Ranveer Singh says he doesn't trip on power; he only trips on making people happy

In an interview, Ranveer Singh was asked if along with fame and success, does he feel he has a sense of power? The actor gave an interesting answer. Read to know what he said.
News,Ranveer SinghRanveer Singh says he doesn't trip on power; he only trips on making people happy
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Ranveer Singh is one of the most popular and loved actors in Bollywood. The actor won people's hearts this year with his amazing performance in Gully Boy. Last year, he made everyone crazy with his performance as a cop in Rohit Shetty's Simmba. People not only love Ranveer for his acting and films but also for his happy-go-lucky and energetic attitude.

In an interview with Hindustan Times, the Lootera actor was asked if all the fame and success give him a sense of power. Singh answered that he is not very comfortable in a position of power. His aim is that he wants to be happy in what he is doing and doesn't want to trip on power.

Ranveer added, "Power is a trip and people trip on it but I don’t. I only trip on making people happy. So, although I do find myself having acquired more of it [power], I am not striving to achieve power. That’s not my goal. It may be happening on its own. And I understand ke aise hota hai aur aise hi hoga."

Meanwhile, on the work front, he is currently shooting for Kabir Khan's '83 in London. The actor plays the role of former Indian Cricket captain Kapil Dev in the film.

Deepika Padukone will essay his wife's role in '83.


if dp is power and money hungry why is she not singing movies left and right[please dont say she is not getting any offers that ridiculous] why is she is being picky about her movies.

He is different from his wife who is obsessed about money .. power.. fake trends and pr work.

Haters are just burning... Lmao. He is the best and the most popular young actor.

Baba ki Jai Ho !!

UGH. How dumb are his fans. He is conniving, image obsessed and desperate. COME on. AND he has sidelined queen DP after using her to become a power jodi!

Burn desperate hater , your favourites can never become a power jodi :-p he's not image obsessed, he's just being himself unlike your favourites

Ranveer the best and most amazing talent in India

his fans are power tripping for him. he’s doing well tho, good for him

You always make everyone around happy, lots of happiness, love & luck to you RS !! <3<3

Baba you're AMAZING (and hot;) !! haters get a life and stop being so jealous of him ,losers!!

please fire your stylist

So I guess attention seeking = making people happy then?

Ranveer is Ranveer he loves what he does and not gready or selfish .. all success and more success to your way

Baba how to be a positive person like you

We love you our charming superstar

he was insecure of sara ?? hahahaha hater kuch toh logic laga ke bola kro.Who will be insecure of that fat cheap wannabe aunty sara ??

If you want to make people happy, I’d reconsider the outfits to begin with

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Sure..during Simmba promotions he was getting really insecure of Lil Sara taking all the attention away from him. Most in this profession r here to gain money, attention/power so who is trying to kid? we're not stupid ok.

insecure of sara ?? lol good joke , she got famous all thanks to him , if she didn't have a movie with him after her debut film, she wouldn't have been half as famous!!

Baba is the best !!

Awww such a gem !!

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