Ranveer Singh says NO to Rs 2 crore for a wedding appearance

Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt are all set to work together for the first time in Zoya Akhtar's Gully Boy. Ranveer has already shot for the title song of the movie. The movie releases on 14th February 2019.
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Ranveer Singh is the man of the hour with his latest outing Padmaavat perform exceedingly well at the box office. The actor received an offer of Rs 2 crore for a wedding appearance, recently, which he declined. 
Ranveer was offered the big fat amount for a 30 minutes appearance at a wedding but to refrain himself from getting deviated from his character, Ranveer chose to give it a miss. 
A source informs, “Ranveer is a perfectionist when he is shooting and concentrates on the minutest details as part of his prep for the character he plays. For him to pull off this appearance would mean him wrapping up the shoot (he is shooting from 6 am to 6 pm every day for Zoya’s film), flying to a different city and returning the same night to report to the set at the crack of dawn the following day. Doing that, he wouldn’t have got any time to rest. So, he told his team that he would like to concentrate on performing his role better than focus on the money offered and asked them to decline it.”
Well, this is indeed interesting!
Meanwhile, Ranveer will be seen collaborating with Alia Bhatt for the first time in Gully Boy. He recently shot for the title song of the movie and if sources are to be believed has also tried his hands on B-boying. 
In Gully Boy, Ranveer will be venturing into his forte as the actor is a rap enthusiast. When asked about Gully Boy, Ranveer told us, "It is incredible. It is a story of these boys who come from tough existence. They are a franchise to a lot of people who have got a tough life. They found an expression in art and in music. They have broken through as recording artists. It's something I feel for, very strongly and the film is perhaps closest to my heart after Band Baaja Baraat because it is my first film but Gully Boy, is closest to my heart because I am keen to be champion of this cause of trying to grow and develop this most wonderful music scenes which are flourishing and coming out of the streets of Mumbai."


Ranveer i love you

I think it’s kind of sad to see actors dancing for money, all for entertainment? Though i guess that’s what bollywood stars are, paid entertainment..everyone has a price

Personally find celebrities dancing for rich people at private events really sad because in the end it shows that they are nothing but entertainers and will do anything for money. There are only a few celebrities which have turned down offers and thatonly happened after they got married or they got old and have enough money now.

PR putting out this since they want to let people know he is still open to such offers but could not do it this one time due to shooting

Ranveer has done plenty of weddings in the last few years, weird that his pr team would leak this as showing how dedicated he is. He’s made millions USD and is probably worth it for those who want a celebrity at their party. How else would he pay for his fancy cars?

Aamir is one of the few actors who doesn’t do this at all and you can see why he is where he is. He puts his energies in his art and craft not in dancing with people who buy you for entertainment

srk would do it for less lol

It is a personal choice it is good money, even western artists have done it for big money! It is a high compliment,that people that have the money to have thier favorite artist perform,,and people get to meet and greet! Nothing to look down on!

Are you serious. These guys are peddling their fame. Not their talent. It’s not like they go to an orphanage. They are going where they get paid by the hour. They can do it. Just stop calling yourself artists. Stick to being a star.

Ranveer is not money minded

Well it’s his life n his decisions, I as a fan wish him luck for whatever he choose to do whether it’s dancing on weddings or a solid movie ✌️

I just attended a wedding of my friend at Dome NSCI, Mumbai where he performed for 1.2 crore and did 20 mins of dancing and 40 mins of crowd interaction. What is this hypocrisy.

They are saying because of shooting he avoided it. Otherwise, like you said he likes doing these gigs I think..lol

Thank god not headed srk way ... he has the potential of becoming a superstar

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