Ranvir Shorey slammed for #Me TOO

Actor Ranvir Shorey took to Twitter to criticise the ongoing anti-CAA protests, unlike most Bollywood celebrities who have shown solidarity with the nationwide students' stir. After being trolled heavily, Ranvir tried making light of the situation saying all the trolling was his MeToo ordeal, following which he was slammed even more severely. Finally, the actor said it is time to quit Twitter.
Ranvir Shorey slammed for #Me TOO Ranvir Shorey slammed for #Me TOO
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"Trust Indian citizens to lose their sh*t over a law that doesn't affect Indian citizens. #CAAProtests #India #BharatBananaHai. The CAA doesn't affect students directly. Yet they're being made the face of these protests," he tweeted. Ranvir added: "I might not think it protest worthy, but I did say I'm not a supporter of #CAA, waaaay back here." His tweets did not go down well with a section of social media users. Some of the tweets directed at him were outright abusive. "Tere jaise ch****e thodi na kisi bhi cheez ka face banenge, someone has to step up na," one user wrote.

Ranvir compared the comment to #MeToo movement. "Wah. Here's my #metoo story," Ranvir responded. Reacting to the actor's #MeToo tweet, several users further slammed him. A netzien tweeted: "I'm glad the worst thing you've been called is a 'ch****a' and again glad that you think that is grounds for abuse in the same way that many brave women who came out with stories of their trauma and suffered violence and that you think that's worth mocking. Impeccable." Giving clarification about his #MeToo remarks, Ranvir soon explained: " I didn't mean to compare this to what you and other girls/ women go through everyday, and maybe I shouldn't have mentioned #metoo lightly like I did. But this girl is a shining example of a****les existing in all genders."

After receiving such backlash, Ranvir shared that it's "time to quit #Twitter".

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