Riddhima Kapoor Sahni on Ranbir Kapoor & Alia Bhatt's relationship: I am happy if my brother is happy

Riddhima Kapoor Sahni was asked in an interview about her brother Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt's relationship. Riddhima stated that she is happy if her brother is happy.
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Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt's love story bloomed on the sets of their first film together, Brahmastra. The rumours began in Bulgaria and now the couple is stronger than ever. While Ranbir Kapoor openly spoke about his new relationship in an interview with GQ magazine, Alia also got candid about Ranbir during an explosive episode of Koffee With Karan 6. Things are going extremely well for the couple, so much so, there are already wedding speculations going rampant for Ranbir and Alia.

Even the Kapoor and Bhatt families majorly approve of their relationship. While Mahesh Bhatt speaks fondly of Ranbir and his acting talent, Rishi has also given his seal of approval to the couple. Alia had also recently visited New York and went on a double date with Ranbir, Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Kapoor. But what does Ranbir's sister Riddhima Kapoor Sahni have to say about her brother's blossoming relationship with Alia? "Hota hi hai (speculation), ask him (laughs)! What can I say? I am happy if my brother is happy, and I am a very happy sister (smiles)," Riddhima gushed to Hindustan Times.



the one with all the joy

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Looks like Alia just garnered extra brownie points from Riddhima as well, who shares a close-knit bond with Ranbir!

Meanwhile, speaking of Brahmastra, the supernatural love story is slated to release on August 15, 2019. Directed by Ayan Mukerji of Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (2013) and Wake Up Sid (2009) fame, Brahmastra also stars Amitabh Bachchan and Mouni Roy and is produced under Karan Johar's production banner, Dharma Productions.

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The sis gave very generic answer,she did not even say alia's name!,so, they at this point will believe it when they see it! LOL!

Katrina was best suited for Ranbir out of all 3. Not sure what happened between them.

Agree in toto.

Is Ayaan his sidekick?

No, he's the main dish. All others are sidekicks.

Both the sides are cunning.

I think the family thought that RK the dashing prince of their Kapoor khandaan will find a better bride than DP or Kat hence they rejected them both. Now he’s stuck with Alia. That’s Karma. And they have to play along.

You can tell Ranbir is not in love with her.

This relationship will not last.

Really want Brahmastra to release and fail miserably so everyone can get on with their lives without this daily dose of nautanki!

You have lot of anger built up in you. A movie is not all about leading actors. Hundreds of people are working on it and economy will be hurt if a big budjet movie flops. Please do some meditation or follow Sadguru to release your negative energy.

Thank you for putting my thoughts into words whoever you are. Glad somebody thinks the same .

I guess no excuses for RK. Can't have the rumors that the family didn't like the girl because surprisingly they all been open on how much they like Alia.

My husband is six feet tall very handsome doctor. He was married to this girl who is drop dead gorgeous. They made a very good looking couple, many guys and gals were jealous of. The happy marriage barely survived a year and divorced in 18 months.I am 5 feet 2 above average looking, been married to him for twenty years , we both couldn't be more happy. Ranbir and Alia pics remind me of us, the height difference , build and all. IMO , 2 pretty people are meant for dating only, not marriage. It is always the psychological compatibility that matters, not physical attributes for a long lasting relationship.

Well, I don't know what is your situation but my observation is that most desi people stuck to 2nd marriages because of the fear and embarrassment of 2nd-time failure and ego clashes with their exes.

my girlfriends is 5 and im 6 1....and i love her . Shes gorgeous and rarely couples have the equal height...it always has differnce. i love short girls...can carry them around and love to hug them!

height differnce is lasting relationship coz the sex is great ;) great love stories always have height differnce! see the yester years. pv plz post

LOL rk is not that deep ,! Alia is not going to like being called average looker!

Alia is not more than above average looking, whether she likes it or not. For Ranbir, i think deep, have you noticed hid hands, they are fairly big.

I never saw Ranbir happy with Katrina. They look awkward. So Alia is for sure better than Kat. But the perfect girl for Ranbir was Deepika. They looked happy, at peace and there is magic between them.

LOL, he has shown lots of loving attention on kat , there are pic of the two, even recent pic of Deepika has that into you look, even with mk the duabi pic had some kind of into you vibes, and with Sonam , too! Only get yawn vibes of rk with Alia !

RK and katrina looked great RK deepi looked awkward lol


Deepi get out of here. Don't cheat on RS

I want Alia and Ranbir to get married. I wish it was DP but she is happy now with Ranveer. What can I do

You weren’t happy when he was happy with Katrina Kaif.

Love you Ranbeer!!!!!

I am sure that ayan wanted to be in NY with Ranbirandhis parents like any devoted BAHURANI...but Rishi wont tolerat to see ayan's obnoxious face...bc apperntly he knows everything...
Post PV...

Hahahaha .. who is this ? I’m Lmao-ing really hard right now . Made my day

this family are bunch of liars...if the anything genuine between alia and ranbir neetu won't tolerates her...neetu is obsessed with him that she only happy about his relationship with ayan...she only acts friendly when ranbiruse this woman to promote himself...she inviteddeepikafor the family photo shot in white saree...then she shamed her for having boyfriends befor her son...later she totally avoided kat...now neetu knows that her son career needs kjo,alia and the whole indusrty to make him star again...it was obvious that this radhima seemed unfriendly towards alia in krishna raj funeral...

I totally agree with you Neetu is faking liking alia jus like she did with dp..let brahmasahtra release dekho kaise palti Marti hai.hope movie flops.alia needs to have a lesson in life so that she can come into her senses.she is a nice girl but doesn't know what falieur is so I hope she gets the dhakka..we both can see what this family is doing.. sadly most of them are getting fooled .nd u said so truth that whole bollywood is supporting nd praising rk so that he rises again.i can see it totally.yeh log alia ka bhi poppat karenge m sure.alia beware!

I find it hard to believe that someone like Ranbir could be attracted to Alia, especially considering the fact that his list of exes includes Deepika and Katrina. Alia is nowhere near as dignified as Deepika or as attractive as Katrina. She is immature and an average actress at best. Can’t wait for Bramhasta to release so they stop all this nonsense.

Did you see fawad and his wife?hrithik and his ex?aamir and his ex and current wife...this men are good looking,but their wives were so ordinary...but the problem here that alia and ranbir are so fake...and they use this charade to promote the movie...its laughable how hard they try to convince us...

So true yaar.never have I been so impatient for a movie to release.itna fakery yeh log kat Rahe just to promote a movie.uff! We can't even boycott it coz it's everywhere purposefully .give me a wand to fast forward to aug 2019.!

you can call alia not pretty, it's a matter of taste, but you can't say she's an average actress. she's one of the best actresses of modern indian cinema, everyone knows it, even those who hate nepotism

I don't think Kat & Alia's friendship is what it was before... Alia tries hard on social media to prove they are friends... Kat ain't havin any of it... Alia is the kind of friend no one should have... she chose to announce Ranbir and her as a couple on Sonam's wedding (ex girlfriend and the day was about her)... and when Katrina was in attendance in the party...

I think they are Bollywood's most boring couple... there's no spark between them... even when they pose together... NO SPARK!!!

Alia and Ranbir give out brotherly-sisterly vibes!!!

They will definitely get married given how Neetu and Ridhima have been behaving... I don't see this marriage lasting for life...

It will last forever. Both parties know and are used too of open relationships.

They have ZERO chemistry...

I just can't wrap my head around them being together... It just seems gross... dunno why...

Have a feeling Ranbir and Alia will get married... It won't last!!!

Next Kapoor generation will look like a tiny version of Mahesh Bhatt


She is not fond of Alia. She gave approval only because her brother. Whole relationship is so fake. PV pls post.

Han toh badi behen happy toh hogi jb uske bhai ko ek choti si pyari si bhene alia mil gayi ho.Awww so cute

bhena 2 productions houses dowry mein la rahi hai.

Who interviewed Riddhima and why? Who is she that someone reputable would interview her. Why don't you publish my interviews as well PV?

when we have celebrity wives being interviewed, why not the sister, grandmother, counsin aunts, uncles etcetera

Your brother is not happy. Your parents forced him to break up with Katrina and Kjo shoved Alia down his throat...

Now this makes sense ! Karan Johar And Alia are both Cunning.

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