Rani Mukerji on paparazzi clicking star kids: Don’t understand the unnecessary exposure a kid is forced to

Rani Mukerji slams the paparazzi culture of clicking star kids whenever they step out.
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Several celebrities have expressed their concern over the paparazzi constantly following and clicking pictures of star kids. Taimur Ali Khan, Inaaya Naumi Kemmu, Misha Kapoor, AbRam Khan, Suhana Khan, Roohi-Yash are some of the star kids who are paparazzi's favourite. While talking to Hindustan Times, Rani Mukerji expressed her agitation towards the paparazzi culture. Rani Mukerji and Aditya Chopra have a beautiful daughter Adira Chopra. Unlike other star kids, the shutterbugs haven't really managed to click Adira constantly. Just like her father Aditya, Adira has managed to stay away from the limelight.

About the paparazzi constantly clicking the star kids and her daughter Adira, Rani said, " I don’t understand the unnecessary exposure a kid is forced to have when they’re young. I don’t want my daughter to grow to be entitled. Her only entitlement today is that she has famous parents, but that’s it. It’s not something she has earned. When she grows up, she will need to earn her own status. And that’s why I feel it necessary to keep her away from the media glare. I have managed to go by all this time without a single picture of my daughter being published, I’m sure it’s possible for others to do so too."

A few days ago, even Kajol expressed her thoughts on the constant media attention on these star kids. She said that they all want best for their kids without the pressure of dealing with the media at this age as they have other issues to deal with. The Gupt actress also said that as actors, they have signed up for this profession and their kids shouldn't be hounded with all the attention.


Very well said Rani!

I wonder how constant media attention will affect Taimur when he grow up? He is just child now. Can't make full picture of it what's going on? and how come paparazi manage to get such a close shot of him? Even Karishma voiced her opinion on it. I just want this kid to enjoy his childhood.

Rani’s been sounding a little jelly lately....second dig at Kareena about this.......Fact is, Paps don’t follow a kid just because his parents are superstars or the names mentioned here, they want to make money so they follow he cutest, most charming kid and there’s no denying Taimur is all that, so his pics are profitable for them. There’s no need for his parents to inform the paps about his whereabouts, they already know his limited schedule, there’s only so much places a baby can be.

She is right. Even Ash tried. I bet Kareena and others do it delibrately because how do the paps know when to be where at the EXACT time Taimur comes out to play?

If Juhi Chawla and Aamir Khan can keep their kids away from media, so can all the mediocre celebs like Kareena, Soha and Rani do. Nepotism kids should stop blaming the media as the public knows that the daily playschool, gym, parking area photos are by paid PR

Paparazzi constantly follow certain kids they have become their favorite.
Certain kids are camera friendly and use their cuteness and charm.
Paparazzi make some money by selling those pictures.
Nothing wrong with that times have changed.
People enjoy Taimur pictures nothing wrong with that he is a star already.

Just don't call the paparazzi every time you leave the house and they won't photograph your kids.

Rani , a lot of your colleagues deliberately put their own kids out for publicity. We've celebrities who have suddenly realized that the social media & Instagram pays very well indeed . That they need to prove they are super popular (by showing off the amount of their own followers ) to be used in adverts ; to show how happy & true they are to everybody even if it's all a pack of lies . How has the immensely popular Aamir also kept young Azad away from the public ? The answer is he is also not courting a blitz of publicity (like the Chopras ) .

heck even his grown up junaid who is an aspiring actor is not hyped up. his daughter is not photographed in all desighner wear. howcome Ira's instagram pics are not leaked. Why do u think they are not clicked on the airport. im sure they travel too!

Gotta appreciate her for this! Aish did try hiding Aaradhya initially. But the likes of Bebo, SRK et all just use their lil kids for PR....Very very wrong! Let them have normal childhood....Actually Nepotism brews from there....a lot of them grow up arrogant and privileged for something they didn't earn!!

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