Remember Aamir Khan's brother Faissal Khan? He is all set to make a Bollywood comeback

Aamir Khan's brother Faissal Khan, who is known for his role in 2000 film Mela, is all set to make his Bollywood comeback. The actor will also be making his singing debut.
Remember Aamir Khan's brother Faissal Khan? He is all set to make a Bollywood comebackRemember Aamir Khan's brother Faissal Khan? He is all set to make a Bollywood comeback
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It's a known fact that Aamir Khan has a brother named Faissal Khan. He was seen alongside Mr Perfectionist in the movie Mela which released in the year 2000. Unlike Aamir, Faissal's Bollywood career did not take off well and was rarely seen in the limelight as well. Now, after many years, Faissal is all set to make a comeback in Bollywood with not only as an actor but he will be making his singing debut as well.

Khan will be seen in a movie titled Factor in which he will be crooning a romantic song named Ishq Tera. Talking about the same, he stated, "Factory is my dream project. I was pleasantly surprised when my director Sharique Minhaj suggested that I should be singing this song. He insisted that my voice was required for this number and I had no qualms about singing at all. In fact, growing up in and around films and cinema, the ability to sing just came to me smoothly. Since Ishq Tera is a soft, romantic track it was easy to croon. Having heard the final number, I feel quite proud."

Check out his few snaps from a photoshoot below and tell us about it in the comments section.


Moreover, Faissal also spoke about Bollywood's current mantra 'Content is the King'. He said, "2018 was all about content. From Bollywood biggies to filmmakers, everyone in the industry is taking risks with good content films and the results are phenomenal" further adding "Factory is high on its content. The content of the film is powerful & attractive that will bring the masses to the cinema."


Correctly pointed out by Faissal, content and script is very important. And a good director and actors would make a winning combination. Faissal looking good in the photos. All the best to him.

Poor chap had to go through a lot! Hope he gets a new lease of life through this movie!!

His first film was so cute.

He so much looks like Aamir Khan, especially in 1st pic.

He looks exactly like Aamir. Wonder what happened, we know Salman would never let his brother's career tank, no matter how untalented they are. Heard he had some mental issues, good if he has recovered.

Life hasn’t been so kind to him like his brother, though hope he’ll have a good inning this time.

Nice. Welcome back

Handsome man! Wish him great success

woah he looks just like aamir in the first pic

Both bhais have hazel eyes.

He looks like phunsuk wangadu from 3 idiots..

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