Rekha and Shatrughan Sinha ended their fight 23 years after Khoon Bhari Maang, do you know who solved it?

For those who don't know, Shatrugjan Sinha and Rekha had gotten into a fight on the sets of Khoon Bhari Maang and it got solved 23 years later because of THIS person.
Rekha and Shatrughan Sinha ended their fight 23 years after Khoon Bhari Maang, do you know who solved it?Rekha and Shatrughan Sinha ended their fight 23 years after Khoon Bhari Maang, do you know who solved it?

B-town has had some of the biggest fights, and while some of them have lasted for years but never get solved, some of them took years until someone solved it out for them. And well, veteran actors Shatrughan Sinha and Rekha seem to be two people whose fight lasted for more than two decades, and yet, they did not solve it on their own. For the uninitiated, the duo had got into a fight over something while shooting for Rakesh Roshan's Khoon Bhari Maang, and in fact, they vowed to never see each other's faces.

However, the film's shoot was yet to be done, and so, he somehow convinced the two to get back to shooting. But before getting there, the two had a condition that they will never talk to each other ever again, and they did not, for 23 long years, despite being a part of such a fraternity that is so much about socializing. One fine day, it was at a party, that Poonam Sinha, Shatrughan's wife, and Rekha's good friend, decided to sort things out between the two since she was unable to see them fight. 

And well, that was about it. She managed to put an end to a fight that lasted for 23 long years, and all of it, with just a conversation with the two people involved. Did you know this ever happened? Well, drop in your comments on what do you think about it right here.

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Being human every body can make mistakes must had done by both of them,its good to realize ones mistake putting your ego at the back to retain what you have lost for years...

Could't we try to find good things from their lives.



Love u Rekha
Rekha is Unique

Love u Rekha
Rekha is Unique

Once he got a thrashing of his life from Shammi Kapoor in public in a hotel. He is a very egoistic and arrogant man. Not a popular actor.

See both of them are sr artist and know about their own abilities plus weakness ,it is unfortunate to believe why it took 23 years to resolve anyone could have done this such like rakesh roshan is known for positive counseling and always his family is known to help I think Rakeshji easily would but it is said "where their is a will,way is their"

This media is biased agInst Satrughan Sinha seems a corrupt as i wrote my true feelings about Satrughan Sinha and that is not appearing in comment box.. so this type of editing shows charecter of this purely bought out media.. shame to you.. !

I had opportunity to personally know Mr Satrughan Sinha as a person.. He is very kind very helping and very sound and strong personality he never cares who the person he is facing or commenting upon and what will be the consequences
He goes by rational and justified reasonings
He is highly learned and intelligent person he respects every human and has no egos...
He has never been conscious as Amitabh on image building..
Even Modi missed a good nation builder which time would show.
All national parties were so receptive of him he is not in copetetionn with any one and belongs to very high background
I am awaiting both Satrughan jee and Rekha jee to give a thunderous come back and make their presence felt..
There are many well wishers of Satrughan jee who own election with highest mirgin to his credit
People should not be mistaken seeing his facevalue only.. he is truely great personality

Now, its time for a re-union of Rekha and Amitabh.

Somehow I feel shatrughan would feel disappointed with his looks and knock knees..he had a complex about it

Better late than never. Life here on earth is short. Y hold all this anger or ego. Make world a better place. A lot of negative energy. Forget forgive and be happy. Wishing peace and friendship to both SS & R.

We are facing a worldwide crisis....people are dying across the border. Who the hell cares about these so called celebrities. Shame on the journalists who even bother to print this trash at this point of time.

SS need a date

Rekha dont want it

Shastri means enemy of everybody
Renga is a decent person BJP is aParty of decent people
This person is enemy of all goodthings

Life is short should forgive and forget grudges are not good for your health
If Allah can forgive why can’t we forgive as humans
May Allah swt puts some sense in your head

Just move ahead.

Let bygones be bygones.and start living a fresh life.

Good they sorted out

शत्रुघ्न तो रेखा की जूती के बराबर है
पनोती है साला

Ýa ego ki bat hai donoko bhul jana chahiye aur ek dusre ko maf ker dena chhiye kya pata kal kya hoga

Life is so fragile , I am very glad that you have sorted out your differences through your family members. No one knows that who's going to survive after one or two months.long live both of you.

Sahi bat hai satrughan sinha ghamandi insan hai usne bachhanji ke sath bhi esa hi kiya hai. Phir 23 years fight bahot jayada time ho gaya hai ab rekhaji ne accha kiya maf ker diya bcoz kya pata kal kya hoga

No one is at fault. As per situation it happen some time but it is better to resolve the matter instead of getting it linger on. If liking for each other is not enough to continue as good friends, we can continue with limited talks and relationship.

'खून भरी मांग'जाने माने निर्माता-निर्देशक राकेशजी रोशन की एक बेहतरीन फिल्म थी. इसमें रेखाजी की बहुत ही बेमिसाल भूमिका थी. डबल रोल कहा नहीं जा सकता परंतु दूसरा किरदार पहले से काफी अलग था. साथ साथ शत्रूजी का भी अहम किरदार था. चूंकि दोनों बडे कलाकार हैं तो उन्होंने अपनी अपनी भूमिकाएं खूब निभाई थी. राकेशजी के निर्देशन के साथ साथ रेखाजी, कबीर बेदी, मरहूम कादर खान, सईद जाफरी, सोनू वालिया, शत्रुघ्नजी सिन्हा ऐसे कलाकारों की अदाकारी और राजेशजी रोशन के संगीत ने फिल्म को कामयाब किया था. परंतु इसका पता नहीं था कि इस बढिया फिल्म के पीछे एक दुखभरी कहानी छिपी होगी. चलो सुलह हुई तो अच्छा ही हुआ.

Who cares for these fools.

Bachchan Bina Rekha adhri hai

Cant comment dont know what created the fight. It takes two to fight. Both matured people having some misunderstanding led to some 2 decades on not talking terms.
They know best

Bihari babu allyas a selfish men

I love shutgun he is a nice guy

Best job

Good actor. Appreciate his efforts for good relation of india-pakistan

Both are well known celebrity. Their figjt shoyld be ended. Both should contribute some good to india.


Love u both

Shatru is the best actor and they give us many films . I always appreciate his acting.

U 2 guys were / are great actors u have acted in numerous Bollywood movies giving ur fans great entertainment. We are just human beings , and r subjective to error. IAM HAPPY .UR DIFFERENCE HAS BEEN PATCH. NOW GIVES US A MOVIE TO SHOW THE WORLD UR TALENT R STILL THERE

So nice at last the fight their acting skills.God bless all.


there is says goes OLD HABITS DIE HARD.vagabond characters waisted twenty three beautiful years.appreciate Sinhas wife.

Love you Rekha

SS never accepted a great PM Modi as he always wanted Advani to be BJP leader. How silly & wrong he has been!!

Love you Rekha

Be a good friend n forget all enmity let bygone be bygone

Satraghun shinha is very best acktar very pawarfull politick neta

Be a good friend n forget all enmity let bygone be bygone

Once stardom is over and they grow in their age realise importance of friendliness

Salamat rahe DOSTANA !!! God Bless Them.

They have transcend their egoes over this issue after 23 years. We need to congratulate them.

All's well that ends well.But time period of two decades is a bit too long.


SS is very egoist and some times too rude.


Instead of shatru rakesh Roshan should had taken jeetendra in kbm

Satrughan always needs co-star support, he is never self sufficient. A barking actor.

Satrughan always needs co-star support, he is never self sufficient.

Never was a fan of Shotgun !



I like both they should end forgive and forget thank you

Glad they sorted out there different between them god bless yours soul stay blessed

Glad they sorted out there different between them god bless yours soul stay blessed

SSinha a extraordinary actor

Shatru is c class actor rekhla g is class acyrrss hold bolly wood industry on top.

Speak properly you idiot

Is the ego is important in life?

These are things happened 23 years. Things have changed, people have changed. Media want anything to talk about. There are things in the world need to talk about more beneficial. Though both actors are great, they entertained us, thanks to them.

Rekha is a rare, outstanding and priceless actor.

It's take two to tango in the first place.

This sinha is self centered, selfish, bloated egoistc lioud mouth.



Shatru you are not Shatru but whole n kind hearted friend. Why do you hide your good qualities. Exploit like Amitabh. It is not good for health & family

वह घमंडी इनसान है।

Ss is a good actor with a loud mouth. Backs a wrong horse. So much stibbirnness ruined his carer both as an actor but also political. In.his constituency he cannot discriminate between who voted for and who did not.

Silly, their ego got the better of them

Oh ho....just watch movie "thodi si bewafai"

How people destroy their lives sitting in egos?

Where the is taking them to.... it's always better to introspect and resolve the outstanding while body supports..... it's very painful to regret at the mrityu-shayya.regards to both sensibles.

Lol shatrugan was not a popular actor

He is not a human being

Yes but he was different in his acting styles and that made him an actor.well he had a manly voice with like a sober brave man..

I dislike shatrughan

I dislike shatrughan for what he did to reena roy..I am her fan.. rekha should not have spoken to him. Ever

Forgiveness is best solution

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