Reema Kagti calls NCB's allegation on Aryan Khan a 'ridiculous lie'; Kubbra Sait says sad to see circus unfold

Updated on Oct 20, 2021 07:51 PM IST  |  150.1K
Reema Kagti calls NCB's allegation on Aryan Khan a 'ridiculous lie'; Kubbra Sait says sad to see circus unfold
Reema Kagti calls NCB's allegation on Aryan Khan a 'ridiculous lie'; Kubbra Sait says sad to see circus unfold.

Aryan Khan's bail verdict is set to be pronounced at 2:45 pm on Wednesday and the star kid has received support not just from netizens and SRK's fans but also Bollywood. Ahead of the bail verdict, filmmaker Reema Kagti tweeted in support of Aryan Khan and called NCB's allegations a 'ridiculous lie'. 

Reema's tweet read, "I hope Aryan gets bail today. He shouldn’t have been arrested in the first place; no possession, no consumption and the NCB’s argument that he is part of some international drug peddling ring is just a ridiculous lie to harass him and his family." 

Further she responded to a Twitter user's tweet who suggested that she shouldn't comment on the matter as we do not know the detailed evidence. Replying to this user, Kagti tweeted, "The NCB themselves have declared this in court. So with due respect you can stand by and say nothing while a 23 year old is harassed for being a famous Muslim man’s son but I choose not to, thank you very much." 

Meanwhile, Kubbra Sait also reacted to the case when she was asked about Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan's son. Speaking to India Today, Kubbra said, "I think it’s a very scary time to live in right now, where anything and everything you do is judged and everyone is quick to come up with their verdict and nobody really cares about the truth anymore. The truth cannot be changed or shifted or moulded for people. When they start manipulating facts, when they start selling manipulated facts as entertainment, it is a very sad situation to be in. And this has not happened today. It has happened over the last few years. We have seen it happen, and it is really unfortunate."

While the actress was off Twitter for sometime, she returned recently. She added, "I am observing everything and I think I go back, sob a little and fix my heart and say maybe it was my destiny to be born in this time to see this drama and to see this circus unfold. I don’t wish anybody bad, but I do wish they had that much more heart in themselves to realise that this is another human being I am speaking about. And what goes around, comes around. They have families too, and they have their own reputations, own lives. The best thing you can do is use the media that you have responsibly and not be frivolous and stupid about it because these are lives you are talking about, not a joke." 

Today, Special Judge VV Patil will pronounce the bail verdict in the bail application filed by Aryan Khan

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