Ranveer Singh's latest post proves Deepika Padukone is the boss of the house; Check it out

Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone are one of the cutest couples of the Bollywood industry. Now, Deepika has joined the star cast of his film '83. The actor announced the news in his own funny way.
News,Deepika Padukone,Ranveer SinghRanveer Singh's latest post proves Deepika Padukone is the boss of the house; Check it out
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Bollywood industry's hot shot couple Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh are going to play an on-screen couple in '83. Fans are really excited about this upcoming project. After giving superhits like Bajirao Mastani and Padmavat together, the duo is pairing up as husband and wife for the first time post their marriage. Deepika will play the role of Romi Dev, as Ranveer is essaying the role of her husband Kapil Dev. 
Ranveer Singh made the announcement of Deepika joining the star cast on his Instagram handle today. The actor shared several pictures of himself posing with wife Deepika and 83's director Kabir Khan. He captioned one of the pictures as, "Who better to play my wifey than my wifey?" Soon after the confirmation, loving comments started flooding on social media. In fact, the actor posted a hilarious boomerang in which Deepika is hitting Ranveer with a bat. Both of them look adorable in the video. He captioned it as, "Story of my life, Real and Reel."


Story of my Life Real & Reel ! deepikapadukone 83thefilm

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Directed by Kabir Khan, the film is scheduled to hit the theatres on 10 April, 2020 in three languages namely Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. '83 is based on the 1983 World Cup, won by India under Kapil Dev's captaincy. Ranveer will be seen playing the role of the former cricketer. He has been practicing working on his cricketing skills since a long time now. 

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Someone is trying hard to kill dp's career and its not kat......more like alia kj or pc.

So many people are burning especially RK fans.

when deepveer were dating i heared about dp pinning for rk not on rs and deepveer where dating for movie promotion but in all kwk every actor said that ram and leela are still together.you cry how much you want they are still together and they are still A list actor

DP is doing sidey roles to propel her husbands career. She is finished. He has always needed crutches to get a hit - top actress, director, producer.

Probably patriarchy exists in the world bcz of people like u .. just bcz she’s working in a film with her husband doesn’t mean she’s finished...??!!
I just don’t know how the hell anything is gonna change with u ppl living in this world!!

A man without enemies is a man without character.

Lol rk go get a life if you think she's still not over you watch sly digs she don't even consider you, you're only begging her to get casted android she Rejects now she accepted this role your boring, joke of the day yes rs is not rk coz rs is huge star than you. Pv post it


Yeah right like rk is begging for deepika to comeback..

Love from myanmar.Forever fan of deepveer.Haters will hate deepveer is the best now and ever.

Cant wait to watch.i am very very very very big fan of deepveer.Now i am in grade8.In 2020 i am in grade 9.So it is impossible to watch this film.Really waiting for this film.

With Salman a force to reckon with on one end and replacing him in all his directors films and Meezan ready to turn bollywood sissy actors obsolete on the newcomer end - Ranveer bhambani is going bust. His & DP frustrations are apparent. DP aunty will not succeed in supporting her non-star husbands career despite the manipulations.

Deepika has done all in her control and power to get RK back and coz he didn’t give a damn she did all in her control and power to destroy his image and now to challenge him she has married the supposedly next big thing - Ranveer Singh...don’t understand why RS is being bakra for this number one gold digger woman baba why?

forced laughed pictures


the middle pic proves they are totally faking it! deepi is sad her career is over and RS is not RK either.case closed.

And , who r u to decide their career !!!

Yeh public hai yeh sab jante hai public hai :P

dekho bhai beheno.....stardom ke liye shaadi ya marriage of convenience ka nateeja yeh hi hota hai lol RK ne soch samajkar deepika ko door rakhne ka faisla kiya ...lagta hai usne achcha kiya..kyonki deepi sirf paise aur fame ke liye shaadi kar sakti hai..pyaar nahi...kyonki RK sabse zyaada paise waala hai aaj bhi ro rahi hai ki ladka haat se nikal gaya ....varna RS ke saath khush dikti...pyar ke liye shaadi karo paiso ke liye nahi pv post

she is so gorgeous wowww


Look at how Deepika is mouth open laughing :p why ?

After watching the first post interview with her mom I was so sure she still has a thing for RK coz her only motto in life is to impress RK and become Mrs Kapoor lol...sadly her mom kept saying she’s not shy or timid but she is a go getter and extremely social while she kept insisting she is shy ha ha ha why? To show she’s just like RK ...modest and classy ...this woman will always settle for wats the best bet and marrying RS she proved it once again ...

She is forcing herself so much...why did she even marry RS ?! She must have waited for love Instead of settling for the second best

Deepika thinks opening her mouth and laughing hard shows she’s happy lol they don’t even look like a couple duly in love. This is Wat happens when you marry a person for his stardom ...she is a social climber ..always was..she has GUTS to complain when the richest of them all with heaviest surname dumps her while she always ran after the better GUTSSSS

Look at the second pic good lord! They are faking it so much with the placating laugh

Don't worry darling...you are not a CCTV in their house...lolz..get well soon

Looks preggers

Lolol what happened to ‘i wont take showpiece roles ever’ the so called highest paid actress is running jobless looks like

They are both getting desperate and insecure post marriage. With this side role, DP is over as a top actress. Ranveer loves to pretend he is a big star but his lack of stardom shows.

Aww so soooooo cute !!love you guys <3


poor kat

Such a cute post

they don't even look like a married couple. the chemistry is so fake. DP is always trying hard to look "fun and cheerful" after people called her out to be boring.

shut up hater , she's fun and it's for real

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