Renuka Shahane calls Vinta Nanda, Sandhya Mridul and Deepika Amin 'brave' for speaking out against Alok Nath

Renuka Shahane extended her support to Vinta Nanda, Sandhya Mridul and Deepika Amin for speaking out against the harassment they faced by Alok Nath.
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Vinta Nanda shared through a post on Facebook an account of rape, brutalization, trauma and isolation she went through almost 19 years ago. She alleged that Alok Nath, with whom she worked closely on two shows violated her and threatened her. He created a hostile environment on the sets and repeatedly harassed her. Vinta’s post shocked everyone and twitterati seethed with anger. Alok Nath did not deny or accept these allegations. He said that this must have happened, but he did not rape her.

After Vinta Nanda, today Sandhya Mridul shared her #Metoo story and accused Alok Nath of indecent behavior. She narrated how on an outdoor shoot for a television show he would keep barging into his room and called her at odd hours. He screamed, abused and threatened her and tried to grab her. His misbehavior continued for days, so much so that Sandhya had to call her hair dresser to share her room with her. At the end of the outdoor shoot, Alok Nath apologized to her and said that he has trouble with alcohol, but would seek help.



Twinning with self....through the looking glass

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Deepika Amin, another actor also shared on social media that Alok Nath created a scene on the sets of an outdoor telefilm and tried to barge into her room. Renuka Shahane tweeted to extend her support to Deepika, Vinta and Sandhya Mridul.

She posted, “I remember you sharing this with me many many years ago. Brave of you to come out & talk about this harassment. You, @sandymridul & @vintananda My heart goes out to you brave women.”


What about Kaneez Surka? She is not brave cause her molester is a woman? Double standard Renukaji??

Someone please inform her about her husband too!

She came out in support of the survivors and people are asking her why she didn't name them earlier? If a victim of abuse decides not to tell his/her story it's completely their choice. Publishing their stories without their consent is harassment too. Good on you Renuka!

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