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Raveena Tandon slams Zaira Wasim over the latter's decision to quit Bollywood; READ Details

Zaira Wasim of Dangal fame has decided to quit the Bollywood film industry much to the shock of her fans and well - wishers. Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon has now taken a dig at the Secret Superstar actress regarding her decision of quitting Bollywood.
Raveena Tandon slams Zaira Wasim over the latter's decision to quit Bollywood; READ DetailsRaveena Tandon slams Zaira Wasim over the latter's decision to quit Bollywood; READ Details
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Zaira Wasim, who made her debut with the blockbuster movie Dangal, has bid goodbye to her filmy career. The Secret Superstar actress has confessed that she has taken the decision because her relationship with her religion has been threatened. The Kashmir - born girl has let everyone know about her decision through the medium of a detailed post which she has shared on her Facebook page. 

The National Award winning actress has confessed that she is not happy with her line of work. This particular decision of Zaira Wasim has been welcomed by some people while some others have criticised her for her decision. Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon also took a dig at the Dangal star and posted a tweet some time back while sharing her opinion about the same. Raveena tweets, 'Doesn’t matter if two film olds are ungrateful to the industry that have given them all. Just wish they’d exit gracefully and keep their regressive views to themselves .'

Check out Raveen Tandon's tweet below:

Zaira's sudden decision of quitting the Bollywood film industry has taken everyone by storm. The actress will be next seen in the upcoming movie The Sky is Pink along with Farhan Akhtar and Priyanka Chopra in the lead roles. Zaira recently attended the wrap up party of this upcoming movie too. The Sky is Pink has been directed by Shonali Bose and has been scheduled to be released on October 11, 2019. 

For the unversed, Zaira Wasim began her acting career with the Aamir Khan starrer Dangal which was released in the year 2016. She was then seen in the movie Secret Superstar which also received a lot of appreciation from the audiences. 

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Some people need to take a chill, People in even 30's change their profession in the West. It's very common to switch your career.
She is so young maybe she does not feel happy to be in the industry.

Pait pe laat what rubbish. So many actors in the industry have restaurants, fashion labels, youtube channels, gyms but nobody questioned them? No one asks them if Acting is not enough to live in the world?
But when a Young girl tells about she is not happy She is being questioned!! DOUBLE STANDARDS MUCH.

Bollywood actresses us all about showing skin. Don't think anymajor religion allows that to it's followers, men or women. It's upto people to follow their religion or not if someone doesn't want to be a bollywood actress and is throwing away fame and money then it's their personal decision. Why is Raveena being so rude. And Bollywood has given something to this young lady but not everything. She has her parents to thank for raising her. She's only 18 and most kids are studying at that age. She wants to change career let her. Why is Raveena getting worked up?

Hats off to Raveena to say what we all want to say. She just has more guts. If she wants to quit films- she should have just done it without making such big announcement. She is doing for her religion. What has religion have to do with her being in films. You can still act. Does your Allah say not to act in films or choose a career of your prefreence.

You really want to know What Allah wants us to do, or you are just irritated of the fact that someone is following their faith. What does it matter if someone calls out to quit something or doesn't. Their choice they didnt imply anything on anyone. It doesnt need guts to get into another person's affairs.

Did she give any 2 rupee gyaan when a 12 yr old jain kid took deeksha recently? At least here Zaira is 18. Uski marzi apko kya takleef hai?

None of your business reveeeeeeena

feel raveena could have been a little respectful towards zarina..even if shes two films old..there was no need to callher out like that..raveena was a medicore actress at best.

this is her decision why raveena or anyone needs to speak on her personal choice its so stupid

Raveena is disgusting all up, considering she no longer gets any attention. She makes these tweets to get some. As a women, you should be supporting and empowering her but clearly your motive is different.

Raveena she has made it clear after reading and understanding Quran she has taken the decision. Its between her and Allah so no one can interfere what's the fun in making it public ofcourse be bold to reveal the truth why shy away.

then probably the book is the problem - if it is telllng a young girl who dreamtt and worked hard for getting roles like these that it is a sin. It is a sin to dream and pursue your talent - if the book is saying that then book is problematic.

I doubt thought that book says that.

To simplify it for you, what the book overall says is that how much can you (believer) sacrifice for the God you worship/love? However, not to forget, in the end - it's a choice. And over here, Wasim chose to finally embrace her religion properly rather than manipulating herself to pursue her career any further. To someone who doesn't know much about the religion - yes, it sounds wrong. But only the believers of this religion know what it means to them. I am surprised at the people coming at her and bashing her for her 'regressive' views when it's none of anyone's business. She chose to put it out there so that she could get a closure and let all her fans know. Again, that was HER choice as well! Why is it so hard to digest? People like Raveena, who have been in this industry for years, should be mature enough to respond to this rather than calling Wasim's views 'regressive'. The girl chose to do this without blaming anyone. Yes, I understand that criticism will be there but in the end - we must not forget - it's still not our business to bash her for the decision she took. That's all I can tell you from my side.

And please be kind to shine some light on any book that tells you to strip off and groove in front of men?

Mind your business raveena.
It's zaira's personal decision and nothing to do with you or anybody else for that matter.

Not everybody is ok with exploitation that happens in bollywood. If me too or men too movements didnt exist no one would know the filth this industry has. I hope her decision inspires others who are living a miserable life. You have a choice leave and never look back for your peace.

So is Zaira indirectly saying all other Muslim women in the entertainment business are sinners?! This was so unnecessary. What good is a religion if it snatched away your freedom.

What if I call your 'dignified and free' bollywood actresses as ' mere slaves'? If you think exposing skin is freedom, go and cut open your brain to show us all your intellect. #SupportZaira

What kind of a statement is this. Why would religion give u freedom. Religion provides u a way to live in this world. Not to give u freedom. For e.g if I dislike someone who did wrong to me, if given the freedom I would kill him. But my religion tells me it is a sin n so I don't. So religion never sets u free, it guides u so live a life without damaging anyone.

Publicity stunt by Jaira....

Raveena need not comment on each and every thing. She should reserve her voice for issues that concern society at large.

i have read her whole letter on insta (zaira) and though there were too many religious references i didn't find any 'disgraceful' toward the movie industry. And if Raveena thinks that being religious is 'regressive' well she's one brainless woman. Well then, isn't being a housewife like her a regress too?

Just like your entire Bollywood brigade does what it likes, dates whoever it likes, has affairs with married/younger/older men or women, divorces or have extra marital affairs with whoever the F it wants and does all unethical nonsense and in the end when they say “it’s personal and none of your business” same applies to Zaira too Raveena ji.

unfortunately, not every actress is okay in an industry where doing things like tip tip barsa pani are expected. raveena may have been totally fine rolling around in the rain and calling it "dance", but some people want to actually act. If that opportunity isn't there - totally their choice to leave, like raveena's choice to stay in the industry. not sure how attacking her through a regressive lens helps

Someone whose career is only remembered by "tu cheez badi hai mast mast" is talking about regressive choices?

While I agree with some of what she's saying, Raveena is hardly one to talk. She's just another actress who married a rich man and became semi-retired to raise children. That is pretty regressive to me, when women give up success to mooch off their husbands, or even worse, if they are forced to by their family/in-law family or even society.

She had such a beautiful face. Why did she ruin it with filllers and surgeries!

Coming from senior actress such words..ahhhh raveena plz don't disgrace yourself,u might be role model of many....

Similarly its Raveena Tandons freedom of speech and personal decision to voice her opinion....Hypocrite people being critical of Ravrena ?

So Zaira also has freedom of speech to say what she wants, who is Raveena to criticize her?

Veterans like yourself, Raveena, should not be shaming the younger lot for their decisions. As they saying goes, "You attract more flies with vinegar than honey." With that said, try adopting a more encouraging and sweeter tone next time, Raveena Ji. One more thing.....if by any chance you have used use lip fillers....please stop. It does not look natural at all.

It's her life and her personal decision.everyone is free to make our own decisions.i dont understand why people dont stop poking noise in others life

Raveena always has something to say about everything, she’s a very mouthy woman. Looks like she’s gone under the knife recently as we can see from the picture.

What’s up with Raveena? One can never know why she came to this decision, could be pressure from family..Madam Tandon needs to chillax

dp:who are these people I am above all this phew

i totally agree with raveena!!!! well said!!!!!

Why this has been always seek attention on other people's expense?! she defending this filthy industry...
didn't she support kangana against the men here claiming that they use a nd abuse women...

whats her problem? its a personal decision! if she wasnt content let her be! shes a little kid!! disgusting!

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