Rangoli Chandel REVEALS Aamir Khan was Kangana Ranaut's role model but things are different now

Kangana Ranaut's sister Rangoli Chandel has made a statement about Aamir Khan on social media that has now raised eyebrows. She has mentioned that the actor used to be Kangana's role model but things are different now.
Rangoli Chandel REVEALS Aamir Khan was Kangana Ranaut's role model but things are different now Rangoli Chandel REVEALS Aamir Khan was Kangana Ranaut's role model but things are different now
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Kangana Ranaut is known to be very much vocal about her opinions and so is her sister Rangoli Chandel. Now and then, the latter speaks her heart out on social media thereby grabbing the attention of millions of people. Yesterday also, Rangoli had voiced her opinions on Twitter again to observe International Women’s Day. Not only that, but she had also named a few people who have contributed towards making Kangana the woman that she is in the present context.

She thanks filmmaker Anurag Basu, Aamir Khan, Sadhguru and Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Kangana’s behalf. But what has raised everyone’s eyebrows is a statement made by Rangoli in the context of Aamir Khan. She has stated in another tweet that the Laal Singh Chaddha actor used to be Kangana’s role model but things are different now. This has left people wondering whether there has been a tiff between the two actors. Rangoli also adds another statement that reads, “a friendship that can be affected by political views isn’t strong enough anyway.”

Check out Rangoli Chandel’s tweets below:

Curious gossip mongers are now eager to know what is going on and whether the two actors are no longer friends. On the professional front, Kangana Ranaut is currently gearing up for her upcoming movie Dhaakad. A few days back, her team had shared a video on social media in which she can be heard saying that she will have to lose 20 kilos in two months to fit into her role in the movie.
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Aamir Kangana combo is a sure shot 500 crore movie. That’s why jealous people won’t let it happen.

Harvey Weistein is being punished. AK should support women like Kangana if his conscience is clear.

Kangana is a better actor than aamir and her journey is more extraordinary. Big boys club has taken over here.

Space is not controlled by big boys PR who are plugging in for flop topsee

As we speak Tapsee pannu's Thappad smashes Panga's record at the box office. Time to pull up your socks Kangana and work harder. All this negative talk from your side seems to be taking you nowhere.

‘Tis is some oversmart mind at work - trying to deflect from aamir to scavenger

This space is not posting contrary comments. Kangana is a superior actor than aamir, can he handle that?

Love you kangana and Rangoli.

Nepo sister rangoli Chantal aunty who despite marries still stays on sister moNey and her son is product of nepotism talks thrash..if you are so nationalist why do you go abroad don't go..why buy international brands why travel in imported cars..why speak English ...have issues about all successful people jealous evil creatures

Correction :cant

So nationalist mean you can travel overseas or buy international products?? Where did u get your education. From the university of lie spinning stories

Kangana everyday remember that you have given 2 flops in a row. So focus more on yourself and less on others if you want to remain relevant in this industry. If you want to attain even 10 percent of what Aamir has attained focus on his dedication towards his craft and try to learn from it. Focussing on political idealogies and leanings is going to get you nowhere. Be constructive with your thoughts, not divisive.

So aamir does not have a political ideology? Who r u 2 lecture. Got nothing better to do?

Guys let's not take this statement too seriously. It's Rangoli devi after all.

Send this nepo sis to some good psychiatrist!! She needs help. May be too much stress for not being a popular celebrity like her lier sis. This is not normal to spread so much hate for everyone

Rangoli should wake up and realize that her sister isn't a "legend" yet!!!!

Kangana’s journey & talent is more extraordinary than any contemporary actor today!

Yes, things are different now. Kangana was my favourite artist but her RSS right/wing hindu nationalist subscription of politics is antithesis of being a decent human being. They are effectively alienating every progressive human being.

Who are you? Jihadi?

Aamir like Bollywood big boys distance themselves from successful Bollywood women from Madhuri onwards, and move to younger girls as THEY themselves cross 50! Also post me too, most top boys have distanced them from “women who spoke” - generally speaking. And we are not talking about platitudes & fake hello hi to his co star top female actors.

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