Ranveer Singh lets fans in on a little something Priyanka Chopra always tells him about his stardom

Ranveer Singh still finds it difficult to believe that he is a star and well, given his thoughts about stardom, the actor reveals what Priyanka Chopra has to say about it.
Ranveer Singh lets fans in on a little something Priyanka Chopra always tells him about his stardomRanveer Singh lets fans in on a little something Priyanka Chopra always tells him about his stardom
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Priyanka Chopra and Ranveer Singh go back in time and while the two have been friends for a long time now, they have given out hit films together and of course, we like to see these two together as well. Both of them are extremely fond of each other and given their equation, one would never doubt that. In a recent interview with Femina, the actor got talking about a lot of things and he also let fans in on a little something Priyanka has to say about.

While talking about stardom and similar things, the actor said, "I am a special case because I never became a huge star in my head. I'm still the kid with stars in his eyes who is in disbelief that he even became a star. He further revealed how Priyanka always tells him that he is still the boy who cannot believe he has become a star and that he is someone who still tells his mother, 'mummy, main star bann gaya, dekho  yeh log meri photo lena chahte hain." 



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About to embark on a remarkable cinematic journey #proud #blessed @kabirkhankk @83thefilm

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On the work front, Ranveer is prepping up for his upcoming film '83. The actor is currently in London along with wife Deepika Padukone who will be playing Romi on screen. The actor will also be seen in Karan Johar's multi-starrer film Takht and about it, the actor added how he always wanted to do a movie with KJo and then he came up with the killer script, something the actor has never done before. 

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They’re a bomb couple! Guys do more films together ! SLB cast them together!

Stay that way. Innocence is what is missing in stars. May be people love you because of your ability to make them see a brother, son, a devoted and adorable lover, all because of that innocence in your behavior outside films. The minute you start behaving like a matured person, you lose. You are not a star for us, we see a family member in you.

They are one of the most underrated onscreen pair.

Both are amazing! Do another movie together RS and PC <3<3

Biggest female cartoon of the past two decades remember how she used to call akshay Kumar stalking him Lololol

God Chopra,stop to stalk Bollywood actors and stop forcing them to talk about you in public only to get a film offer. No one there cares about you!

Did she put a knife to their throat.... She is established already... Get your priority right ... Set your life straight...stop hating.... I'm not from India ....I don't even like Indian movies but I love her....she is a body of knowledge

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