Rangoli Chandel continues taking a dig at Alia Bhatt; CRITICISES the Gully Boy actress in a series of tweets

Rangoli Chandel continues taking a dig at Alia Bhatt and heaps criticism on the Gully Boy actress through her Twitter posts.
Rangoli Chandel continues taking a dig at Alia Bhatt; CRITICISES the Gully Boy actress in a series of tweetsRangoli Chandel continues taking a dig at Alia Bhatt; CRITICISES the Gully Boy actress in a series of tweets
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Once again Alia Bhatt seems to have come on Rangoli Chandel's radar after her Gully Boy win at the Filmfare Awards. The actress took the black lady home bagging the Best Actress Award for her film Gully Boy. To top it all, the Ranveer and Alia starrer won 13 awards overall. It is not the first time that Rangoli has taken a jibe at Alia. From mocking Alia's holiday pictures with beau Ranbir Kapoor to bashing her for sending flowers to congratulate Kangana on winning Padma Shri, Rangoli has been triggering an online debate, criticising Alia on social media platforms.

In a series of Tweets, Rangoli once again took Alia down a peg commenting on her films Raazi and Gully Boy for which she won the Filmfare Best Actress Awards two times in a row. Rangoli also criticised her upcoming film Gangubai Kathiawadi and the biopic based on Ma Anand Sheela. The star sibling has often hurled mocking remarks at Alia Bhatt and she continues to take a dig at the actress in her recent Twitter posts.

Read her Tweets:

Kangana Ranaut and Rangoli Chandel are known for speaking their mind. The Ranaut sisters never pull themselves back from expressing their opinions candidly. Be it a political issue or a tiff with a co-star, Kangana has always been vocal about her cause. But this time it is sister Rangoli Chandel stirring up a storm on the internet with her series of posts directed at Alia Bhatt.

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What she speaks make a point but she has poor choice of words.

Omg so much of hate, unbearable.
Then using same principle given by her, kangana too doesnt deserve padma shree. There are lot of people in industry who deserve than her for sure. So can she accept the title without guilt. Of’course kangana will accept & in the same way alia accepted filmfare.

What has she achieved to get the Padma Shri? Just cozying to the PM and his party. Difference between her and Alia is that Kangna thinks big to buy awards. Alia must learn from her to think big and buy Padma award.

bang on truth !

Spot on Rangoli, cheers.

Rangoli will only stop when she gets her Padmashri for her tweets! No stopping till then!

Dude she needs help...

What she is saying is right, this brazenness of nepo gang should anger people. Don’t try to spin it around her choice of words, what’s happened at awards is pure horror!

Kangana’s relations with bjp leaders, prasoon joshi and shailesh singh got het the padmashree award. She has used men to get ahead in her career by utilising their political and bollywood connections to her advantage.

Leftist bollywood

True that Alia dint deserve an award, but Dear Ms. Rangoli y dont u go through your own words before publishing it. And stop spitting so much venom.

Kangana’s talent and ambition scares cowards. They try every trick in the game including releasing many films at and around her releases to kill her spirit. Karma will catch up, it has for the lady here given she’s got RK in her life. Must be so awful!

Alia should focus on her work and sanity rather than collect awards she doesn’t deserve. Rangoli says it like it is.

You just can't ignore Kangoli. She is so blunt....lol

I think the public has to wake up and smell the roses. The award shows are attended by the younger generation who are winning all the awards. The older stars have nothing to gain by attending; they should be gracious to attend and support the winners. After all they had their share of wins now it’s time to show support.

What exactly has Rangoli done in life to have such an expert opinion on everything? First go out there and make something of yourself before having a point of view on the rest of the world. We know the internet is a free forum but some people should really learn to SHUT UP!

Aa gayi naagin dasne
Kithna jalte hain dono behene alia se
Saare awards inn dono ko de de....cry babies

Rangoli tumahare ma baap ne to tumhe gaaliya hi dena sikhaya hai. It is a shame that you are bringing parents in your befizul arguments. Your sister is also a flagbearer of nepotism. After all she has hired you and your brother and bought the Padma Shree award by sucking up to our Prime Minister Modiji. How come what you do is right but what others do is wrong.

Rangoli's Twitter handle bio says 'kind spirited' ..hahahahahahahahahhahaha
Delusional much!

RANGOLI, is lady KRK. Shouldn't take her seriously. She lives off her sister's crumbs.

No matter how many professional achievements kjo gives alia, truth is that post babies Ranbir will make alia cry all her married life.

Ha ha ha.. truth or not this woman is mental! And so so crass! One the one hand talk about promoting Hindi and at the same time constantly making the language sound so vile with the way she uses it!


Rangoli is honestly hilarious. She should become a film critic or something. Sometimes mean but mostly honest.

Alia should have some shame to go receive the awards. She deserves all the wrath

Spoke nothing but facts

Rangoli, it’s a lil too much but I have to confess, YOU are spot on.

Btm line rangoli wrkg for rss

KJO is trying a new strategy to promote Ananya Pandey. He puts her in movies which the public is bound to like due to another actor and has an actor who is an outsider: Pati, Patni aur Woh (Kartik Aaryan), Shakun Batra's next(Deepika and Siddhant). This makes Ananya look successful, when all she is doing is piggy backing on others. Tapsee was ousted to get in Ananya in Pati, Patni aur Woh for this reason. Isko kabab mein haddi ki tarah jhelna padega, in every three actor movie :(

This woman is soo vnomous !!! giving movies a communal angle is a new low by these two sisters. I cant beleive this

ahwwww ALIAAAA'S PR you should start believing in logic now :P

this woman spews so much hatred .. she is the type of person who wants to divide india with her tweets focusing on one religion and using words like "jihadist" ..
bottom line: your sister is a mess, always tries to be with married men - yet no one is judging. She should win an award for being best homewrecker.

The reason why Alia needs to suck up to Karan is due to mediocrity, learn from the actors like Rajkumar Rao they sometimes have to do 10 to 15 movies to get noticed but they don’t need KJo

I would have agreed with her, if only Kangana hadn't bought her Padma Shri! These sisters are nepo themselves, and they point fingers at others. KJO gang and these sisters should all be BANNED

In a way film industry is biased that we all know, avg non actors like Alia, Anaya, sara are going to get awards but what can others do, its all about nepo kids, the best thing that Kangna can do is to focus more in her work, and positivity bas.. why bother about awards, they do not do anything, why spread negativity..

This woman needs a psychiatrist treatment, get well soon. I think Aila did not deserve that best actress for her avg performance but there is no reason for these two to spread negativity.. just focus in your work why unnecessary get in to nasty negative thinking...

Alia should get an award for showing patience and politeness despite continuous poking from these 2 . These 2 sisters can mentally depress anyone. I wonder why Alia still not filled a complaint against her !!!!??? Patience is virtue. Where karma is a bitch so as jealousy

What is Rangoli's claim to fame - besides being Kangana's sister and badmouthing noted Bollywood personalities????

Alia is actually obsessed with Kangana's talent. She uses every rule in the game like nepotism, money to score points. This is such a conflict of interest case of receiving an award with KJO on jury.

The point is not rangoli's choice of words, the point is alia's brazen nepotism and conflict of interest in receiving awards with KJO on jury for 15 minute roles with mediocre acting.

Conflict of interest??

Alia is getting toxic and deluded by the day. This award acceptance with KJO on the jury is a serious case of conflict of interest! How dumb is bollywood getting?? Rangoli is spot on about the larger point that she is surreptitiously booking awards. Does no one have a spine to take this on?

Kangana you seem to be focussing more on Alia than on your own movies. You have already given 2 flops in a row. You don't need a third flop on your hands, do you. So now forget Alia and focus on your movies.

Looks like Rangoli and Kangana have not slept in the last 2 days. Abusing others, badmouthing people, bearing illwill towards others are not a trait of a good person.That negativity will ultimately affect your own life. Think good, have a clean heart and work harder things will eventually come your way. Nothing will come out of spreading negativity on a daily basis.

clearly jalan ki boo aa rahi hai. It is so evident that the two sisters are obsessed with Alia. There jealously is self evident.

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