo's PR.

No aunty Duggu PR doesn't give a damn. Its kangana PR who always start. Ask your beti to come out and give proofs. oh she doesn't have any. liar beti. Apne ache sanskaar ni de.

u mus be really optimistic

I miss voice writer who used to support this ungrateful sisters. People are fed up with them. super karma

she lost the little respect left after Hrithik dignify interviews.

These both sisters r acting as if they r warrior n fighting with person who has physically abused her. Has he done any crime??? Why these sisters r doing so much drama???? Why no evidence? Why no evidence of even a single message sent by hritik in reply to emails. Why she didn't submit her phone? If she is right n honest, she might hv some evidence in her phone. But she didn't give her phone. She is liar

BTW all in support for Roshan isn't surprise to me. In UK 72% people are bullied, and makes me sick to think what proportion would be in India!! Even if if there were case like Roshan where he has been linked few times still it goes on.

Bully in UK is totally different than what goes in India. UK kind of bully is not even considered bully by Indian standards.

HR receives 3000 ! emails
HR saves them
HR reacts to silly ex comment
HR sneekily releases emails and photos !
HR now says i am innocent
Is India that stupid to buy this BS !

KR sent 3000 emails. Kr stalks and harassed him. KR call him a silly ex. KR lie about Paris engagement. KR lied about 7 years relationship. KR morphed a pic. KR releases her Nude Pics. KR now says i am bullied and innocent, IS India that stupid to buy this?
P.S He ddint leak those pics but KR did. Emails were leaked to back up the case.

Is it so? It doesn't seem that Kangna has a bigger purpose to be in this industry and she is not here to fight but the reverse is showing. Rangoli it's you who bring Kangna at this point..It seems you and your sister do not have any other work except doing propaganda on this issue.. You both first opened up your mouth in front of public and media. And now you are saying something different. You should learn how to solve a problem and not being impulsive and aggressive unnecessarily..Go through with proper proves and everything should have been clear out but instead of that you both choose to shout in front of public..so you both have to face all these..you two will hit one constantly and everyone will just keep mum? How could you think about? Just disgusting. Behave like a mature one not so childish..Grow up..

If kangana fights her own battles then why are you talking rangoli?

Her sister, you would not fight for your sister ???.

where is the sister of HR ????, maybe doing liposuction instead of supporting HR, so he will not have to seek the support of others, now who is it more crazy, LOL

Why? when his dad was supporting, kangana fans bashed him and call him a papa boy. Won't your dad fight for you? what a hypocrite you are. ! don't drag her sister into this matter. Have some shame. you guys have no shame like kangana n sis dragging his family while he and his fans didn't drag her family. Class difference. He is not seeling support form others. They are supporting him on their own. Won't your friends support you in your bad time? lol
post pv why arent u?

but its wrong if HR father support him. hypocrite.

People who are supporting HR (Sonam, Yami, Dia, Farhan), may god forbid something does not happen to you! And if it happens, pray no one is there to support you!

People who are supporting KR , may god forbid something doesn't happen to you and if it happens , pray no one is there to support you.

Putting stuff on social media and junky tv shows is fighting alone ? If you want to fight then take him to court. Till then it’s a publicity stunt and not any kind of battle. Please don’t belittle the battles real women fight. You want him to be tried and crucified by society and people without ever going to court where facts and evidences will be asked for. You want him to be punished based on your fictional stories. The ladies who are raising the debate in HW have taken it to court and FBI is now initiating the investigation on the film maker. Do the real thing Kangana If you are the real thing. PV please post.

Well said

The reason why no one is coming in support of Kangana is because they are guilty and has got fair share of favors from those against her.This does not mean that it is not the truth- Kangana's voice is loud and clear, which is why after every manipulation they cannot stop her. You think if she has been lying all this while she will be able to carve a place for herself despite condemning the power play? No. Then there would have been many tweeting and celebrities would have come publicly against her. Now they are clearly not supporting her but when she was speaking nobody came against her (except some paid irrelevant people).Even the recent open letters were even though clearly siding with Hrithik and was just blabbering no one can publicly come out had confidently say she is wrong. They all are just against her behind her back, they cannot face her and make any allegation.Because she has been saying the truth all the while. Hence Karan johar cant even stop talking about nepotism and defending it- because it exits unlike how he initially stated.

Its very simple. They don’t support because she is lying

I have no doubts these tweets are from Kangana. There is no reason for her sister to be so spiteful. It also fits the pattern with her emails. Then it was a hacker and now its the sister. Why does Kangana think they are discussing her? They probably couldn't care less. Yeah she fought her battles alone, as long as there is a Pancholi footing the bills.

Now S Azmi is out there supporting HR. Just tells you some had happened!!

Somehow I am not able to decide who among the two sisters is a bigger psycho....But I'm sure the language that both use shows the kind of upbringing. What a waste of talent....Success gone into the brains big time. She will fall flat on her face with this kind of cheap behaviour.

Kr is a disgrace to all women

Im actually baffled by these sisters talk. I dont really understand what do they want. Kangana in her aap ki adalat interview stated" jab aap pyaar mein hote ho aap alag hi zone mein hote hain". Right...it is good to be in love and to be in a differerent world. Ok lets believe for one minute that they had an affair and hrithik wanted to hide the affair from everyone. As per her interview , he didnt want the affair to come out becoz he was a married man and all of that. Okay, at that point of time it was okay to date him and hide the affair from everyone (if at all there is one), but it is not okay to hide it now becoz she wants publicity for her movie. What do you think, hrithik has to trap "innocent " girl like Kangana to get her into movies. She already used her "innocence" to get into movies. She fought with almost everyone she worked with. Including south indian actor prabhas, shahid and everyone for that matter. How come she has a problem with everyone she works with.If she really loved someone so much at any point of time in her life(which she said she did), then she wouldn't resort to such cheap tactics to get free movie publicity. Hrithik spoke just once to speak in the most dignified way , people seem to have a problem with that. People be resonable atleast when you accuse someone.

RanGoli shut your trap you have shamed your parents enough

Pancholi's ex and Stalker Aunty you guys can call her freely

HR what about ur super 30 has it got shelved ??? Or not getting any heroine

Rangoli why you are so worry about his movie? Stalking him then says we don't stalk him. Fyi his movie will go on floors in jan. And its hrithik every heroine wants to work with him be it kat , Dp , Alia , anushka etc.

Pls stop it .kangna and rangoli just chill and work. Don't waste time in this stupid case . Just move on . Respect u a lot . Love

Wrong! It's not a stupid case. The stalker needs to be in jail or people will continue to stalk without any fear.

Respect ....what an ironydo they even know the meaning of it

Please why chill!! Roshans has all the supports Ranaut has to fend for themselves. Please be fair. Let the girl say what she wants to.

Kangana has her fair share of connections, she comes from a powerful political family of Himanchal Pradesh. Why not just take all the evidence you have and sue him in the court of law, actual court.........not Aap ki Adalat or twitter. If you really have evidence of all the abuse, just sue him, public sympathy se ghanta hone wala hain. Beech mein se pura industry ko alienate kar chuki hain ye dono, I am sure producers of Manikarnika are already distressed and worried for their film. Her public image is down in the gutter right now. This is a patriarchal society unfortunately and her lies have been caught especially that engagement in Paris wala lie. Also, it doesn't help that she takes pride in being the other woman. I am not saying the men involved in her life are saints. But hard to sympathize with an adult who even after gaining money and fame chooses to knock the door of a married guy.

Don't waste your time in typing such a big text, truth still won't change

why so hurt when hearing the absolute TRUTH

Why are you your sister's Assistant...Isn't that NEPOTISM?

Look at the history whenever something like this happens people have always taken men's side and tried to shut those who are not in power! Just look at HW Harvey Weinstein, HW were on his support so i am not surprised!! We all know "kuch to huwa tha"!!!

Someone not in power. Kangana is a super aggressive woman. Hurling abusive words every other minute. Why do people like u make things look seem exactly opposite than what they actually are?
Why you u make kangana look innocent. Oh really????? What kangana did was just for her movie publicity. Nothing else. If she wanted justice (justice that she wants is-hirthik to confess that they had a affair),she should have done it earlier. Not wait until you movie is about to be released. Cant you make it out?

Lol yes she is aggressive she is loud and she is honest and she has ruffled lot of feathers. She will talk when and when it is appropriate just like Roshan. He came on TV all prepared once he saw all her interviews. People know he had affairs with Kareena, Barbera. They were quiet because they care about what people like you think about them!! When i am talking about history i don't mean women as whole i mean his life and you still making it ok for men to cheat on their wife and kids. Shame on you.

Both hrishikesh and kanganas need to be punished fr wasting ppl time

LMAO ab ye Hrishikesh kaun hai XD

Plot Twist: Kangana Ranaut was dating Harman Baweja thinking its Hritik Roshan!

Harman baweja has a class.. He dated PC before.. Do u think he would ever fall for that curly haired stalker??

The way she was speaking created story of lies on AKA , it was like a narrow minded sadakchap gawar.

"Small minded"?? Lol "stalker uncle""baap ka paisa""main superstar ban gayi" etc come from small minded people.

'She has higher purpose n bigger cause' like having affairs with married men n breaking homes, like marrying rich superstar, like spreading lies, etc etc

Why HR have become a God to all and being prayed!!In such case Aditya Pancholi and Adhayan Suman should also be prayed..If HR has no fault so does AP nd AS..if they are wrong then HR is not right either..Kangana neither had hidden her affairs with AP nd AS nor with HR..it's Hrithik who wants to show people how innocent he is..these nepo or bit successful actors would always maintain a extra marital sex life with outside industry girls..HR is simply unbearable.

You are a stupid person who doesn't understand logic. Varun Dhawan makes movies for people like you.

There are evidence for her affairs with AP and AS Hrithik is not desperate he can get any woman he wants only with his Greek god looks Kangana would never be his ex

Please leave. You are doing more damage to her brand. Sad part of this fight is Hrithik will bounce back; Kangana will be known for this fight only.


Spelling alert

Wow both these sisters not only know the art of making enemies, but also damaging their own reputation beyond in the process of veiling their lies and deceit under the banner of 'feminism' or 'higher purpose' or 'gender discrimination'. Mubarak ho, officially crazy you both are.

Her poor baby has bad Karma to have her as mummy

Ranaut girls are habitual liars

Her Grandfather was a Politician she gets her lying from him

Someone else has written these tweets. They're spelled out fully and correctly! Even the syntax is almost correct.

KR sealed her fate when she went PUBLIC with stalking slander and character assassination and it provided solid proof in a court case of her lies

Why is Sonam Vidya PC Bebo no longer supporting another woman

Because they all know kangana is lying and a stalker.

Rangoli if you are reading this.... Kangana is blessed to have a sister like you and you must be really proud of your little sister! May you both achieve great happiness and success in life!

Sonam, Vidya, Kareena and PC supported her what happened now?

KR is the Harvey Weinstin of Bollywood

When will this end? I just want to watch Hrithik and Kangana's next films and not this personal drama.

Kangana needs to be in jail and not in movies or people will continue to do mockery of law and order in India.

Kangna accuses other people of nepotism, but she herself has not come in a clean way in Bollywood. Sleeping with men double her age doesn't means coming on their own way to the top

This is 100% Kangana, she is using her sister's account so that she can't directly be implicated for all the venom she's spewing.

What an evil woman, has no concern for her sister.

I have heard that before. Oh wait hrithik said it on Arnab show.

Proved ranuat sisters are obsessed with Hrithik and still stalking him. Lamo they even can't come up with their own statements.

Young , rich , talented , self made queen can't think herself. Pasting Hrithik words. What a talent. :p

Village girl is a joke your grandfather was in politics and your mother a teacher so all the fake stories you tell dont add up

Rangoli since you got your job through Nepotism and Kangan's sugar daddy gave money to you why are you talking bad about others who have got the same

3 times national award winner still don't have her own thinking and copying hrithik statements. Haha. These mad woman is still stalking him.

Rangoli got her job through NEPOTISM

Kangan had enabler sister and whole family to back up her lies cause she feeds them

No she has never been alone always had sugar daddy to help her then the Bhatt's mentored her she is just UNGRATEFULL

She still wants him bad

Kangs needs to be prosecuted without impunity

KR is still obsessed with HR as she copies his words

Pshyco rangoli n kangana.

Not everything is about you 2 crazy sisters

Pancholi's ex seems to think the whole world revolves around her

Queen s star twmr s superstar aur rangoon n simran s diasaster. Lol

Kangs auntie you have been busted!

What battles by sleeping with man double her age to get work than shamelessly lying about an affair that has no proof harrasing a man for such a long time people are supporting the truth plz post pv

National awards too can be Bought you Naïve people

So true. National awards can also be "bought". Lol.

I am not supporting Kangana in this case, but can't deny that she deserved the National awards. Give credit where it's due.

I am not supporting Kangana in this, but can't deny that she deserved the National awards. Give credit where it's due.

Phir se Chalu ho gayi

Kangana use her sister account to throw her under the bus later...in case someone try to sues her...pathetic...

This sort of vituperative , to & fro tweets does not help Kangana . To be attacking each & everyone in this manner makes both of them look crass. Fight your battles with dignity & grace , especially the ones being played out in public.

Indeed, madame, the tweets are an abhorrent calumniation which is utterly opprobrious to the core.

Higher purpose and Bigger cause = to be knowing as Hrithik ex...

I think the support kangana got against kjo really messed up her head...people supported her and pushed kjo to apologize not bc they care about her but bc they hate kjo and privileged starkids that why he is so frustrated keep on talking about it...she thought that people will push hrithik and his father to apologize now...but no one cares...

Both these evil sisters have planned everything.

Chasing married men again and again...they use and throw you...and later you stalking them(and other starkids) just to acknowledge you as thier ex...no apparently the joke on you kangana...

That all these evil sisters can do attack. When ask about proofs they run away.

Kangana fans have lost it. Hrithik definitely must have dated her because she has porcelain skin !!!!!! Really????

Lol rangoli aunty is so obsessed with Hrithik. She copied his lines. Be original aunty.

Rangoli, just shut your mouth up, you are not the only one entitled to have opinion, why are you supporting your sister? First you sisters make a tamasha out of whole situation and now you want others to remain silent?

Kangana paid her friend to write a letter in her favour. Lol

Nepotism rocks

Please go away! Both of you!

Rangoli aka kangana aunty agr attack kr lia ho toh proof de do plz.

If kangana is fighting her own battle and don't care about anyone so why she and her fans are butt hurt to see hrithik partying with friends?

Coward kangana is hiding behind her harmonal sister. Her lies are exposed.

Proved these evil sisters still stalking him. Then say he stalks them.

Ohh rangoli everyone is so scared of you they are hiding under their blankets. Please don't scare them with your face

i a. with rangoli...these idiots have made kanagana ranaut legend

National awards are given for acting ability. They are not a testament of character. Shabana azmi has five.

WEll said Rangoli!

Dear Rangoli sister why can’t your own business and let your sister speak for herself.. She is smart, brave . Your tweets are only damaging her . So please keep quiet and let her speak we support Kangana but we get irritated by your tweets.

She also did one more tweet today where she posted that "Kangana has higher purpose in life and not here to fight" which was literally copy/pasted from Hirthik's interview....
This shows how these two sisters are compulsively obsessed with hrithik, still !!!!

Ok rangoli then tell ur sis to concentrate on work. Many occasions I have written against u . U can verify from PV authority.but pls just stop it now . Let law speak .remember dear whatever be the verdict u will always be in our heart . Why I am writing it now is that we want u to be remembered as one of the greatest actress from small town who beat DP PC without having all privileges .pls stop tweeting and fighting.honestly no one bothers.pls kangy let law speak .

Greatest actress, joke of the century.she is a mediocre actor. U r insulting all great genuinely talented actress. Just coz she has got national award doesn't make her a great actress

I don't follow all the drama closely but for certain Hrithik must have been into Kangana despite everything that he says. He definitely has a type...girls with porcelain white skin tone like his ex-wife...Kangana's definitely got that.

The kartrashian sisters strike back.

That is not what she wrote you have used only two tweets to cover the rest of the matter.

Kangana is a hard-working woman who is extremely talented, inarguably more than all other actresses of her generation..For all those who say she has used men, I would like to say, one does not get 3 freaking national awards by using men..She is supremely talented and only a fool will deny that..

Hrithik has nothing to hide, he turned in all his electronics to the authorities. The one who refused to turn in her phone and laptop is Kangana. Not just that, but she played with words on Aap Ki Adalat, lying that she had turned them in, as the audience clapped for her. This shows a calculated, deliberate strategy to mislead people. Does Rangoli not question Kangana's wild Paris engagement story?? She can't be that lacking in common sense. Why is she such an enabler? I'll bet you Kangana didn't just learn to lie, she is very experienced in it, probably since childhood.

The joke is on you Rangoli, and your sister Kangana. With your abhorrent behavior you both have killed any goodwill that may have existed towards you. Plus there is the fact that pretty much all of Kangana’s lies stand exposed for all to see. We’ve all figured out her strategy of painting herself as the rank outsider fighting the system, pulling the feminist card, etc. etc. Enough. There’s only so much filth anyone can take.

If Hrithik has so much evidence against her, why would Kangana lie so publicly and shamelessly? I'm sure she's not that stupid.

Dear Rangoli.
You should stop tweating. As Kangana's well wisher and a big fan request you to STOP. It boiled all Kangana's fans to see #thugsofbollywood #proudnepotismproducts stuttering on social media together. But all of them put together cannot equal Kangana's talent.

Learn from Deepika, she has just finished photo-opp work for one day on her foundation. She will milk it her entire Padmavathi promotion and come across as a great godess..these guys project a savitri image before promotions to woo the family audience.

Help Kangana get new topics to talk about during promotions.. The only way her films will work is if family audience come to see her movies.. all this Hrithik/Aditya controversies are not helping her. My heart was broken when Simran failed. A slap on our faces mindless dumb Judwa2 was a hit..she has to reinvent her promotion strategy..the heart land Indians are not seeing her interviews, she has to travel across India to promote.

The entire country is proud of Kangana and want her to succeed..even Hrithik /Aditya/ShekarSuman grudgingly accept her talent..that is her strength..good luck with Manikarnika and praying that it will get completed without major hiccups.

Well said. I totally agree. Kangana, you had everything going on. Please don't spoil all this for nothing. It's a request from a fan. Just keep quiet from here on and focus only on your work. Have some self respect and leave all this behind. Pv, why aren't you posting any of my comments. I really hope you post this at least

Are you the spoke person of entire India....I dislike her period. last 4 movies are not only flop but disaster and upcoming will have same fate....its called Karma !!!
Pinkvilla: Pl post..why are you deleting my post ?

Simran isn't disaster, check Koimoi.

Rangoli behan diwali ki tayari kar, khoya bana usme kafi tym lagta hai, safai kar, kuch bhi kar pr thode din k liye muh band kar le. Ye kaisi pregnancy hai jisme faaltu tweet karne wale hormones nikalte hai :O

Thanks for your advise. Yeh tweet meri behn Kangana kerti hai mein tu bol bhi nahi sakti. Kisi ne aaj tak mere ko bolte dekha hai?



Rangoli - please shut up and go away. You and your sister are just looking like attention-seeking fools.

Yassss Rangoli !! All men are with you both sisters. Let the bitches bark and make their evil plans.

Honestly, I wish none of this drama happened and these two actually did get together. Both Kangana and Hrithik are gorgeous people. They would have been the hottest BW couple ever.

He was never dating her you fool

If you knew how to read English you'd know that I said I "wish" they got together. I never said they did. The only fool I see here is you. So many illiterate lowlifes on this site, my goodness!

Battles?? If I am not wrong every middle class or lower middle class fight day to day battle to make their life. Whilst this woman slept with men of dad's age and climbed the way top. Please you both shouldn't be the one speaking about this. You are no one's role model.

Climbing the way to the top??? are you serious?? She is a hard-working and extremely talented actress..and which men you talk about..Aditya Pancholi?? the man who could not even make his own career..she got Gangster based on the auditions with 1000 other gals..and one does not get freaking 3 national awards before even they turn 30 by using men...get some life, loser.

u mean the National Awards are not rigged...ha ha ha

Not in Kangana's case atleast, she deserved the National awards. And I am supporting Hrithik in this case.

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