Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone, Virat Kohli, Shah Rukh Khan’s aeroplane secrets revealed by a reddit user

You'll be surprised to know some of the aeroplane secrets of the B-Town celebs including the likes of Anushka Sharma, Shah Rukh Khan, and many others.
Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone, Virat Kohli, Shah Rukh Khan’s aeroplane secrets revealed by a reddit userRanveer Singh, Deepika Padukone, Virat Kohli, Shah Rukh Khan’s aeroplane secrets revealed by a reddit user
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We keep coming across all these pictures of celebrities at the airport every other day, and most often than not, we are all left wondering how are they like in the flight or how do they behave with others in person. And, looks like we might have a couple of answers to what are some of them like when in the flight. We came across a Reddit thread which said, AMA - I am a security manager VIPs at Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport. And well, no one left a chance to get some inside news as they had multiple questions about multiple celebrities.

Some of the ones that caught our attention are those about the Bachchan family, Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone, and many others for that matter. Right from how they behave with each other as a couple to how it is like when they are interacting with the crew, this official went on to reveal things that not many of us would know, or for that matter, relate to them.

About Deepika and Ranveer, the official said that they are rather on their own while in the flight and busy with the phones but when the cameras come, it is all magic. While talking about Virat and Anushka, when asked if the former is rude otherwise too, the official revealed that he is completely different when with Anushka and vice versa as well. About Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor the official revealed how they behaved pretty aloof and also said that they are good towards each other. And of course, the official also mentioned how Taimur is extremely cute. The official also said how Kareena actually went on to belittle someone 


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One of the most adorable of all the revelations was that of Shraddha Kapoor and the official revealed, “All the nice celebs were a wholesome experience, especially shraddha Kapoor because she is the only celeb till date to eat her food with us and share her jalebis.”

Amongst the celebrities that the official did not like, or found rude, she revealed how Kartik Aryan made too many crude jokes and was pompous. He was too flirty, and cracked disgusting jokes. When we were on the shuttle to go from one terminal to the other, he told my colleague to come for the ride and then let him ride her later etc. Ughhh. I don't like those types. The official also went on to talk about Hardik Pandya and his lewd comments and how karma served him right. The official did not seem to have nice things to say about Mira Rajput and Sussanne Khan either.

Talking about the Khans, the official revealed how Aamir Khan sleeps even in the shuttle and Salman Khan wants everyone to laugh at his jokes. Shah Rukh got all the brownie points as the official revealed how he is humble and polite enough to converse. The official also said, "You can really tell he loves himself, and loves making the people around him feel special and desired."

When asked about the Bachchans, the official said, "Jaya ji is grump, junior ab is average. Aishwariya is so beautiful and graceful, reserved but good at heart. Navya Nanda throwed a do you know who I am tantrum, when she basically doesn’t even require a shuttle or security but wanted one." The official did not have nice things to say about Tiger Shroff and revealed that though he might be in the upper half for the fans but he isn't very well behaved otherwise and in fact, Disha Patani also called him out once.

Talking about the star kids, the official said, "Khushi Kapoor just rolled her eyes whenever we tried interacting with her, so she wasn't that nice. Jahnvi Kapoor is courteous. Sara ali Khan is alright. The sonam/harsh/Rhea pair have some crazy demands. Sonam wanted our staff to purchase a new shoe for her from the duty free ASAP because her heels hurt, so that's there. And Rhea snickered when she saw my shoes, I didn't find that very nice.


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Lol people actually believe this. You guys are so gullible.

How you're saying that this reddit user is fake

Shraddha is the sweetest...

Khans and Aish are nice. I’m not surprised. Only four of them reached the total stardom from everyone mentioned above. Respect for them for staying so down to earth

Very intersting.
Did not expect that from Tiger.
Pleasantly surprised by Aishwarya.
SRK is the real deal.
Sallu is just as much of a casual jerk as we knew.
Ranveer and DP- oooh, so that's what's up b/w them.
Kajol and Kareena - ewww .

RS and DP behavior seems ok to me. They don’t have to be lovey dovey all the time. What’s wrong with that.

Never heard any1 say bad about deepveer...this seems biased

About Khushi I think she just lacks of confidence. Although she frequently dresses up like an adult, she’s still a teen who is still schooling and most girls her age still feel shy to interact with people. I think the part she rolled her eyes is a little exaggerating. I think she would know that people watch her actions since she’s a star kid and not do that in public.

Aamir is the typical Pisces sleeping everywhere...but I am surprised about tiger,khushi and Aryan...
Maybe deepika doesn't want to encourage ranveer's seeking attention behaviour on the plane so she avoids interacting with him...but I am sure they are happy together...
And I love sharddha...nice and real...

Even in the airport Kareena has to belittle someone, doesn’t she get enough of it, poor unhappy soul..

shame on you karan johar for trying to destroy deepveer

Ranveer and Deepika have been together for 6 years they don’t have to be lovey dovey all the time, for paps they will strike a pose that natural

Even Anushka and Virat have been together since 2013 and the person said they are romantic too. just because a couple are together for long does not mean they dont have to be lovey dovey.

They said they haven’t escorted RK and Alia together. How is it busting anything? PC Nick , DP RS, Tiger are
Busted. All others as expected. Everyone knows Kajol is cheap and rude , Kareena too arrogant etc.

It can be believable because reddit threads are approved And only after proof given to multiple people.

So RK and Alia not a couple only PR for film! And Deepveer fully out lol a show couple

I never believed Ranbir kapoor and Alia bhatt are dating! Not surprising ....

RK and Alia busted!!!! Kjo will be very sad lolThey are clearly not dating lol...try only drop each other at airports but once away from camera they just go their way looks like!!!

Jaya is grumpy..lol..I think the Khans are much down to earth and Ash too. All the youngsters these days have 'wannabee' written all over them.

this sounds a little fake. the person writes like an american teenager, not an indian national adult

Can I get a link to the thread?

Never heard good things about Kareena when it comes to public behaviour. Just a mean girl like Poo in real life too.

Surprised to read about Kushi though

Tiger - Fake nice boy image

Wow not surprised about Tiger, Pandya, Karthick. Also good to know how sweet Disha, Shraddha, Kansans and Vidya are

Just nothing mentioned

Virat Kohli sir is the emperor of cricket world love you sir and Anushka Sharma Ma'am is the most sexiest women in the bollywood industry love you both

I find it hard to believe that most celebrities are crumpy to these people. I don't believe one thing about this link . Obviously the person answering this is a srk and shraddas fan. Ranveer everyone know is super nice and friendly so is deepika .in fact I have never heard people saying otherwise talkless of not even saying thank you to people. And I don't believe they throw tantrums it's just not true.they know they are at the airport and they know even people at the airport are their fans. Please stop spreading lies about these celebrities they are people like us with feelings too

Lol ranveer Deepika all show for camera and that’s a prove show offs

And you want us to believe this shit? Shame on you for even putting up this link

How can we view this thread?

I don’t know what do you want to infer, it’s their lives they will live however they wish too. Is something paining in ur butt to intrude in their lives

SRK is the best. He’s the only star who always gets universal praise by everyone who meets him. King of hearts ♥️

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