Richa: People you see making feminist films will all come tumbling down

Richa Chadha feels that if Bollywood opens up on sexual harassment, we will lose a lot of heroes.
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Richa Chadha is always vocal about her thoughts and never shies away in putting out her opinions out in open. Richa, in an interview, was asked that as how Hollywood started a big operation when producer Harvey Weinstein was accused of abuse of women. Will something be done on the same lines in Bollywood?
Richa said, "I don’t see that happening immediately given the culture of naming and shaming in our country. But when it happens, as it is happening in Hollywood right now, the entire power structure will change. People, who you see making feminist films and claiming to be progressive etc, they will all come tumbling down."
"We will lose a lot of heroes and several people will lose their lives’ work, their legacies. I think that’s what people will attack -- they can’t attack them monetarily so they will go after the legacies. And it will happen, I would think in the next four-five years," added Richa. If someone suffers the loss of livelihood apart from emotional trauma, why will they come forward? In Hollywood,it is easier as actors get royalty,” the actor explains why Bollywood has been quiet on the issue.
She also said, "It is very sexy to say, ‘Bollywood, ye gire hue log. They do this for work, they are just a cesspool for parties and all. We have a very fertile imagination when it comes to Bollywood. But we refuse to look at others. The press has a role in this - they should not be jumping on a hashtag. The press should be consistently creating a support system for the victim to come forward to say ‘this happened to me and he did that’. The judiciary has a role. I once met a rapist who said ‘mereko to bus saat saal ki sazaa hogi and then I am back to a normal life’, no remorse whatsoever."
What do you have to say about it? 


Be careful richa it might be one of the 'feminist' men will attack you and demand a public apology and drag you to court over defamation like hrithik did to kangana

Raj Kapoor molested many and created fake affairs with many to run his production house. Vajantimala did speak about it a couple of years ago but was attacked by Rishi kapoor. His grandson Ranbir is doing the same. He is number one when it comes to taking and leaking pics of superstars and superstars in the making. After all he got the eye of his grandfather judging who can cut the mark.

It might hurt the big and good for nothing ego of desis but the truth is that sexual harassment cases in America are one in a million whereas harassment of all sort is part and parcel of our culture. It's systematic in our countries and we don’t even know it. I know our media love to refer to Harvey's case while giving examples of their totally shitty countries like America is at par with them but hiding the truth from our country fellows is not going to help them in anyway. They will never be able to critically analyze their actions lives and shortcomings.

I liked how strongly she talked about this issue. I feel sorry for those who have suffered. It's heartbreaking to know that we still are lagging behind in this issue. :(

I liked how strongly she talked about this issue. I feel sorry for those who have suffered. It's heartbreaking to know that we still are lagging behind in this issue. :(

It's interesting how women have consensual sex with men of powerful positions to get ahead in life but when men don't give them what they want, they go on a finger pointing spree because they can't own up to their own mistakes. This way these women are undermining actual victims for harassment and rape. Women need to grow a little bit of self respect and stop making stupid decisions. They need to take responsibility of their own actions. There are other ways to succeed in life, however hard that might be. Plenty of women are doing it on a daily basis around the world. But for these selected bunch in the entertainment industry, i guess it's just easier to just sleep with an old dude and put the entire blame on him if the deal goes south.

Wow Richa you go girl.. unfortunately far too many people have benefitted from this kind of arrangement so they all will shut up..


Well I don't support harassment but madhur bhandarkar didn't raped the girl.they were doing it with mutual consent. She was with him because he promised a movie but later on, he refused so she filed a rape case against was basically a business deal which didn't work out. That's the reason he was acquitted. Sorry I don't have any sympathies for these casting couch can always choose your self respect over career. Choose the harder road without sleeping around.

It's easy to say...when your young, vunrable and don't quite have your own voice, you can let yourself get abused without really giving consent...I'm a man now but, as a young teenager I let things happen on the so called casting couch. It's always felt horrible and doesn't get easier.

Am very sorry for what you went through , hope u feel better now.

her eyes alone are so sultry and so versatile. thats why she acts so effortlessly. and shes such a hottie and a sharp girl on top of that! im also curious and some of the names here actually surprised me. i wish there was a comprehensive list with explanations LOL

Woow Richa!! Wow wouldn't I love to have tea with her!

Just cause the actresses say he is a gentleman doesn't make srk
one. Aamir khan is a predator as well as Akshay. Why just take Salman's name all the time??

Sleeping with co-actresses or younger/older people is not sexual harassment! Two people (married or not) willingly sleeping with each other is not harassment! Let's be clear on this. Consent is key.

The consent is unfortunately not given entirely willingly, it's given to get more roles with person esp if the victim is younger and is yet struggling to get a break in the industry. With married people it is more conspicuous where as with single people it is not.. also if you are sleeping with other people when you are married you are technically committing adultery which is a ground for divorce..

There is no way to judge if consent is entirely willingly or not. When you say Yes then it's a consent. People do have a choice to walk out but if they don't then they know what they are doing.

Have you heard of coercion ? You must obviously be a dude posting like this. Do you understand the power differences between men and women in society and how women are socialized to feel obligated to obey and please everyone above their own interests and feelings.
Consent is meaningless when you have never learned to say NO.

thats the most laughable excuse ive ever heard, you must obviously be a girl who can never take responsibility for your own actions to write something stupid like that. Men are more powerful than women because of nature/biology. But on the other hand only women have the ability to gain favors in exchange for sex, and they willingly agreed to that deal, coercion is still consentual because these women are adults if they dont want to sleep with these guys they can leave, but dont expect to get any favors for free. If you want a shortcut into a bollywood career you have to make some sacrifices, if women regret their decision its not the fault of the men. The entitlement is sickening. Also if the man didnt uphold his end of his deal, meaning the woman didnt get the role or her career went to shit anyway, thats unfortunate but not grounds to call for rape. Women use men for their money all the time with no intention of sleeping with them. Sometimes the roles are reversed like we see in Hollywood and Bollywood.

Amitabh, Aamir, Akshay, Rakesh Roshan, Madhur B, to name a few. I don’t think SRK, his Priyanka Chopra story might be true , he doesn’t come access as sleezy. The other do. Can’t wait for that to happen

An't that the truth!!

Starting with the seniormost ....Amitabh Bachchan....who starred in the movie Pink.

India has a culture of victim-blaming. Public is still largely ignorant, could see from 3/4 th of the comments on Mukesh Bhatt post were all blaming the women.

Damn girl! Now that’s what I call gutsy! She is referring to directors Madhur Bhandarkar, Vikas Behl and Rakesh Roshan (weird that Kangana has worked with all of them). For the ‘heros’ she is referring to Amitabh Bachchan being the big one to come tumbling down and Akshay Kumar. These two are the obvious choices because they are on a run of doing feminist movies like Pink and Padman. Their reputation, however, is very contradictory. Nobody will speak up against Amitabh because of what happened the one time a girl dared to? She was shunned by all (media was the worst to her-this is what Richa is referring to again). Everyone is already aware of Akshay but they keep going to his movies knowing full well what he does. There have been complaints about Akshay since a decade ago when he was judging a beauty contest Toronto. He is a creep. But Richa watch out, you just took on some monsters.

U missed our Mahesh Bhatt n Kapoors. Even Kangana wud be in the list. After all, harassment comes both ways.

This takes guts! I can't believe she laid it all out without really naming anyone.

Wow it takes guts to say something like this....I don't know why I love this Chadha girl. So real, talented and no nonsense girl. More power to you Richa

I am living for this day to happen because I'm sure there are plenty out there.

Imtiaz, Anurag K, Dibanker, madhur, subhash bhai,rgv, Mahesh Bhatt. The list is endless

What’s the difference of speaking up now vs later? If women were to spill on coactors and directors, what is the difference from now and then? Actors will continue to be acting that’s the reality oft. Look at big b,, he’s still acting. And I’m sure the likes of Amir khan salman srk will also be...

It's all about timing.

Names have been revealed and victims have always stepped forward in regards to what happens in Hollywood, but never have we seen the kind of momentum it's getting now. The timing was just right.

Richa Chadha could easily drop names right now, but who's to say there will be someone to back her up at this moment? We've gotten to know a lot about the disgusting actions of some of the people in this industry, but they continue to get support from fans and big budgeted movies. Why? India isn't ready to face and punish people from Bollywood just yet.

She said many heros, not directors! That’s is shocking if so, and really hope doesn’t include the likes of srk, salman, Akshay, etc. that would be devastating ..

Amitabh Bachan

Amitabh Bachchan
-- Acted in feminist movie 'PINK'
-- In an old interview, said that rape victims should just lay down now and enjoy the forced sex
-- groped heroines like Amrita Singh
-- used a number of his heroines sexually like Rekha and Parveen Babi
-- Sayali Bhagat, who accused him of groping her butt, was later forced to apologize
-- forced himself on Deepika during Piku

--has a legacy, is respected. will come tumbling down if he is busted. Hope he doesn't die and lives to see his downfall. But Indians have such a sheep - herd mentality, he'll have everybody's support

That is why deepika did not invite Amitabh Bachchan during here Piku success bash.

No Wonder Jaya is sour most of the time.She know him too well.

No Wonder Jaya is sour most of the time.She know him too well.

Who are the rumored names? There must be dozens. I want to know them.

Akshay is making PadMan and portraying feminism, while he dates women and girls all the time. Hypocrite Akshay. Also Salman, Aamir, Aditya Chopra, Ajay Devgan and a host of other actors are known to sleep with co-actresses and other women who are half their age. Such creepy men.

Ekta Kapoor, Reema Kagti, Vishal Bharadwaj, Anurag Kashyap, Sujoy Ghosh, Shailesh Singh

Madhur bhandarkar

Well Feminism has been the escape route for sexual harassers these days. Male n Female included. PV, why are u not posting my comment?

True. Look at Kangna. The minute she was exposed for stalking n harassment, she started playing the feminist card and misled the media big time.

Look at Kangna. The minute she was exposed for stalking n harassment, she started playing the feminist card and misled the media big time.

Look at Hritik. He was going to EXPOSE her!! Both the father and son!! Still 0.

Why is this a surprise? think about it a hot beautiful girl comes to a producer/director and says she is interested in doing a movie with him. The other person will think why should I give you a role and make your life if you don't give me something.

Subhash Ghai is someone else who has had his name linked to his heroines and come to think of it Alfred Hitchcock loved his blondes.

Vikas Behl and Madhur Bhandarkar have both been accused of rape. Sajid Khan and Akshay Kumar are also known predators. You can add Ajay Devgan and Salman Khan for using the casting couch.

No, Madhur is the only one who was accused of Rape.

Just bcoz someone accuses does not make them guilty. Madhur was acquitted by court!

Only Madhur was accused of Rape. Vikas had a tiff with his girl he was dating for 2 yrs. Though Anurag seems fishy.

More power to you Richa!

Bang on


No way! SRK is clean. All women who work with him praise him to the skies for being a gentleman.

People praised Weinstein too... just saying

Nobody praised Weinstien about how he treated women! First get your facts straight. He was praised for being a movie genius, not for being a good person. There have been disgusting rumors about Weinstein for 20 years! Everyone knew Jennifer Lawrenece got her oscar for sleeping with him. Other actresses even commented on it.

She clearly is talking about Madhur Bhandarkar, Karan Johar etc

Aamir Khan?

Salman Khan, Vikas Bahl who made Queen and Sajid Khan are some predators in the film industry.

Who are these film makers making feminist films ?

Amitabh Bachhan

I guess akshay... Progressive films she said is definitely akshay..

Oh , I thought she was referring to indie directors like Nagraj Manjule of Sairat fame who is having problems with his wife . The lady is working as a house maid for money .

wow, just googled Nagraj Manjule story, horrifying and disgusting.

This is too accurate

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