Rumoured couple Sidharth Malhotra & Kiara Advani sizzle on the dance floor at Armaan & Anissa's reception

The new rumoured couple of B-town Sidharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani were spotted at Armaan Jain and Anissa Mahotra's reception.
Rumoured couple Sidharth Malhotra & Kiara Advani sizzle on the dance floor at Armaan & Anissa's reception
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Actor Armaan Jain recently got hitched to his longtime girlfriend Anissa Malhotra. The reception which had taken place recently was attended by the who's who of Bollywood. It was start-studded affair. From Malaika Arora, Arjun Kapoor to Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, everyone were spotted at the reception looking stunning in their best outfits. The new rumoured couple of B-town Sidharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani were also spotted at the reception. Lately, the two have been often spotted together now and then. 

At the wedding reception, Sidharth and Kiara didn't arrive together but were at their stylish best. Recently, a video of the two grooving together at the reception has gone viral on social media. In the video, we can see Kiara is busy dancing while Sidharth who is standing beside her is talking to someone and then later joins the actress. The two look adorable together. They sure make one adorable couple. Don't you think so? Recently, Sidharth had even celebrated his birthday with his rumoured girlfriend. 

Check out Sidharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani's dance video here:



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Recently, Sidharth and Kiara were snapped by the paparazzi while on their way in their respective cars to Karan Johar’s place. Both Sidharth and Kiara have always refuted reports about their dating. On the professional front, they will be collaborating together for the first time in the upcoming movie Shershaah. For the unversed, Kiara will be playing Sidharth’s on – screen wife in the Vishnuvardhan directorial. Shershaah happens to be a biopic based on the life of late Indian Army office, Captain Vikram Batra.

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Sid don't be with someone you don't want just because they have forced you to do it,don't make the same mistake again, you deserve to be happy.

Sidharth looks totally uninterested in her, there is nothing more to watch videos of Sidharth and Tara to realize the big difference. Sid was super warm and protective with Tara always looking and taking care of her, but with Kiara she seems forced to be with her and very very bored Sidharth fell in love with Tara their chemistry it was very obvious I don't know what happened between them but there were strong feelings.
They shared a great equation during promotions as well, It's quite clear there was a mutual attraction between the two and it seems that she has stayed inside him

Well I personally don't like kiara..
I think Sid looked really good with Tara

She is so annoying, desperate and attention seeker i would act like Sid,also she is drunk and Sid looked ashamed by her attitude.

he was flirting witch Jacqueline and Jackie was just joking with him, he showed some interest in her, if he doesn’t like Kiara it doesn’t mean he is a gay
if i was a guy i would ingnore her too
she is cold and boring

Since he is with Kiara, nothing is known about Jacqueline or the others I think it has been very fast and Sidharth likes private relations
and from the airport that a fan discovered them this is no longer private and he doesn't like it so much anymore...this guy is a free spirit..Kiara also was spotted with many guys and I don't think Sid like that and more after watch what happened with him and Alia..

Haha Jacqueline and Sid play, I don't think she will be indifferent when she gives her presents for Christmas, etc. and she has never missed her birthday except this year that the rumors began.
I think it's Sidharth who doesn't want any kind of commitment and that's why it doesn't work, he wants to be single and have his friends whenever he wants and now with this Kiara he is compromised and he doesn't like it clearly.

if he is not interested in her it means he is not interested in girls at all? maybe he likes girls who respect themselves

why don’t you post my comment?
i don’t like kiara and her behavior
a girl should not be like that, and that’s how one should not behave with guy who is not interested
but remembering her name actually is alia i’m not surprised
post it please
it’s my opinion

Sidharth is interested in guys do not waste your time Kiara.
You are beautiful girl and your career is going well now.
Look at the movie carefully how Sid is interested in a guy till a camera man catches him.

Sid deserves better than a crazy drunk girl. And she knows well that she was talking with Manish he was in front of her lol

Sid is only talking and nothing more. He was with Alia a lot of years and before Alia he was with other girls!

movie promotion linkups?

It's me or every time she try getting close Sidharth search someone to talk. She doesn't leave him for a second and I think he's overwhelmed

I think everyone can see Sid is more interested talking to the guy than her

She is trying so hard

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