Ranveer Singh & Deepika Padukone’s photoshopped pics show them campaigning for BJP? Here's the truth

In a bizarre twist, photoshopped pictures of Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone surfaced online on FB where they were shown campaigning for BJP during the Lok Sabha Elections 2019. But, here's the truth behind the photos. Read on.
Ranveer Singh & Deepika Padukone’s photoshopped pics show them campaigning for BJP? Here's the truthRanveer Singh & Deepika Padukone’s photoshopped pics show them campaigning for BJP? Here's the truth
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The biggest event in the history of any democracy is the Central elections. In India, the Lok Sabha Elections 2019 began today and the main parties that had been competing with each other were campaigning for the same from past few weeks. While many of actors urged people of the country to vote, many didn’t come out in support of political parties. However, in a bizarre twist, Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone’s photoshopped photos are doing rounds on the internet in which the couple can be seen promoting BJP.

As per a page on Facebook, ‘ Ek Bihari 100 Pe Bhari’, photos of Deepika and Ranveer sporting saffron scarves with slogans written on them which urge people to ‘Vote for BJP’ are being used to promote the party. However, the photos are photoshopped as the real photos are of the time when Deepika and Ranveer got married and visited Siddhivinayak temple as newlyweds with their family. The real pictures are different from the photoshopped ones. Obviously, the two stars are very popular and the post is created to misguide the people.

In the photoshopped pictures, Deepika’s dupatta with the slogan, ‘Vote for PM Modi’ while Ranveer’s scarf also has the same written on it.  While the post has generated a lot of traction and over 2600 people have shared it, the rea; pictures of Deepika and Ranveer are very different from the photoshopped ones. In the two photos, you can make out the difference clearly between the real and fake ones. Before heading inside the temple, Deepika and Ranveer had no saffron scarves with them, but when they had come out from the temple after seeking blessings, they had the scarf on which is photoshopped in the pictures doing rounds on the internet. 

Check out the post and the real pictures:

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PR couple Alia short below average man alia with buddha ranbir kapoor

Tats exactly how they looked during there wedding lol I'm finding it funny.,,especially Deepi doing the chant pose during her mehendi ...

Is this the work of a rival geared towards reducing their fanbase ? Possibly. Rs and dp should not take this lightly.

This is terrible. Someone should be held accountable.

PR couple's new tactic

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