Richa Chadha on Naseeruddin Shah row: Actors are tax-paying voters and have every right to express

After Naseeruddin Shah expressed his concerns about the cases of mob lynching in the country and his fear for the Indian children, he was targeted by political activists all over. However, Fukrey actress Richa Chadha came out in his support on Twitter. Take a look.
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Bollywood actors end up becoming a soft target everytime they voice their opinion on an issue. Recently, actor Naseeruddin Shah spoke at length about his fear for his children and the children in the country today considering the mob lynching cases taking place. He expressed that lack of religious education in today’s youth might make them a target of mob violence. He even talked about the incidence in UP where a policeman was killed by an angry mob after they discovered a cow carcass.

Post his statement, a number of political activists started questioning him and his behaviour. A political party’s chief even booked tickets for him to Pakistan. Naseer tried to clarify his statement at a press conference yesterday. However, today, an event in Ajmer which he had to address got cancelled due to the political debate which started after his remarks. Amidst all this, actress Richa Chadha took to social media to express her opinion on the controversy. She tweeted this morning and wrote, “People ask actors why they don’t speak out... well, cuz this happens when they do! Actors are tax-paying voters ... they have every right to express.”

Take a look at her tweet:

She said that even actors have the right to express their opinion and if they do, they get targeted by people. The entire controversy started after Naseeruddin Shah spoke at length about his fear and the current situation in the country in an interview with a travelling activist. “There is complete impunity for those who take the law into their own hands. We have already witnessed that the death of a cow has more significance than that of a police officer.” This statement and the interview caused a political upheaval against the actor.

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problem is all these people are expressing their so called views only after BJP came to power. was there never mob violence in India before? did ever naseruddin shah or anyone ''expressed'' their views before 2014? does this mean before they didn't dare to speak?

RICHA CHADHA supporting Shah becoz she is dating a Muslim. She wants to prove that she is secular ! All these idiots have ruined the very fabric of Indian society. Please feel free to accompany Shah to the borders along with your muslim boyfriend. They will welcome you with open arms only if you convert to Islam !!!

Democratic country allows its citizens right to speak or freedom of speech let all learn to accept diverse viewpoints rather prooving that what is said is true to a certain extent by axing the statement

Two truthful artists, doing their part for better society,they can stay quiet, but they love humanity,over fame and fortune !

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