Rishi Kapoor Cremation: Ranbir Kapoor in shock, Alia Bhatt, Neetu Kapoor in tears during last rites

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Rishi Kapoor Cremation: Ranbir Kapoor stares at his dad; Alia Bhatt, Neetu Kapoor in tears during last rites

A day after Bollywood was mourning the loss of Irrfan, the cine buffs woke up to another heartbreaking news as Rishi Kapoor passed away this morning. The legendary actor, who was fighting an intense battle with cancer for two years, breathed his last in a Mumbai hospital on Thursday. While the news of Rishi’s unfortunate demise spread like a wildfire, celebrities and fans have been mourning his death. Soon, his family was spotted visiting the hospital to pay their last tribute to the legendary actor.

Rishi was cremated in Chandanwadi Crematorium in Mumbai in the afternoon in the presence of his family members. Given the ongoing COVID 19 outbreak in India, celebrities couldn’t make it up to Rishi Kapoor’s funeral. Among the present there were, Ranbir, Neetu Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Abhishek Bachchan, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Armaan Jain, Reema Jain, Randhir Kapoor etc.

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Several pictures from the cremation ceremony have been doing the rounds on social media wherein Ranbir Kapoor is seen looking intently at his father as he bid him a final goodbye. On the other hand, Neetu Kapoor and Alia are inconsolable as they paid their last rites to Rishi Kapoor.

Take a look at Rishi Kapoor’s cremation pics:

To note, Rishi Kapoor was diagnosed with leukaemia in 2018 following which he had flown to New York for the medical treatment. While Neetu was having his back during the medical treatment, Rishi’s daughter Riddhima Kapoor Sahni, Ranbir and Alia used to visit him frequently there. Besides, several other celebrities have visited Rishi in NY including Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Anupam Kher, Malaika Arora, Arjun Kapoor etc.

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Anonymous : that cry is fake...just like how she cry at sister shaheen talk with barkha..we the women show...
REPLY 9 1 year ago
Anonymous : Is alia the most saddest person in funeral ? Definitely not So why it appears from the pics as if she is the saddest. U are so Lame alia bhatt.
REPLY 7 1 year ago
Anonymous : Everyone in pic knew they are getting clicked and its ok as it was for the fans of rishiji. No one cares about getting clicked but alia is cleverly giving different poses to look as if she is the most sad person there. How lame alia.
REPLY 7 1 year ago
Anonymous : He loved ranbir so much and wanted to see his marriage and his children but thanks to his sons immature behaviour of playing with women his last wish remained unfulfilled. His son is with alia only because she is young right now and wouldn't force for marriage.
REPLY 5 1 year ago
Anonymous : STFU. get a life
REPLY 6 1 year ago
Anonymous : I've hated rk but don know y really feel sad for him rit nw, losing a parent is really depressing no matter wat kinda reltn u had with them... He really luks devastated. Hope he finds his inner peace.
REPLY 12 1 year ago
Anonymous : Ranbir looks so so so so alone and devastated. I really really wish Ranbir pulls himself up from the mess he has created, puts the pieces together and reinvents himself in every possible way, for his own good. Just remember the Ranbir from barfi and rockstar. I want that Ranbir back.
REPLY 26 1 year ago
Anonymous : Rishi Kapoor, May you rest in peace !
REPLY 13 1 year ago
Anonymous : RIP...You will be surely missed by your beautiful 6 and friends not forgetting your fans. So sad. My sympathy to the Kapoor's.
REPLY 7 1 year ago
Anonymous : People are very insensitive and critical in these trying times. Let’s show respect
REPLY 11 1 year ago
Anonymous : It’s very idiotic insensitive and irresponsible to comment personally at such time of grief! Shows your upbringing. If u don’t like an actress show your hatred on any other article not when someone is mourning! Sic ppl
REPLY 15 1 year ago
Anonymous : People saying Alia's crying was fake...what's wrong with you all? This is not the time to show your acting skills. Why would she?...may be she was really close to Rishi Kapoor...after all she was with him and ranbir's family during his treatments in NY. May be she is crying more than others, because she is very emotional. Be sensitive to others' feelings in tough times like these.
REPLY 36 1 year ago
Anonymous : alia is full of herself, she must be crying over delayed marriage with rk, she can't care for anyone except for herself
REPLY 3 1 year ago
Anonymous : Even with all the people there Ranbir looks so alone and lonely. No one can replace your dad. Perfect or imperfect he is the only father you will ever have. Condolences my friend. RIP Rishiji.
REPLY 47 1 year ago
Anonymous : RIP Rishi ji..your absence will be felt always
REPLY 17 1 year ago
Anonymous : I’m surprised Ranbir is not wearing appropriate clothes for the funeral
REPLY 25 1 year ago
Anonymous : what is appropriate..
REPLY 11 1 year ago
Anonymous : He probably was too traumatized to change or care about clothes. It happened with me too when my dad passed away. I traveled all the way from Delhi to Pune in the bright yellow and purple dress I was wearing when I heard the news, and I stayed in them until after the funeral.
REPLY 12 1 year ago
Anonymous : Where do u come from? Which Planet? Looks like U don't haven't been taught any values.I wish u good luck for your next life with proper upbringing
REPLY 7 1 year ago
Anonymous : I am so sad for them.. I never imagined Rishi kapoor leaving the world. This is a sad year 2020
REPLY 21 1 year ago
REPLY 11 1 year ago
Anonymous : Open the damn comments...
REPLY 5 1 year ago
Anonymous : No one...even one's worst enemy should be publicly criticized for moaning their father the way want to. It is an irreplaceable loss, truly wish him all that he needs to stay strong and be there for his family.
REPLY 49 1 year ago
Anonymous : Whatever the reason it is quite morbid to record a funeral. It is just not done. It is disrespectful to the deceased. RIP Rishiji.
REPLY 20 1 year ago
Anonymous : It was done for Rishiji's daughter and other close family members who couldn't be there at the funeral due to Covid 19 restrictions but want to be a part of his funeral even if live video streaming is the only option. These are not regular circumstances and they are not streaming the funeral for entertainment, attention or any other cheap gimmick!
REPLY 28 1 year ago
Anonymous : She is probably FaceTiming Ridhima. Good acting by alia though
REPLY 12 1 year ago
Anonymous : Hi she wasn't recording .it was face time to Ranbirs sister as she couldn't make it to her dad's funeral .so she was watching live .
REPLY 18 1 year ago
Anonymous : This girl is always acting. Rest in peace Rishiji ( bobby ) Condolences to the family.
REPLY 16 1 year ago
Anonymous : Sad part of this death is he died in such a time when the whole country is in lockdown. Logistics is really difficult. So don’t judge anyone
REPLY 30 1 year ago
Anonymous : Love his meditative demeanor. Love u RK. Stay strong
REPLY 16 1 year ago
Anonymous : The title is so morbid. Stares at his father? Please change it. It is disrespectful
REPLY 45 1 year ago
Anonymous : yeah, shocked would be a more appropriate word.
REPLY 3 1 year ago
Anonymous : RIP Rishi. May your soul sore. I was too young to enjoy Rishi's movie's during his haydays but they brought a lot of joy to my family who were avid movie goers at the time.
REPLY 13 1 year ago
Anonymous : Why is Alia video recording this? Is this something people do these days?
REPLY 17 1 year ago
Anonymous : Riddhima Kapoor who is in Delhi is watching via FaceTime
REPLY 31 1 year ago
Anonymous : she could be live streaming it for someone
REPLY 24 1 year ago
Anonymous : As per TOI, she is FaceTiming with Rishi Kapoor’s daughter who couldn’t attend the funeral as she is out of town. Please ensure you don’t judge a person during such situation. That’s utter disgrace.
REPLY 75 1 year ago
Anonymous : coz of CORONA not everyone can attend so She is showing to someone dear who couldnt attend. Got it? U must be very THICK!
REPLY 59 1 year ago
Anonymous : she is facetiming with rishi kapoor dauther! stop juging and rk clothes is like that bcz when he heard about his father he was so upsad that he came the way he was so stop critising people and pray for them. love you rk and neetu ji
REPLY 27 1 year ago
Anonymous : pv my kindest request not to post any disgusting comments. please. be little bit reasonable.
REPLY 48 1 year ago
Anonymous : We don't know what sort of bond they share so people should stop bringing the negativity in their lives in the form of their comments. Someone has lost their loved ones ..Have some respect.
REPLY 39 1 year ago
Anonymous : alia breaks down maximum. ha ha ha....fathers funeral also PR...
REPLY 7 1 year ago
Anonymous : Are u sick
REPLY 23 1 year ago
Anonymous : aloo is more heartbroken than neetu seems like lol wats happening guys...awkward
REPLY 10 1 year ago
Anonymous : shame on you
REPLY 39 1 year ago
Anonymous : You are a insensitive idiot so wouldn't get it..Alia is a lovely sensitive girl
REPLY 25 1 year ago
Anonymous : wtf! even fiances dont take this much footage at a funeral! why is alia taking centre stage at the funeral? looks like a set up guys....the rest of teh family looks really depressed....alia is crying more than neetu..just like she cried at krishna rajs funeral!....wtf wtf..one has to have some respect for such events :(
REPLY 11 1 year ago
Anonymous : your comments shows your thinking and upbringing
REPLY 26 1 year ago
Anonymous : I believe she was on FT with Rishi Kapoor’s daughter who wasn’t able to be there with her family. I think Alia is doing a great job and being of support... Ignorant people just need something to talk about and you seem as if one of this people.
REPLY 64 1 year ago
Anonymous : U must be a jealous deepika or kat fan .Alia is a wonderful support to neetuji and she is upset that is why she is crying..something you sorely lack
REPLY 23 1 year ago
Anonymous : Is she more upset that Ranbir?
REPLY 1 1 year ago
Anonymous : RIP. I've never understood why indian men are so scruffy at funerals. Apart from the Bachchan men, people think its okay to pay last respects dressed as though they're chilling. In the west, it's so important to dress smart. Men wear suits as though a wedding.
REPLY 15 1 year ago
Anonymous : The west isn’t always right. I don’t understand why the west desecrates dead body by embalming and people dress up so smartly instead of mourning.
REPLY 22 1 year ago
Anonymous : Just let them be
REPLY 23 1 year ago
Anonymous : Ranbir was With Rishi ji... i am sure he did not think his father was going to pass away. So sadly ranbir didnt get time to change before going to the funeral and i doubt that would be on his mind. i think we need to learn to be more respectful during this period rather than making such gross remarks as yours.
REPLY 52 1 year ago
Anonymous : Ever heard of ‘cultural differences’?
REPLY 37 1 year ago
Anonymous : Are u crazy..his father died. Some sensitivity..the man was not going to focus on dressing up ..u are mad
REPLY 34 1 year ago
Anonymous : hey bhagwaan.....father ke antim sanskaar ko bhi PR banadiya....kitni fake hai aliya ke aasoo.....neetuji is the only one who is devastated...baaki sab really sad lag rahe hai...humari actrees PR bahu...mazak banake rakh diya
REPLY 10 1 year ago
Anonymous : Shows your upbringing
REPLY 19 1 year ago
Anonymous : Aloo is that U
REPLY 5 1 year ago
Anonymous : How crass is this connect. Why does this comment sound like it was written by Rangoli Chandel.
REPLY 25 1 year ago
Anonymous : Sick comment .alia happens to be a sensitive girl unlike crass people like you
REPLY 15 1 year ago
Anonymous : Sensitive ? The way she moved in to oust katrina ? You have to be damn good to beat katrina at her own game. BTW I loved Rishi Kapoor and his movies. Thanks for the entertainment Sir.
REPLY 5 1 year ago