Ranveer Singh cannot stop gushing as wifey Deepika Padukone plants a kiss on his cheek; See Pics

Ranveer and Deepika super mushy pictures from a photoshoot went viral on Thursday. And thanks to fan clubs, we got to see a glimpse of these pictures.
News,Deepika Padukone Ranveer SinghDeepika announced just yesterday that she will joining the cast of Kabir Khan's '83 and will be playing Ranveer's Singh's wife on screen.
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Trust one Bollywood couple to dish out some social media PDA and leading the pack most probably will be Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh. The husband and wife's adoration for each other is well known among fans as the stars never miss an opportunity to leave an adorable or goofy comment on each other's pictures. Ranveer and Deepika's dedicated fan clubs also have a field day scouring for new pictures and the latest one reiterate the fact that the two celebs are Bollywood's most mushy couple.   

Deepika announced just yesterday that she will joining the cast of Kabir Khan's '83 and will be playing Ranveer's Singh's wife on screen. While those pictures along with director Kabir Khan went viral, another set of photos of real life husband and wife also are being shared widely on the Internet. 

Ranveer and Deepika have been brand ambassadors of an electronic brand and their super mushy pictures from its shoot went viral on Thursday.  The duo time and again make their fans fall in love with their adorable chemistry. And thanks to fan clubs, we got to see a glimpse of these pictures. In the photos, we get to see the 'Padmaavat' actress sitting on hubby Ranveer's lap as she plants a kiss on his cheek. Whereas for Ranveer, he cannot stop gushing. 

Check out the pictures below: 



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In '83, Ranveer Singh who will be essaying the role of Kapil Dev has been training hard to step into the skipper's shoes. The film is currently being shot in Glasgow and Deepika, too, has joined the team. 


Deepika was never like this with ranveer when she was in her peak. She was all about work. But now that she is out of limelight then she is doing this to hog some limelight which has shifted. To younger actress like alia and Sara. Ranveer was, is and will be an attention seeker.

He looks so happy for gets deepika.A year or two years later he will be love not only deepika

She kisses him.They are married couple.what a strange things!!

The promotions have started early

this is for Ad so relax people they are not posting secret birthday celebrations like sonam and anushka,i read the comments apparently you love there genuine love pictures,deepveer cannot even post there ad picture and they are attention seekers mmmmm

They may be genuinely in love but from what I see there is a disconnect between them. I could be totally wrong. I just couldn't connect to their wedding or reception pictures either. They were trying too hard. Virat and Anushka on the other hand seem to be very compatible even Sonam and Anand. I am not a fan of Sonam but I still find them genuine and cute. Both Ranveer and Deepika come across immature in love.

Always PR and attention seeking for these 3. Can never be real like other couples

If deepi was married to RK there would be thousand pictures from her side where she would be chipkoo to him like she was during 2008...

She was CHIPKU in 2008? Where are those pics then? Why didn't we see them then? How come both RK and DP looked equally in love in all photos and videos then? You are cartoon faced Katrina's fan...that's who you are!

Chill guys both the couples are genuine!! Stop with the constant comparison

Killing it guys !! So lovely!!

Haters keep on hating , as you know don't have anything better to do ! Love you RSDP :)

phonies. She is acting and showing of. Nothing genuine.

Why are we commenting and comparing them with other couple? What is the big deal here? We hug and kiss our family member in cheek but with husband it is forbidden and show off? We should give them a break. They were in love for long time and finally married. It is normal for this excitement and being happy for at least a year. Over the years they become normalized and mature enough to be be dignified in public. But for now let them be silly and happy anywhere, I think any new couple deserve to have this time of their life,

virat and anushka are the worst couple, theyre disgusting

Anu and Virat and genuine...these both are show offs!

Drama to gain attention

They so stinkin cute.

to the person who said virat and anushka are genuine. What couple goes to such lengths to expose they're private moments? Anushka's birthday was splashed all over social media which was basically looked like it came from a film which is how virat and nushka market their relationship and constantly taking posed photos for money. you're telling me thats genuine. A couple who truly loved each other wouldn't need to validate it or promote it on social media for likes and money. An yet you have the right to call Deepika and ranveer a pr relationship?! its so infuriating that virat and anushka are constantly displaying pda and its all love and cute but when deepika and raveer do it they're just attention seeking. Deepveer do not promote their relationship to such an extent that virat and anushka do and thats the tea

B’day pictures are least any one would share on social media these days but dp pr is so hyperactive right from airport to dressing up at home n posing, even if she farts they don’t spare us from sharing

I agree with you. Personally, I think that both Anushka Virat and Deepika Ranveer are genuine, but it's unfair how everyone had a problem when Deepveer post pictures and do ads together. Virushka are always posting pictures of each other, especially when they travel and with cheesy captions and no one has a problem with it. Then when Deepveer post some thing once in a while, they are labeled as attention seekers. The difference is that Virushka post pictures of each other a lot, while Deepveer talk about each other in interviews a lot and their pr makes many articles about it, but they rarely post pictures of each other. Both couples use their genuine relationships for some pr, because that's just how it works in show biz.

Yep. Cos deepveer haven't been married long enough. Wait and watch;)

of course they’re posing, it’s for an ad shoot! they look gorgeous


just because they aren't constantly promoting their relationship, screaming about how much they love each other and taking millions of posed pictures like virat and anushka doesn't mean they are not in love! of course they are look at them!

atleast virat anushka’s love seems genuine! But this PR couple right from the wedding reception has been faking all its way


still looks posed tbh

Yes it is posed. These are pictures from a commercial they were acting for.

lovely and beautiful :)

Adorable :)

Trying to stay relevant. Arent these ppl tired of fakeness..

Right after the backlash they got tat they only pose as couple and don’t seem really in love ...:P

She is lucky

Aww love them

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