Ranveer Singh auditioned for a Hollywood role but couldn't do it because of THIS reason

When the interviewer asked Ranveer Singh whether he ever auditioned for a role in the West, the actor revealed that he very much did. Read on.
News,Ranveer SinghRanveer has been garnering praises for his intense acting and smooth rapping skills in Gully Boy.
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Ranveer Singh's latest release Simmba is still roaring at the box office and looks like there's no stopping the star. With just a month away from the release of his next film Gully Boy, Ranveer has been garnering praises for his intense acting and smooth rapping skills that we got to see in the trailer. His wife Deepika Padukone, too, had a sensational run at the box office in 2018 with Padmavaat.
While the actor continues to outdo himself on his home ground. He never really has spoken openly about his tryouts in the West, if there were any. Recently, in an interview with Filmfare, Ranveer Singh made a big revelation about his Hollywood dreams. When the interviewer asked Ranveer whether he ever auditioned for a role in the West, the actor revealed that he very much did and was even roped in for a few roles.
He added, "Yes, I have, I have landed some parts also. It’s just scheduling conflicts I couldn’t make it.” However, the actor refused to divulge any more details or the roles he auditioned for. 
We, however, would have loved if Ranveer had dropped a hint. Considering that Deepika Padukone has already made her debut in the West, we shouldn't be surprised if Ranveer also has another big announcement to make this year. Will you be excited to see Ranveer in the near future embarking on his Hollywood journey? Let us know in the comments section below.     
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To the person asking below about how he is giving such tough competition to RK (who the whole industry thinks was always more talented)..it is the classic Kareena/PC case. RK like his cousin has natural talent so he doesnt NEED to work that hard...RS and PC are not natural actors...always self conscious...but their hard work and PR has put them on the map.

haters are barking .....why can’t he get a role in Hollywood.when Elon musk was impressed why not others as well. Grow up people !

Exactly Musk is the President of Hollywood Chamber Of Commerce if he's impressed that says a lot about his acting capacity

Hollywood men are so much better looking than most Asian men barring a few like Hrithik Roshan and some pakistani men like Imran Khan

Hollywood likes actors like irrfan who are subtle not the commercial stars we have

Apparently naseerudin Shah was offered dumbledore... Bolly stars lie when it comes to Hollywood

Ok, this is a LIE. Ranveer could never make it in Hollywood. He's not that hot and he's not that good of an actor, he could only play offensive Indian stereotypes like his wife in XXX with her bad accent. Is this like Karan PR? Why is it whenever an outsider is doing well, suddenly they become all "braggy"? They've portrayed Bhumi, Sushant, Anushka, now Ranveer like this. Meanwhile the star kids come off like sweethearts like Tiger.

All talk, no action. He thinks very highly of himself. sad.

Abhishek Bachchan is best suited to act in Hollywood. His demeanour, mannerisms, his world-view and most importantly, his controlled/natural acting style, are a good fit for Hollywood

Good luck! Would love to see more Indian actors in the West

So many people jelly here. RS has proved how diverse his talent is and people pushing for RK his career his choice. RS was nice not to mention the films as he is not going to boast as other people do about the parts they let go. RS is a regular guy who shot to fame based purely on his energy and talent and not his looks so haters he is here to rule!!

i think RK is super talented. it'll be a real tragedy of our times if this guy somehow unseats RK and becomes the SRK of our times. Not to mention a real head scratcher.

He will be reduced to a caricature with his OTT acting. He sounds all smart but its best for him to stick to heartland because such things are still favored by the audience here.

First officially change your surname dude then talk

Ranveer Singh is good only for Bolly Hrithik would have been perfect but nothing got materialized for him for whatever reason in Hollywood TS would match Hollywood better from younger generation RK with his subtle method of acting seemingly has potential in him to do well there

But Ranbir looks way to ugly to be in Hollywood. He looks like any other uncle walking on the road . And then Hollywood is not dump like Bollywood to make nepotistic kids a superstar. If he was really that talented then surely he would have got a good film after auditioning so much. Kapoor surname and dating two bollywood most popular actress of this decade and own alia bhatt keeps him in news.

He's the prince of Bollywood.Tall,fair and handsome he's never auditioned for roles in Hollywood. Had he done would've bagged some roles. On the other hand Sara should go audition in Hollywood .

Haha.. even I had aduitoned and laded a roled but did not get leave from office .lol

Ranveer can do it all and he's proving this. He has the most contemporary feel of all the current lot and can speak the American vernacular easily. He'd be a perfect fit.

Need a break from this guy and his boasting.


Ranbir isn't handsome enough and he takes himself too seriously

Ya wife must follow in the footsteps of the husband

He's so over-the-top. With that style of acting, in the West he would probably be a caricature and not a character.

Ranveer is OTT only as a personality. But he is a real chameleon when it comes to his craft; he fits into the roles seamlessly. Looters, Dil Dhadakne Do, Ram Leela, Bajirao, Khilji, Gully Boy ... everything is so versatile and smooth. He is well spoken, has studied in the US and can handle the accent like a pro if required, so why not!

Remember Lootera and parts of Ranveer and Anushka in Ladies vs RIcky..?

are they making in simmba in hollywood as well???

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